Reviews For Just the Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach

I love Tim’s show because it’s one of the few shows that is designed for every podcaster. Even if you’ve been inside of podcast for a dozen years (or 16), Tim’s incredibly short, actionable tips are worthy of your consideration. Some maybe just for reinforcement. Some that you’ve known you should be doing for a long time. And some you may not have thought of. Regardless of your level of experience in podcasting, these are just the tips you need.
Play on words but it is true. Tim has great advice about your sound and your podcast. Thanks for the show.
How am I just now finding this? Tim is like an energy drink for the brain. He actually has practical and easy-to-follow advice. And he delivers it in a way that gets me amped up to podcast. He speaks with energy and inflection — two things missing among most podcasters — AND two things that make people listen up! I only heard one episode and then promptly downloaded them all and pressed subscribe. I’ve never left a review after hearing only one episode of a podcast before, but that’s how good this is.


By Shawphi
This is my first podcast review ever and I just had to stop and say wow! I love the extremely short format and how the takeaways are so huge! If you only ever listen to one podcast about learning to podcast listen all these episodes. They’re worth it!
Tim is legend. Every single episode has valuable and most importantly ACTIONABLE tips. -A.Hayes
Great podcast. Great host. Great voice. Vital information for building a great podcast. Instant fan!
As someone who is starting out in the podcast production world, Tim'tips are spot on and I love the style--short and sweet. Packed with energy, humor, and content, he quickly engages you leaving you wanting to download the next one before it is even produced! Thanks Tim for inspiring and helping folks like me out!
Very actionable ideas! Great job!!
I'm a few months into running a podcast (The Brewtiful Game), and I wish I had discovered this podcast sooner. I love the length of episodes. No excuse not to take the time and learn something. Thank you for this resource!
Tim Wohlberg is awesome. That’s all there is to say. But I guess I can say a LITTLE more. I love that his episodes are super short, funny, and full of great information that is instantly applicable to your podcast. We did a coaching session with him as well which is totally worth the cost. If you are a podcaster do yourself a favor and listen to this right meow!
The "Stand or Sit While Recording?" episode affirmed what I've been doing. I just started my podcast, and have done both episodes standing up for all the reasons Tim cited.
Wow, if I knew that I could significantly increase the quality of my podcast just with the simple pro tips offered on Tim's show, I would have started here. This podcast is a great resource and hidden gem.
Tim is wonderful. Entertaining and informative. He really knows his stuff. Thank you.
Great tips for podcasters. Give your listeners your best and implement these great tips.
This show is just what I've been looking for: Short, actionable tips to make my podcast better.
Just listened to Reset Your Podcast and Headset Not Optional. I found my next bing! Love the content, love the very short episodes. Any longer and they would probably be too techy. Great podcast concept! Great info! Thank you!
I love this show. I dont mind that its only 5 minutes. I would love to hear a longer virsion but all in all i enjoy the content. It brings up that there are things that you try to do but sometimes you may forget about them and fall into bad habbits. I cant agree with all of the tips but I still respect where Tim is coming from and want to hear more...
Glad I found this, I’ve listened to all the tips from this awesome coach and I think my show will greatly improve because of it. I am a podcaster and this is just the show for me! Well executed, succinct and informative! I’ve subscribed! I will keep listening and honing my craft!


By W622
Oh my God I didn't want to go back to school but I guess I have to
Great production quality? Check. Great info? Check. Great host? Check. Great entertainment value? Check. Every podcaster needs to have this man in their life. Love the show!
Wow...Tim really gets it! Short succinct actionable tips that make me better. And he really gets you involved through his voice. He just draws me in. I am now a subscriber! If you are a podcaster, this is one podcast you absolutely need to be a pro!
Great actionable advise, I love this podcast!
Tim brings the best from the radio world and helps you implement them in your podcasts. He is also very honest with his podcast reviews. I love his no-nonsense and to the point approach. Highly recommend the podcast to anyone trying to get better at their craft of podcasting!
I just listened to an early episode by podcast talent coach, Tim Wohlberg, about the best position for podcasters to take to improve the quality of their sound. With his considerable experience in radio and podcasting Tim is the ideal host for a show like this. He knows his stuff and all of us who listen will greatly benefit. Bravo, Tim, wish you continuing success!