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I love hearing about papers which are not in my field, and they provide great dinner conversations. Even more, though, I love the challenge of the puzzles. They make me think in different ways, and I love the feeling of accomplishment when I crack them!
Great concept for a podcast. Entertaining, interesting, and just the right length, too. Very well done.
The papers are very interesting and the puzzles are fun!
I am currently a second year PhD student with a lot of data analysis to bust out and love listening to podcasts throughout my day. I stumbled upon this one as I was looking for something to sooth my wandering mind and I love it! It is so great to be exposed to new science that isn’t in my area. Plus, the puzzles drive my labmates insane! I will definitely stick to this podcast for a long time.
Well worth the listen to learn something interesting… the puzzle is fun too… GOOD JOB❗️
I’m a commuter, and a good podcast can make or break my drive. Based on the first episode, I have high hopes for RPDP. For me, the mark of a good podcast is whether it sticks with the for the rest of my drive (and day), and this podcast did just that! It felt like a quick conversation with a science-loving friend, and I am sure to keep talking about the possibility of a new 9th planet for days to come! Keep them coming Dan!
Great idea and well done. Looking forward to future episodes and I’m already working on the first puzzle. Great stuff!