The Invitation

Reviews For The Invitation

Silence, solitude, prayer. This podcast is literally an invitation to know God and to walk with the One that loves our souls. An invitation to silence, solitude and prayer. Thanks Josh and greetings from Puerto Rico.
Powerful, prayerful, contemplative, and full of Jesus.
I stumbled upon this after listening to Nathan Foster's Renovare podcast with Joshua. I was so struck by their conversation that I started listening to the Invitation podcast. I'm loving the format of retreats, 5 minute practices of prayer and then converstations with people about their personal understandings of God. I hesitated to write a review becuse it has been so profoundly helpful to me and I struggle to capture it in words...I've listened to a number of them multiple times...but I wanted to add my encouragement to Joshua to keep going with this project. I'm forever grateful the Invitation podcast.
.... but are you coming back!?!
There has been a recent uptick in all things mindful/mindful meditation the last few years, and for Christians, there has always been the practice of contemplative thinking. This podcast taps into the contemplative space of the heart & mind, and in the best ways possible. Calming and centering, this podcast is tremendously helpful and well thought out. It would be what you could refer to as a guided mindful meditation for the believer. I'll likely listen to each podcast more than once and they can be reused and you can continually recenter yourself spiritually.