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Ok so I am a little biased, I am the guest on episode 9 (selfie-glove) But Joe and Jevin both gave me some great ideas on how to test the selfie-glove product I am still working on the product and am so glad I was able to have the conversation with them about it and how to test it
Joe & Jevin are a hoot to listen to. They bring their own set of unique experience and offer sound advice to would be entrepreneurs in order to get said entrepreneurs to take action. Market validation is key behind any successful product/service, and Joe + Jevin have the ability to push an entrepreneur in that direction by having them step out of their comfort zone. Great job guys, keep releasing these amazing interviews :)
Cool concept and great execution
Hidden gem here
It's worth a listen for sure! I enjoy the insight and experience from both Joe and Jevin! Thanks guys!
I got excited hearing your enthusiasm and am on board for built in a day. Can't wait for the next podcast you guys rock!!!!!


Would listen again
Man! Who is this Joe guy.. Dropping the #Knowledge and man, Jevin sounds like butter and chocolate on a warm summers day! (Obligatory fake first review by the author -> Joe) If your are reading this hit us up on the twitters! @joemellin @jevy