The Minnesota Soccer Podcast

Reviews For The Minnesota Soccer Podcast

Regular listener. Love it. Stop saying Burnmuth and I’ll change it to a 5 star!
Definitely the best podcast covering the Minnesota United FC, but also is just a great soccer podcast
This is the best MNUFC podcast because it’s not bias and they focus on the very important things.
This is by far the best show about the Minnesota United. Don’t mess around with the 551 one show. These guys actually talk MNUFC soccer. And they know their stuff.
Extremely well done podcast. If you are a United fan and think you know this team, wait until you hear these guys. Very enlightening. I’ve listened to a few other podcasts from around the league and we by far have the best podcasts within this one and Sound of the Loons. To makers of this podcast: Don’t ever stop this podcast!
I like the table of contents time frame, it helps me allocate appropriate time in my schedule to listen when I don’t have the full hour or when I don’t want to hear all the premier league chatter....although darn it, now I’m getting hooked on that too!
Great job all! However I have one complaint. Can you guys get through 1 podcast without making a different sport comparison?? If you don’t know or understand soccer then maybe you shouldn’t be on the soccer podcast. Little comparisons here and there are fine, but not every single week. Seriously NO MORE CROSS REFERENCING OTHER SPORTS!!! It’s a soccer podcast, not a dumb it down so people can understand. Maybe you guys should listen to 55:1 for consistent MNUFC talk.
I’ve listened to two episodes and I’m already hooked. I’m a huge soccer geek and love getting deep into the analysis of my favorite teams. As an MN United fan I haven’t found a source that does this well of a job fully breaking down games and trending topics of the team. Quality content.