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Absolutely love this podcast. Deb is a great interviewer and there are a range of interesting topics that will appeal to many pregnant people, caregivers of babies and young children, and people in the birth work field. I learned so much from this podcast during my pregnancy and continue to find it helpful and interesting postpartum.
Deb’s dedication to create high quality, supportive content to share with the Yoga Birth Babies community is evident in the variety of relevant topics she chooses to cover. There’s something for everyone! Her easy-to-listen-to interview style helped to make this podcast my go to while navigating my way through pregnancy and motherhood. I appreciate the time Deb invests to curate each episode and I always look forward to the next listen!
I love listening to this podcast on a weekly basis. The subjects are varied and I always learn something new. Deb is very approchable and makes the discussion super interesting and great to listen to.
Due in 3 months and getting loads out of these podcasts. It made me realise I need to prepare as much for the postpartum period for *my own needs/recovery* (instead of focusing on all the things a newborn needs) as for the child birth itself. Makes me feel more prepared and empowered to deal with the inevitable upcoming challenges!


By GG0849
I am a FTM and this has been my go to podcast for advice, direction and calm. I so appreciate Deb’s positive& soothing voice (this woman clearly was meant to be a gifted podcaster and yoga teacher) and the variety of topics and guests she brings on. It’s been so helpful as I navigate my growing belly and worried mind throughout my pregnancy to have tools and insight that are so needed. Thank you!
I struggled with the decision of whether I wanted to have a child. I listened to so many episodes of YBB while walking around or jogging and thinking about this question. Hearing more about the physical, mental, and emotional process of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting was so helpful to me as I went through that process. I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and have continued to listen to YBB throughout my pregnancy. Grateful to Deb and all of her guests for their helpful information and insights!
Yoga | Birth | Babies was so my go to podcast during pregnancy. I loved being able to scroll through the archive and look for an episode on a topic I was curious about. The community birth stories kept me sane and hopeful as I waited for baby to come thirteen days past my due date! I don’t know what I would have done without this resource during that time. And now that my daughter is almost two months old, I still love listening and appreciate the postpartum topics! Deb, thank you for providing something like this for expecting and new mamas!
Absolutely love this podcast. Such a well-curated and diverse collection of topics on all things yoga and parenting, and all of them so gracefully moderated by Deb Flashenberg’s incisive questions, warmth, and wit.
I only wish I had found it sooner. It’s refreshing and honest and feels non-judgemental. She covers a lot of details without making you feel overwhelmed or underprepared.
As a postpartum doula & a parent myself, I so appreciate Deb Flashenberg's informative, evidence-based and practical podcast! There's so much information out there, that it can be overwhelming. Deb and her guests are voices of calm and reason, sharing practical information that is helpful for people at various stages of parenting. It's a wonderful resource for expectant and new parents. Highly recommended!
I’m stepping into my interest and career supporting birth and finding my place in the community. This has been such a great education and resource for me as I have been preparing for my first birth photography session and exploring my interest in becoming a doula and yoga instructor. Thank you 🙏🏽
I attended Debs prenatal teacher training in NYC while I was pregnant IN 2018. Since then I have listened to every episode of the Yoga Birth Babies podcast. It has not only provided me with information which led to my informed birth choices but the podcast continue to educate me on the birth world and relevant items for raising my now 14 month old son. I am so grateful for all the hard work Deb puts into creating and maintaining this podcast. Every person involved in the yoga, birth and/or baby world would get something beneficial out of listening. There is something for everyone here and I look forward to each episode!
What a great podcast! As a psychotherapist, yoga teacher and postpartum doula, I really enjoy the breadth of topics covered on the podcast. Deb’s desire to learn is contagious and peaks my interest in every episode. I recommend this podcast to those about to become parents and professionals alike.
I love listening to your podcast because every episode (yes, every!) is interesting, lively, and informative. I learn so much about pregnancy, birth, and child rearing from other moms and professionals through this podcast - thank you for always bringing excellent speakers to the table!
As I head into the final weeks of my second pregnancy I rediscovered your podcast, which I listened to throughout my first pregnancy. From amazing speakers to wonderful pre and post natal support for our bodies and minds, I find this podcast to be an amazing resource that has helped me feel more prepared. Many thanks for the care you bring to countless pre and postnatal parents and caregivers.
