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Reviews For 10,000 Fathers Podcast

The world burns and people wander lost. This show brings buckets of wisdom and direction. Fun, relateable, wise, and relevant. Keep up the good work!
This type of carnal philosophy is a large part of what is and always has been wrong with the church. This way of thinking causes more confusion and compromise for the believer.
Loved listening to this podcast. Unfortunately there hasn't been anything in too long (about two months). *** UDATE*** It's now more than a year after my original review and the podcast hasn't been on in over a month. It would be a shame to lose all the wonderful experiences, perspective and scriptiral knowledge these guys put out. I hope it doesn't fade away!
Really good guests, interesting content, emotionally healthy worship leading.
I have genuinely been so encouraged by the 10,000 Fathers Podcast. This community of worship leaders are so humble, pure & unique as they remain close to the heart of the Father. They've been used to help shape my identity and calling as a daughter of God by sharing truth and keeping an eternal perspective. I have no doubt that in listening, I have found deeper intimacy with the Lord- thus becoming a more authentic worshipper of Jesus! Continue to share the Kingdom Way. I am so thankful for you all! *blessings and love*
The podcast is very relevant to real life and how to live as a Christian day to day!
These guys are so full of wisdom and love. Being a part of this school and community has radically changed my aspect of what it means to lead worship/be a follower of Christ, and it has impacted my life in such a powerful way. Take a listen!
Day in and day at a as pastor, it’s great to feel like you’re right in the room on deeper conversations about why we lead worship, and why we pastor in the church. It’s a great reminder to focus on Christ as I go through all the planning and preparation that every Sunday requires.
Thank you for this podcast. I look forward to listening more as they are released!
Love to hear less of Aaron and more of the others. Oh yea.
I am very thankful for this school and all of the men and women involved. Their heart for appropriate worship, discipleship, community and family is thoughtful, challenging and reflective of the heart of Christ. If you want to grow and be sharpened as a worshipper and worship leader, I highly recommend this podcast!
As an alumni I can't say enough about how this school changed not only my ministry, but my and my family's life. Hoping this podcast is a blessing to you, and if you're looking for a school learn craft, character and discipleship, this is for you!
A wonderful experience! I Highly recommend!
I've been involved with this ministry for about a year and it has been life changing. I'm so glad there is a podcast available now to allow 10,000 Fathers to share what it does with a broader audience.
Love this new feature from you guys! Thanks for all that you do.
These guys are the real deal… I’ve spent the past 3 years walking alongside these leaders, and I’m a better man because of it. If you’re ready to be challenged and invited into something far greater than yourself, join us!
These guys have a heart for seeing worshipers operate in a healthy, biblical way! Looking forward to what comes out of this!
There are podcasts and then there are podcasts... The 10,000 Fathers Podcast represents the latter—the best of the best in all respects. John Emery is an and engaging and inviting host. Aaron Keyes is part profit, part shaman, all hipster. I would highly recommend the 10,000 Father’s Podcast to all podcast enthusiast.
I’m really looking forward to this podcast as I’m sure it will host transparent conversations on worship and theology distilled into practicality for the Christian life as information can only be as valuable as the transformation it produces. ;) God bless!
Thankful for this school, and excited for what's to come! Off to a great start with the pod!