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Perfectly delivered and full of information.
I have a degree in audio engineering but the mastering part of my education was a bit lacking. This podcast is amazing. I love how Ian approaches from a music first standpoint and always wants to make decisions that are musical and sound good. He doesn’t get stuck on gear and tweaking, it’s all about the music. There’s a ton of great information in this podcast and I can’t wait to listen more!
I'm just starting out with this stuff and I've learned so much from this show! Even when the technical details are over my head, Ian talks so much about the aesthetic and artistic principles behind his technical decisions - and also about basic acoustics and the physics of sound engineering that are super helpful as well! Most other shows that go into real depth on these topics talk to pros over the heads of beginners, but this show is awesome whether you are a pro or a beginner.
The majority of the work I do is under headphones (quality control editing for broadcast) and I stumbled across this podcast from an article mentioning the Glenn Schick episode where he talks about mastering on headphones. (Episode #50) After that episode I was completely hooked and binge listened to every available episode. Ian Shepard and Jon Tidey (as well as Steve Cherubino in the early episodes) do a fantastic job of striking a balance between accessible to those new to the craft while also diving deep enough into topics that even experienced audio professionals can learn something new. For anyone even remotely interested in mastering —this is required listening ;-)
Good info, but rather than just describing what he’s doing I’d much rather hear examples. Stopped listening as a result.
Every time I am frustrated in music production, I come to this podcast and listen again to see what I have missed and it helps me always.
I was skeptical about a podcast about audio. Boy was I wrong. I’ve already learned a ton after only 3 episodes. Thanks guys!
I just recently discovered this podcast a month ago. I’ve been recording and engineering my own music for years and after only 12 episodes, I understand so much more about not only mastering and dynamics and loudness, but about the mindset of making great music in general. The first episodes are so amazing and I can see myself replaying them numerous times. Thank you Ian! ❤️ from Los Angeles, CA PS I LOVE THE DYNAMIC RANGE DAY ALBUMS YOU SELECT!!!
If you are in the music/audio/creative world then this is a must listen to podcast. I’ve been watching 100’s of YouTube videos on mixing & mastering & I’ve learned more from Ian Shepherd in 5 episodes than I have in all my time searching & watching on the web! Thank you to Ian & Jon for taking the time to share their knowledge & give us a place to continue to learn & build our knowledge as we all grow as artists, musicians, producers, mixers & mastering engineers. So grateful for the info! Peace + Love -Mike Heebz
This is a most remarkable podcast. I have learned so much from it. Thank you for all the information!
For anyone looking to fully understand mastering audio/music, this podcast is a MUST!! Start from the beginning and binge every episode and you won’t be sorry!
I have learned so much from these podcasts. This is typically the type of instruction/advice that you would have to pay for. Ian explains everything in a very understandable way. Thanks for taing the time to produce the wonderful series.
This is a goldmine.
Thanks for the coherent explanation of LUFS and dispelling the practice of mastering by numbers. It makes total sense to use the Short Term reading as you explained it. The fog has lifted.
My second favorite audio podcast after the Tape Op podcast.
Great teacher. Easy to learn from. Loving this podcast.
I have no upcoming plans to be a mastering engineer but this podcast has been very useful for dispelling misconceptions I have had about mastering, loudness, and even mixing. I highly recommend this podcast for anymore who works with recorded audio.
Iam is a joy! Big brain on that fellah, I have learned so much, and will continue to tune in...
I've learned so much from this show. Ian does a wonderful job of turning a boring subject like dither into something umm,,, less boring. Keep em coming Ian.
This is the best podcast I've stumbled upon in the last couple of years. Each episode brings a ton of information not only about mastering but also touches other aspects of recording, mixing and the music industry in general. Invaluable not only to any person interested in creating and polishing their own music but also to the aspiring sound engineer. I love this podcast!
Ian Shepherd is a wealth of information (see his website and YouTube channel), and while I initially held off on subscribing to this podcast (because I figured I'd get all the same information from his other channels), I learned quickly from sampling an episode that his podcast goes into much more detail than his videos etc. The best thing about this podcast is that any recording enthusiast can get a great deal out of it, not just mastering men and women. Ian is also very good at explaining what would be arcane concepts to those outside of mastering, and the sense of humor he brings to what would otherwise be a dry topic make the podcast quite enjoyable. I look forward to each episode. As a side note, I'm glad he brought Jon Tidey on as a co-host, as Jon brings his own perspective and is a good foil to Ian on the rare moment he gets a little too deep for us non-mastering engineers. And finally, I have to say, the dither episode was fantastic as an example of taking a VERY dry topic and making it fun and informative to listen to!
I've been following Ian Sheppard's blog for years, and this is a natural extension of his posts and videos. The info is top-notch and the vibe is accessible and friendly. The only possible fault for some people is the pacing - these are not tightly edited and scripted podcasts but relaxed, long-form conversations. I like the pace and find it quite relaxing - if you have the time, they're a great and relatively undemanding listen (unlike some info-packed history podcasts in which you'll miss stuff if your mind wanders!).
I love this podcast. Besides just being fun, Ian breaks down the mastering process brilliantly. He clearly knows this stuff right down to the science and nuts and bolts, but he gives us enough to understand the process without having to study all that stuff. Steve is a great co host. Can't wait to listen to his other podcasts.
I've learned a lot from Ian over the years. The podcasts makes that experience that much better. This is more than just mastering also... Great stuff!
I appreciate the efforts of all podcasters as I consider this medium a community service of sorts. Having said that, there seems to be 2 general types of show: 1)Those with good intentions that create shows light on relevant info delivered in a convoluted & oft meandering fashion. 2)Those with good intentions that create shows full of info that is understood by host and clearly communicated to listener on a conceptual level. This show: Type 2. Excellent, well done, PLEASE keep up the good work!!!