This podcast is a must listen, not only for prenatal yoga teachers but for anyone connected to birth and babies. I appreciate the wide range of topics and insightful conversations. Not only do I find value in the episodes for my prenatal yoga teaching, but I also love having the podcast as a resource that is readily available for my students and for the pregnant people in my life. I find myself recommending episodes to everyone, regardless of whether they practice yoga or not! A truly valuable resource.
I LOVE this podcast!! Whenever I leave the house, I can’t wait to put this podcast on while I commute to my classes or on my way home. What started out as listening to one amazing episode quickly launched me into discovering ALL the incredible content in this series. Deb could simply share her knowledge alone as she is so experienced, full of wisdom, humble and a joy to listen to (and I have just finished The Who’s Afraid of the Pregnant Yogi Course, and it is stellar!) - and the other episodes with invited guests are packed full of resourceful and relevant information and insights for the birthing community, held attentively with great interview questions and conversations by Deb. Each podcast that I’ve listened to so far has enriched my knowledge base related to prenatal & postnatal yoga, pregnancy, birth, postpartum issues and more. Finally I feel as though I have found a way to evolve my learnings post-RPYT training and post-doula training. Deb, keep up the fantastic work - you are an asset to this community! <3
I’m a prenatal yoga teacher and the topics covered here truly enrich my teaching. Such great content and smart guests. It makes me wish I lived in NYC so I could practice at Deb’s studio!
Love love love Deb and her work for pregnant people and their families. This is my go to podcast as a midwife and prenatal yoga teacher.
A great resource for expecting and new parents. Love listening on my commute.
Always so engaging! Valuable tips, advice, and perspective. Great story telling. Love listening every week.
I am a first time mama and feel so fortunate that I found PYC and this podcast series! The content is spot-on relevant, and the wealth of data-driven information shared by Deb and her professional guests is so incredibly valuable. As a result I feel informed, prepared and empowered for the road ahead. I recommend this to all my newly pregnant friends now!
I love this podcast. Very informative but not boring at all! I have learned so much and love the positivity talking about pregnancy and birth it has been very reassuring
I love listening to this podcast. Deb is so thoughtful and brings on the most interesting guests. It's one of my go-to podcasts for long walks in the park. I feel empowered to support my partner through her pregnancy.
Deb has curated amazing speakers with invaluable practical advice with every topic you could think of through your pregnancy journey and beyond! I am so thankful for this resource!!
Deb’s choice of podcast guests is amazing. She chooses experts and practitioners who are not only knowledgeable but authentic and unassuming. The end goal of this podcast (it seems to me) is really-how can we give moms as much knowledge as possible to make them feel empowered as well as bring more compassion into the space of pregnancy, motherhood, and yoga. As a mom and a yoga teacher I am thankful (and I wish I could come up with a bigger word than that) for this podcast-it’s information and the love I feel for Mother’s when listening to this through my iPhone speaker.
I began listening to your podcast a little while ago, I am 33 weeks and looking forward to my birth. I am so happy with all of the information I have learned, I feel empowered through knowledge. Thank you so much for all of your work. Thanks to all of those experts willing to put the content out. I listen to an episode or two everyday.
As a mother, prenatal yoga instructor and doula, this is one of my favorite podcasts (and general resource) for new ideas, information, and inspiration! Thanks Deb!
Great selection of topics, very interesting interviewees, and the best moderator of course! I find it very useful and supportive while preparing for my first birth
You may begin listening because of your interest in prenatal yoga, however, you will stay for all the additional information and resources. on many topics relevant to us as mothers. Her expertise as a yoga instructor as well as her knowledge base in the birthing field contributes to her excellent interview skills as host of this podcast. I had the pleasure of interviewing Deb for my show All About Breastfeeding and she was a very welcoming host when I was a guest on her show. Right now I am listening to her latest show. - Finding the support you need in birth and am enjoying learning more about her guest.
I listened to this podcast religiously while pregnant and I’m still listening postpartum. Each episode is informative and helpful.
This podcast is definitely one to add to your subscribe list! We loved having Deb Flashenberg as a guest on Fourth Trimester Podcast. She is an authority on preparing for life with a newborn, including caring for the postnatal body. She knows what to consider when starting to exercise again, what is appropriate, some things to avoid and the importance of not trying to fit into a certain image of how quickly one needs to be back to "pre-pregnancy" look. Thank you for making Yoga Birth Babies!
