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Reviews For The Whole Hog Podcast

John Huey is an excellent interviewer. I would listen to him interview anyone because I’m certain it would be interesting even if the person being interviewed is not interesting. However, I have found that everyone John Huey interviews very interesting. I love this podcast and find it extremely entertaining. I save these podcast to enjoy at just the right time when I can sit down and enjoy every single word. Thank you!!
Absolutely hilarious. And filthy.
Dammit Ruckus and Mark are the funniest character I've heard in a long while. They give me radio insight that I've never heard. Wish I could be there drinking with the boys. Dirty & awesome show!
My favorite podcast discussing real life. Hosts Mark & Ruckus discuss their daily life of living in the Atlanta metro area while drinking in their basement studio. If you've ever worked (or wanted to work) in broadcast terrestrial radio, you'll enjoy the stories as they reminisce of past 15 years of the inner workings of major-market radio. If you've ever had to deal with an underling who works for a Dickey, you will certainly relate to their experiences. The past episodes with FatKid or Jenners are podcast gold and a definite must-listen. As the episodes get longer, the drinks become stronger and the stories become more entertaining.
Keeps you laughing the entire way through.
Lots of good inside radio talk.
Every episode makes me laugh!