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Greg and George have great chemistry. I love listening to the podcast. The only down side is Greg has me chasing hats now 😂. I appreciate the work these guys put in, keep it up.
Exactly the type of podcast informative, chill, and funny as ef.
As a mid 30s OG sneaker head, I was an instant Sneak Diss follower, and tune in every week. Love the outlooks the leaks the top 10s and of course all the banter and bickering. Y’all are fools and you bring me laughs and joy every week. This was true before this pandemic, but since the outbreak it’s been even that much nicer and comforting. Thanks y’all. Please don’t stop! Jams Frrever / 33 By Hand


By Xoe D
I was looking for a entertaining and informative sneaker podcast and found everything I was looking for in TSD. I highly recommend this podcast to all types of sneaker heads. Keep it up guys ! 100% facts
Being a 49er fan listening to Raiders and Cowboys heads talking sneakers would be a cringe factor of 5 out of 5 BUT! This is a very real show with real feelings on several topics from ugly Suckais to blasphemous takes on Drumsticks as an ice cream being trash to hating apple pie as a dessert. You get sports as well! Very lively and real interactions and feeling on several topics. Take a listen if you’re into sneaks and other types of pop culture!
Greg and George are two down to earth guys who have been in the game for a long time. Strong opinions and hilarious. Great content and they’re always looking for ways to improve the show and get the viewers involved.
Enjoy the podcast! Growing up on east coast I don’t always agree with y’all taste but enjoy the dynamic you guys bring.
Much respect for you guys🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 And your right abt St. Louis fans ⚾️ so annoying & I’m from St.louis
A lot of times in the sneaker community we listen to the same narrative over and over. It’s refreshing to hear people disagree with the status quo, and state their honest opinions when it comes to something we all love. Even if you don’t agree with George and Greg, to hear passion that isn’t just from a mainstream standpoint is so amazing. They’re unfiltered thoughts on sneaker culture that sound just like the conversations you and your friends have makes this my favorite sneaker podcast, TO ME.
Greg is the wild and crazy one and George is the straight-man. Give these guys a listen, trust me, you will be hooked like Dustin Hoffman. This is the best sneaker out there, TO ME!!!
Love the podcast, feels like I'm sitting in a room with some friends just shooting the breeze. SHOCK DROPPPP
I was about to give y’all 4 stars when you blew my eardrums out yelling “shock drop”. But this show is mad funny and fun to listen too. I’m not a Hypebeast but I’m into fashion and shoes. Best hype podcast I’ve found so far. @dairebarefoot Give me a follow guys.
This is the worst podcast I ever heard. And these guys are way too stupid to be talking about sports had to hit the eject button on this BS!
Great, positive energy, well informed podcast speakers, and good at being just human unlike all those complex individuals out there 😉
Yelling and laughing way to loud have to turn down and up the entire show
“Don C is a vacation bible school art teacher.”
👍👍 best sneaker podcast! TOOOOOO MEEEEEEEE
In this day and age were there is so much sneaker content floating around. This show really captures the essence of sneaker culture. Continuously pushing the sneaker culture forward, while also catering to the older sneaker heads like myself. George and Greg are awesome and hilarious at the Same time. The guest are always dope as well and contribute information for novice and seasoned sneaker lovers. All and all this show is a highly recommended show to anyone who loves the culture. It’s truthful, hilarious, and informative. I love this show and it’s part of my life and I appreciate the time and effort that they take to make the show great! Much love From Your Boy BrooklynBas
Top notch audio quality, and genuinely interesting, relatable, and informative content
Genuine dudes. They speak their minds and thats what makes it so great. Look forward to episodes every week, this podcast is absolutely unreal. Must listen.


Nico LA
These guys are the truth, no bias opinions and definitely don’t bite their tongues like most sneaker related content. If you want a couple of guys who talk like they’re in the barbershop this is IT!
I been a long time listener since episode 1 and I love the show and keep up the great job!
Best sneaker podcast period. They are always entertaining. They actually interact with their supporters on IG.
As a podcaster myself, I listen to a lot of different podcast and this one right here... I like what they do, a little sneaker info, a little sports and a lot of laughs!
Guys aren't much into fashion, but when it comes to shoes, maybe that's a different story. This is a podcast that starts with the shoes and then expands into pop culture and a podcast that grabs you and holds you through the end. Enjoy!
These guys have come together to make a show that speaks to the sneakerhead who works a normal 9 to 5, and that’s spectacular! You bring an honest and non biased opinion which is truly refreshing! Great job fellas!!!
Great listen - Give great takes on today’s sneaker game


If you are into shoes at all this is such an entertaining podcast to listen to or watch (YouTube) I just found it and I’m a 20 year old sneaker collector/reseller and honestly this podcast helps me keep up with releases and these guys have been teaching me about some older sneaker culture and history. Keep it up
Must listen. Fantastic guests. For the sneaker OGs.
I just wanna show my love and support for y’all!!! This past year my love for the sneaker culture kind of fell off. I was still buying and paying attention to the culture, but I wasn’t fully interested like I used to be. I am a new listener and after listening to a few shows, y’all definitely got me back into enjoying the sneaker culture again! Thanks again! Much love!
Keep it up guys. Always have great convos.
The dynamic that Ryan, Greg, and George have is amazing. Sometimes they'll bring on guests but the show really shines when it's just the 3 of them. This is my top sneaker podcast but what's great about this one is the cross section with sports and music as well.
Trash! Clowns!! Worst podcast!!!
Very informative and entertaining . These guys know shoes and funny
This show is raw, real , on point, topical, covers everything from sneakers and sports to products and social media. Is it outta control sometimes, of course ! But it's respectful and honest options. High recommend it !... there is some cursing, so might not be kid friendly, but they aren't saying anything kids haven't heard before. Great job guys 👍🏼💯🍻
Found the podcast a few months ago when I finally decided to see what podcast were about. Glad I found these guys! Only downside is they upload once a week LOL!! #DISSciples stand up!
I love the different personalities. You guys are so entertaining, and truly one of a kind!! Look forward to your episodes every week!!
If you are looking for an amazing sneaker podcast, look no further. This is easily the most entertaining and balanced one I have listened to. These guys are knowledgeable about sneakers, sports, and entertainment. The best episodes of the podcast consist of the core-3 hosts, but they do spice it up with guests from time to time. They are all unique and funny in their own way. The members of The Sneak Diss never swoon over "shoe-lebrities" unlike a lot of other sneaker podcasts.

By KCM81
Solid show, the host are knowledgeable on all the best sneakers. They are also active on Twitter, I have spoken with them on numerous occasions about different shoes. Every sneaker head should listen to this podcast
I'm loving Sneak Diss. Great mix of sneaker-head news and info, hilarious stories, great guests and commentary from the hosts. You should check it out whether your into shoes or not.
Every sneaker collector should listen! Really good topics and the top 10s are funny!!
Knowledgable hosts, good content and information, smart and funny. Highly entertaining podcast would recommend for anyone who is into sneakers or sneaker culture, must listen