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Its format and vibe is new and unusual, and takes a while to get used to. But once you’re acclimated to the new standard, you’ll never want to go back to anything else.
Although episode releases are about as consistent as my friends when I'm going through emotional distress, this pod doesn't disappoint (unlike my friends). Keep your eye out for a new ep about once a quarter. Love the content.
The millennial episode was wack, on account of having to listen to folks other than the hosts. Otherwise, it’s always solid. The chemistry between Mr. Ellis and Señor Black is great.
Frankly I can't understand why this podcast hasn't blown the f up yet. These guys are fantastic story tellers, and completely drew me in the moment I heard the first episode. An odd, humorous, eclectic mix of a show, I can't wait for more from these dudes. Keep it up!
One of the most dynamic and interesting podcasts I have ver listened to. With the interesting stories or topics James and Chris delve in to, to the above average production, this podcast is very enjoyable.
always looking forward to new eps. this podcast makes life better. thank u.
These guys are hilarious!
Feels like I am in the room laughing with them.. Always looking forward to the next show!
Your new favorite podcast is arriving now. 5 stars
thanks the ripping first episode, check em comin
Chris Black is easily one of my favorite guests on the Tall Tales podcast series and I was very excited to hear he has his own now, and it does not disappoint. Great story telling
Great new podcast -- can't wait for the next episode!
Honestly, didn’t know what to expect but this episode totally exceeded my expectations. Funny. Insightful. All-around good story.
Quality reportage and deft storytelling. Worth listening.
Great episode. The story touched on a lot of relevant topics - friendship, bullying and guns.