Just as a good master translates well for a range of different listening environments, Ian's tips and advice translate well for a range of mastering students of different skill levels. I was searching online for a book about mastering (I have mixed for a few years), and I thought I would also check to see if a podcast existed. I was surprised to find exactly what I was looking looking for: a podcast about learning to master at home. This is better than any book I could buy, at least for now. I actually look forward to my heavy traffic commute every day so I can listen to the next episode, and it also makes me want to go home and try out new techniques. I have the monitoring and metering well understood, but it's really the mindset that I've learned so much about, and I hope to develop it further with more practice.
Great podcast, good discussion, good info, Lots to love and appreciate here.
Ian, I've been following your YouTube Channel and blogs for a couple of years, and yet this podcast has been a wealth of new knowledge. I'm sad to see Steve go, you two had a lot of fun together and it was fun to listen to. Looking forward to each new episode!
This is a great show with lot's of talking points. I learned more from Ian Shepherd about mastering than anyone else. I purchased one of his website traing offerings before I started mastering and now I master professionally. My favorite new secret weapon is his dynameter which has helped me improve my nwest masters have more dynamics. Check out "Reflect Love" by LoveShine. This was the first song I mastered with Dynameter.
You will gain perspective no matter what your area of focus.
Latest episode with James blakes mastering engineer was incredible. This podcast has taught me a lot and boosted my confidence greatly.
It's funny when Ian makes fun of Steve's accent or puts on an American accent. Lol...but seriously, the content is invaluable.
Lots of great info here, so glad I gave this podcast a shot! You won't be sorry!!!
This show has made me realize how much I was complicating myself while mastering. I love how Ian explains the concepts and the analogies used. Mastering is less complicated now. Thanks so much. The amount of things I have learned are huge.
Love the show guys. Have learned a lot. Keep up the great work.
Awesome idea to have a focused podcast on mastering! I am learning a lot and hope to see this continue for a long time!
Ian and Steve is a MUST for any Podcaster that wants to improve their audio quality. The tips and tricks that are talked about in their podcast, is priceless! Their podcast is truly, quality at the highest degree. Keep up the great work guys.
Seriously, this is fantastic. Ian conveys the depth of his knowledge in an understandable and clear way. So much info for free - insane. My personal favorite podcast is right here. Thanks, Ian!!!
Great Podcast Very useful Information techniques that can be applied in any genre. Glad that Joe from Home Studio Corner recommended to check out this podcast!
The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy has some sage advice for intergalactic travelers in it’s most recent revision. -Always bring a towel. You never know when you might need it. -Get a Babel Fish as soon as you can. That way you can understand what people are talking about. -And don’t panic! Up the now that wise advice has covered most of what we might encounter in the Galaxy. But if a revision were published today it would need to include advice also for those of us on a musical journey to record from our home studios. Recording from a home studio is now a common practice that has only existed for a relative few minutes, hardly a blip, on the galactic calendar. And our abillity to master those recordings ourselves from a simple laptop setup has really only been around for a few seconds. In fact it was created more recently than when I started writing this review. (that should make your brain twist up into a pretzel) So here we are trying to record our music, and like new life forms emerging from the primordial ooze we stumble around trying to get our recordings to sound like the great epochal records of our ancestors (is epochal even a word?) Only to find ourselves a little deafeated and deflated at the conclusion, when our record sounds less like a masterpiece, and more like the ooze from which we just emerged. If only we had a guide for mastering our music… If only we knew what all those knobs and buttons do on our computer screens, and why our wireless keyboards keeps running out of batteries… If only there was a podcast to teach us how to master our music! The next revision of The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy will have to include a new chapter on mastering your own music. It will have to include the advice to listen to The Mastering Show with Ian Shepherd. Ian can guide you through these strange lands. He can provide you with more than just a map of these alien systems, but an actual understanding of galactic mysteries like eq and compression by bringing it down to earth with simple analogies to common household objects. For example you will learn how compression is much like punching a pillow. And how using a limiter is like breaking your knuckles against a brick wall. Like the last time you listened to your record and it didnt sound good enough. Well no more! It’s time fo you to become a captain of the galaxy. Listen to this show and master your universe! You will be glad you did. Cheers, Lij
Ever since I blew through the excellent SquareCAD mastering podcast, I’ve been craving something similar. Having longtime mastering engineer and educator Ian Shepherd at the helm, with Steve Cherubino providing the perspective of the typical home studio producer/engineer makes this an engaging international adventure that perfectly fills that niche. Can’t wait to hear what else they have in store!
This show is fantastic. Ian has a vast amount of mastering knowledge and I’ve enjoyed following his other material over past several months. So excited he and Steve got this going. Compelling information and an enjoyable accent to listen to. Cheers!
I've been waiting for Ian to drop a podcast for some time now, I follow his website,, and I've been wanting to take his Home Mastering Masterclass for awhile now too. So when I saw the post about his podcast my heart got all excited! I must've listened to all 3 episodes, to date anyways, at LEAST 3 time!!! Wonderful content, I'm learning lots! Thank you Ian and Steve for making this podcast! I'm on edge waiting for the next episode!
I’ve been a longtime fan/follower of Ian and I’m so happy that he’s doing this podcast. It’s always such a wealth of information and to be able to listen to it on the go is great. I really hope it does well so they’ll continue producing these. If you’re at all in the mixing/mastering world, this is a must listen! He gives you so much useful info that it translates to all areas of music making. Awesome!!!!