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Excellent Podcast
This show is not just informative but also entertaining!!! The host makes BTC soooo cool!!!
Waste of time
I have been listening now for over 6 months, and I reatly appreciate his fully independent viewpoints, and his willingness to discuss exactly why he takes the positions he does. He definately is not driven by outside commercial intersts and that is not only healthy for us small investors, but refreshing as well. He provides much needed diversity of thought on what drives Wall Street & why! His "tools" segment often reveals little known aids to assist in intelligently evaluating which stock to pick or how to evaluate them effectively and unemotionally.
This podcast is a joke. He must must have created dozens of dummy iTunes accounts and writen all the good reviews himself.
There is no better way to spend the day! I love listening to common sense, investment advise on the way to work. Give it a try.
Very monotonous! The lack of substance is aggravating. This guy has NO material! In addition, a slight ADD, sleepiness, or a medication kicks in at some point of his short talk and he jumps the subject, doesn’t finish his thought, confuses words and mumbles. And he is advising to Jim Cramer against being on TV 5 times a week!! Well, Cramer has something to talk about--he is an intellectual, very eloquent, and has excellent command of English language, thus, it’s no surprise that he has his own and original material to present daily for an hour. Bottom line: Cramer is a genius, while Boyer, is an imposter with nothing to say, especially about investing.
This show is very informative, relative, and damn entertaining! I love the mix of professional feeling production with content that is downright informative. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
This is my favorite podcast on personal finance. Paul gives great, unbiased, and proven financial advice that will help you out in the long term. Everyweek he gives great tools that the "do-it-yourself" investor can use to create and evaluate their investment portfolios.
Provides every Friday a bird's eye view of the market and the economy. Love the music and the refined sense of humor. A true beliver in the free market. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Ed.
Entertaining, Enlightening, Good Financial Advice. He changed my investing outlook, and helps outline a stress free investing technique.
Paul is superb in his delivery and presenation. The content is always on target, and the shows are as entertaining as they are informative. 4 stars due to redundancy in the overall theme of index investing -- albeit an important point, it could become overbearing. As a result, this podcast is a great addition to finance podcast libraries, but ought not be the only source for your investing needs.
This one is the best personal finance podcast out there. More like sane money machine, rather than mad, which is fine by me.
Great insight for people new to investing/personal finance. More that just a business or investing podcast. Thanks for all the effort, great podcast Mr. Mad.
Only about 5-10 mins of the podcast is useful information -- and most of that time is spent telling you that index funds should be your ONLY investment. Most of the podcast is fluff and mindless babble... he obviously likes to hear himself talk. The podcast does have great production values, though (clear sound, interesting effects, etc.). I'd subscribe again if there was a 5 minute version.
I have been listining to Paul for a few years, and each week he discovers another way to entertain. Excellent blend of music, comedy, and business insight from "one of us." Continuing the fight against the large companies that discovered this new market, Paul keeps podcasting what it was supposed to be; for us and by us.
Fun, cool, interesting, educational, and really good music! Hey PDB- don't stop playing the music.
The host fills time by playing music; he should just stop podcasting, if he has run out of information.
I have listened to most of the shows and Paul has great stock market investing truths and excellent "Tools in the Crib" for evaluating portfolio performance.
Last December I retired and thought I would be spending a lot of time managing my money. That changed once I started listening to this podcast and learned about the lazy way to earn market returns without constant monitoring of my portfolio. Keep up the good work I will be passing your information to all my friends so we can spend more time having fun and not worrying about our money.
I have been a listener since show 40 or so and I have never missed. Paul always has something interesting to talk about. Keeps tou interested by adding other information other than just investing. Would recommend to everybody.
What a great show. Each week, you get an entertaining mix of investment advice and sound financial planning tips, along with a good dose of humor and music! Mr. Boyer makes it clear that the "lazy" method of index investing is the best long-term choice for investors, and week after week, he is proven correct. Go ahead--play around with your "Mad Money," but make sure you put your investment money to slow, steady, profitable use. Who knew index funds were so much fun?
I just want to thank you guys for listening and writing a review!
I would like to say I am a first time listener and have really gotten hooked. I originally was browsing around itunes found this by accident now i listen every time a new episode comes out. Well I look forward to what’s to come and hope i am in the running for the new Jim Cramer book too. Thanks
Paul does an absolutely outstanding job reviewing information and producing this Podcast. Very insightful and entertaining at the same time. The production quality and sound is one of the best Podcasts I've ever heard. Additionally, I probably saved myself plenty of money just because this Podcast made me pause before before diving into "Jim's" dogma without looking carefully enough. Thanks Paul! Keep up your painstaking work on this. I look forward to listening on my morning drives.
This is by far the Best Business Podcast!!! What is more simple than just investing in index funds and make money with little to no worries. Paul does a great job at explaining this and keeps the show very interesting. I have been listening for over a year and really enjoy the show. Keep up the great work!
Great show! Anyone interested in trading stocks should definitely listen to this show. Overall, it's a very entertaining and informative podcast.
PDB's financial philosophy may be relatively conservative (especially relative to Mr. Cramer's), but his show is entertaining regardless of one's fiscal mindset. One of the show's regular segments, "Better know a financial guru" (or some variation thereof), is quite informative and should be a favorite of history buffs, like myself. One thing that can be a little aggravating is the use of musical filler. All in all though, I definitely recommend giving this podcast a listen.
