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I’ve been looking for some inclusive voices in heathenry and this show is a great resource. The topics are interesting, perspectives are enlightening, and the show feels friendly and inviting. Please don’t stop making content!
I found your podcast from your comment on Bela Siol’s FB page as I had just purchased her Nehalennia Oracle cards. I too, was recently ‘tapped’ on the shoulder by Nehalennia and am just getting to know her. My family has distant roots in Friesland and my father ran a sports fishing boat, so I identify with her on many levels. I loved the interview you gave with her and I am really looking forward to more of your podcasts! - Lisa Handmade Jewelry Haven
A wonderful and informative podcast. Please don't ever stop.
Jan and Laine are creating a podcast that reaches out to a modern practitioner. They speak from their experiences and from the heart. Encouraging a cross section of practices, they reference lore and what we think we know of heathen practices. But they also give opportunity for personal and shared gnosis to be explored. It's a nice start to a heathen viewpoint that doesn't come out and say "You are doing it wrong" and this is the only way to practice Heathenry. It's open, inviting, and welcoming to those who think they don't fit in with many Kindreds of the Asatru practices. A very Vanic approach to their voice and experience.