Flick Fights: The Official Flickchart Podcast

Reviews For Flick Fights: The Official Flickchart Podcast


By Torl
I listened to Flickfight back in the day and it was one of my favorites. The random nature of the format leads to great and unique discussions about movies and I hope it goes for a long time.
Very laid back nature. It's like listening to NPR for movies. I'm glad the podcast is back
This podcast takes what we in the community of Flickchart love about the website and puts it in a neat and enjoyable packaged show.One of the creators of the site and a few other well known Flickcharters,get delt two movies and they have to figure out as a collective group which is the movie they either think is the better film or most enjoyable and so on.If your a fan of the website (and if your not I highly recommend you check it out) this is definatly a must listen.
The Flick Fights podcast brings insightful commentary from three guys who clearly have a love for film. The random movie match-ups emulate the experience of the host site, Flickchart, and make for interesting comparisons that most would not bring up on their own. They've started out with three strong episodes and I'm looking forward to more! Check this podcast out if your a fan of film or want to become one!
As a longtime Flickchart addict, I'm so happy the Flickchart podcast is back. My taste in movies is pretty different from most of the regular hosts, but rotating guests allow for some variety. The discussions can get very specific and emotional, but the music of the podcast creates a uniquely relaxing and almost ethereal atmosphere.