I started listening to Debs podcasts recently after attending her prenatal yoga classes in NYC. I love the variety of discussions and speakers. The data driven podcasts are incredibly informative and the community stories are so comforting!
This is a great podcast! The information is thorough and accessible.
Deb has put together a wide array of experts on such incredibly important topics. Well done! I learn something new each time I listen. Thank you for being research minded and dedicated to growing women and families in this way!
I’ve been listening for almost a year now (my son is 6 months) and it seems like Deb is a close friend through the podcasts. It’s conversational and fun with lots of info.
I can't recommend Deb's podcasts enough. They are a huge wealth of information, snackable tips and expert advice. More importantly, i always feel more confident, empowered and trusting of my body and its amazing abilities after each podcast.
I've listened to many birth, baby, and wellness related podcasts, and concerning pregnancy/motherhood...this is my favorite one! As a prenatal yoga teacher, too, I love having an informed perspective on yoga, of course, but also topics related to mom and baby well-being outside of the yogic spectrum. Deb is a fantastic interviewer, and her guests are knowledgeable, approachable, and inspired.
This podcast is extremely informative and explores a wide range of birth-related topics offering lots of important information. An excellent resource for prenatal and postpartum mothers.
I love the podcast! I learn so much from each and am constantly sending shows to my husband to listen also. Wonderfully informative, but also like chatting with old friends.
I have really enjoyed this podcast! Deb has great guests in which she engages in wonderful conversations and insightful questions. Highly recommend for new and pregnant mamas!
Love Deb's podcast (and yoga classes on the UWS) the topics are relevant and helpful. Her voice is soothing but not fake. The experts she interview are top in the field. Questions are well thought out and help us go in depth into the topic. Her experience and backgrounds make for the perfect podcast for me to calm my fears and prepare me for my upcoming birth. Thanks Deb!
I have to say, my hubby and I have both been finding these podcasts so helpful. With so much info out there, it can be really overwhelming for the first time parents. We've found these to be amazing guide for the areas of focus to prepare for the birth of our little one. Our mutual favourites have been the podcast on reducing unnecessary C-section with Dr. Shah and the one on Childproofing your Marriage. I know there are a lot of podcasts out there to choose from, but if you're like me and looking for balanced views from industry professionals on a wide range of topics to prepare you for the birth and the challenges that come after, this would be it!
Not only is this podcast chock full of information, but it includes a wide variety of specialists, topics, and knowledge. Deb Flashenberg has a wealth of knowledge to share from her years of experience as a doula, yoga teacher, and advocate for folks entering or already involved in the birth world. I've taken her immersive teacher training and I can't stop listening to these podcasts they are super fun to listen to and I've learned so much from every episode. Staying tuned in for each new podcast Deb makes!
I love listen to Debbie's podcast. It is very educational and I have learned so much from it. Debbie always discuss very interesting and important subjects related to pregnancy, labor and newborns. This podcast made me realised how little I knew before and helped me get a better understanding on many things. I recommend it all moms to be.
As a birth worker (doula and midwife's assistant), I cannot speak highly enough for the information that Deb and her amazing guests/professionals (many of whom are VERY famous in the "birth junkie" world!) provide in this podcast! It's fresh, relevant, and oh-so-informative--- knowledge and invaluable wisdom that has the potential to transform your journeys in birthing, postpartum healing, and motherhood in the most seamless ways!
Deb Flashenberg is phenomenal… She and Caprice Abowitt at the Prenatal Yoga Center are teachers who explore and share in ways that are thorough, knowledgeable, light, and full of great resources and wisdom about Yoga, birth and babies. I love this podcast and am excited to continue to explore more ...
Deb's podcasts are so helpful especially to new mommies like myself. She knows a wealth of information and even interviews knowledgeable professionals. I've listened to just a few of her podcasts and will definitely keep listening. I learn something new each time I listen!
I have listened to each and every podcast shared in Yoga | Birth | Babies thus far and I have to say that the information shared is an absolute must for all new and soon to be moms. Deb is a birth and yoga expert and her guests are equally as knowledgeable. There is a wealth of information here, you just have to click play!