Fellowship Brentwood Weekend Messages

Reviews For Fellowship Brentwood Weekend Messages

My family attends Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood Tennessee. We've been going there for several years now. We searched for the right church for many years trying to find the right mix of teaching, music worship and children's ministries. In our humble opinion it does not get any better than Fellowship Bible Church. From what we have seen and heard the leadership of this church is sincere, knowledgeable and steadfast in the word of God. Though we like all of the leaders and teachers, we favor Michael Easley. It seems every time he preaches he opens up a new perspective. We are so thankful that we have found this church and being able to access the podcasts are wonderful when we can't be there. We highly recommend this podcast.
Great teaching on creation with a strong slant on the love God shows for us in all things.
Seriously, these guys manage to teach some serious meat for mature Christians and make it accessible and interesting for anyone. Plus, they mostly employ an expository teaching method and go through entire books of the Bible rather than skipping around, which really helps keep them from camping out on "pet subjects" or avoiding the hard passages.
This is a great tool to use during the week to remember the truths we learn from the pulpit. I listen to these messages during my workouts and slow time at work.