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Y’all know why I’m here...
Peter is one of the coolest guy I don’t know. Thank Mr. Rosenberg for making me laugh along with Michael and Don! God bless.


By Los0323
ENN is my personal favorite part of the Michael Kay show, just wish ENN was part of the regular podcast but still dope
I actually love the chemistry, but just waaaaay to much virtue signaling...


If you listen to the Michael Kay show podcast A lot of what discussed in enn is repetitive. Honestly this podcast should just be lumped with the other show.


By 25 IBme
One of the highlights of an already great show
This why is insufferable with Kay & Don. His liberal bull is too much for me, trying to pretend he’s the wokest guy in Brooklyn.
ENN is one of my favorite parts of The Michael Kay Show. I love the laid back feel of it and the mostly funny takes on the sports/entertainment world. Peter Rosenburg brings a great aspect to the studio!
If the episodes won’t download, delete the show from then library then add it back into the library.
Episodes do not download. Please fix. This was fixed months ago and now is happening again. I don’t understand how you can make every other ESPN 98.7 podcast work properly except this one.
How do we fix download please?
Episodes don’t load, please fix. Thanks
New episodes aren’t loading. I have to keep deleting my podcast app and reinstall to get them. Please fix!!!
I love this show. It says it was last updated Friday but the latest accessible episode is from 12/12 🤷‍♂️
I love this show but the new episodes haven’t been loading
Not sure why the new episodes aren’t showing. Love the show though
This hasn’t been updated for yesterday (12-9-19) and today (12-10-19).
Hasn’t for a while...
Great chemistry with these guys. Hilarious.
Why haven’t new episodes uploaded to the podcast? I’m like 4 enn’s behind now!!
Fix the feed plz
Yo Rosenberg! I listen to you guys in the car and on the podcasts app. When you join the show, the show is 100x better. Thanks for bringing in the views of the younger generation, and for defending Chance the Rapper from old heads. Keep up the good work! Update: please fix it not coming on the App Store. The ESPN app is horrible.
Has not uploaded an episode since 10/25. Need this back!
Hasn’t been a new episode uploaded since Thursday
The Apple Feed has not been uploading episodes Apple please fix this!!!
My favorite part of the show .
The podcasts are not being loaded for the past week. What happened
The most recent episodes aren’t being uploaded. The podcast app will show that today’s episode is uploaded but I cannot find it.
Peter and Michael got me into TMKS (via wrestling and Yankees, respectively) and I have to thank you both for introducing me to Don. We have identical views on funk master flex! Keep up the hilarity and feel free to extend ENN!
I hate that effeminate whiny know it all. I listen for Peter, not him.
Rosenberg is the reason I started listening to TMKS. He kills it and ENN should be longer give that man an hour to do his thing. Keep up the good work.
keep it homie!
Nah Rosenberg is the man; love this segment. Keep doing your thing brother!
He does a great job and michael and don make a lot of jokes too. However it has a weird problem downloading


A guy who’s on the Michael Kay show is guaranteed to ball on his own show


Too political, too biased, and two faced.
Fan of Rosenberg most of the time.... cheap heat, wwe broadcast, juan epstein, and his run on hot 97 & Iron Mike. Buuuuut Kay show is a difficult listen, hopefully enn podcast eliminates much of the random insufferable banter and just highlights the maj enn stories. Just subscribed!
Good luck a lot of talent!!! Keep in coming
Enjoy Tiger watch.
First off, Peter Rosenberg is a true gem. But when paired with the best duo in NYC sports talk history you have an absolute banger. I listen religiously M-F (late night, I have to work you bums) but if you don’t have that much time; just catch this ENN episode and you’ll basically get the highlights of the 3-4 hours each day. Thanks for the entertainment fellas. Mac in DC
Easily one of the funniest sports podcasts around. Peter was a MAJ addition to the Michael Kay Show and this podcast is some of his best work. Don's rants, Michael's Captain Literalness, the drops, etc. I highly recommend to anyone who likes sports and likes to laugh
Um pc vehicle
Very entertaining


This podcast is MAJ...the work of Mike, Don, and Peter is the best.
Always look forward to ENN at 6pm on my way home.
One of the many podcasts that I subscribe to solely because of the Rosenberg vehicle.