Paul Douglas Boyer's (PDB) message in every podcast is simple: Don't kid yourself into thinking you can pick stocks and come out ahead. Instead, minimize your risk by investing in broad index funds that include the entire gamut of domestic and international stocks - modern capitalism as we know it. PDB's persuasive tone, thorough research and lack of a self-serving agenda lend him great credence. But his show isn't all dry-talk of investment like so many other podcasts. He uses a refreshing approach by sharing in his personal life experiences (some having nothing to do with investment). After almost a hundred shows of repeating his doctrine over and over, I never tire of his show. It's kinda like going to church. You've heard it all before but it still feels good being reminded once a week.
I enjoy Paul Douglas Boyer's weekly podcast. His advice about the benefits of index investing is usually very good and I like the music snippets he plays. Lately though he's been on a kick promoting Ron Paul for President and urging his listeners to tune into Russ Roberts libertarian EconTalk. I'm a social liberal and a capitalist but I don't think we can just "do away with" the IRS and, sorry, but corporations prove time and time again that they have no self-control or social conscience. So state state and federal regulation is a must until they can prove themselves to be trustworthy. Short of that, I look forward to Paul Douglas Boyers weekly podcasts.
I've listened to this podcast since show #50 and read some of the reviews. This podcast and Paul Boyer's website are the "cliff notes" - your real guide to investing your important money - retirement, savings, - your real wealth necessary for happiness and security. It is actually the other side of what Jim Cramer says to do with your real money. I love the music interludes, the personal stories by Paul that makes this show REAL. Don't forget the tools in the crib, the guru roulette and the very important facts and figures about investing that Paul delivers into a very concise and informative package. For the novice in investing and the advanced - any person can listen to these programs and learn something. Where else can you get real advice about your real money that you should invest that is REALLY ENTERTAINING .. I recommend you sample some of his programs.
It is a great podcast for people who want to learn about index investing, various experts, and interesting tools to help you invest. He also offers the the chance to have your portfolio analyzed and is overall very interesting.
This podcast provides a useful alternative to Cramer's perspective on investing. The average investor can learn a lot by comparing and contrasting their views and understanding Boyer's critiques.
Mad Money Machine is a great podcast. The Guru Roulette is my favorite part, it features the point of view of a different financial guru each show. This keeps the podcast very fresh and interesting. The various points of view have helped me become a more well rounded investor. The “Tools in the Crib” segement is also helpful. The tools are free to use or download and are generally pretty applicable to a broad category of people.
Techinically remains one of the best podcasts around. Good mix of interesting music, sound effects and content. Certainly, a financial podcast that favors indexing and passive investing will tends to have a repetitive theme and messages but the advice is sound and presented in an interesting way. The Toolbox segment is one of my fav's. Keep up the good work.


By MCarr6
I look forward to listening to this podcast every week. Great production quality and always interesting. I like that it is investment based, but not strictly a business show. I listen while I do my weekly long run (jog) and I have been listening so long that I feel like I am running with a friend.
I look forward to listening to this podcast every week. I always learn something new and there's always a useful tidbit for me to dig into from the "Tools in the Crib" segment. The sound and production quality is just fantastic, and beats many so-called "professional" podcasts.
The evolution of this show keeps me interested and coming back for more each week! Paul is a modern-day one man band, but in a very good way. With cool tricks, tips, tools and gurus, the madmoneymachine is one of my favorite podcasts!


By Krick-E
This show is very entertaining and a good break from the rest of the ‘uptight’ business podcasts. I enjoy the informational content on alternate investing options (IFA) from the stock market. I also enjoy the commentary, interviews, and it has excellent sound quality. Paul Douglas Boyer makes it a more personal experience and less of a news story or recap show. I love it!
Paul does a great job selecting and describing useful and free tools for investors. Moreover, he gives time-strapped potential and new investors as well as "old" investors solid ways to get the most out of the investment money. Easy to listen to and a few laughs, too. Thanks Paul! Keep it up!
An entertaining and very well produced program with extraordinarily important information. Paul Douglas Boyer started out as a ardent fan of Mr. Cramer and decided to do a podcast about Cramer's stock picks. Over the course of a year or so, as Cramer's stock picking results came in as less than stellar, Mr. Boyer began to change the focus of his podcast. Through extensive research, he uncovered the safest and most effective path to building and preserving wealth. The podcasts chronicle this transformation, while providing extensive resources for the individual investor to use to improve his financial results dramatically. All of the information is presented in a very entertaining manner, sprinkled with music, book reviews, and biographical information on important figures in economics and investing. He also mixes in some valuable tools and interesting contests. Listen to three or four shows and you'll be hooked. It's fantastic.
You will find excellent advice on investing from the many “gurus” featured in this podcast. Paul Douglas Boyer has provided useful tools and insight provided with a mix of wit and music. The “Portfolio Smackdown game” compares stock picks from Jim Cramer’s advice against Index portfolios and portfolios created by listeners. I have been a long time subscriber to the Mad Money Machine podcast, but only recently began listening to the large backlog of podcasts. I was able to follow Mr. Boyer through the process of determining the soundest investing strategy and have begun to adopt it as my own. Thank you Mr. Boyer and stay invested!
I'll be the first to admit, this show lost it's way near the end of 2006, but it's back with a vengenance! The last few shows have been great, with good interviews and insights into the world of "buy and hold" investing, specifically how buying and holding a good diversified portfolio of index funds and ETFs will give you better results (and less heartburn) than trading around. As always, the sound quality of the show is excellent, although some of Paul's singing is less than Idol worthy. Download the first 45 shows and see the host's investment style evolve from a die hard Cramer addict to a sensable, buy and hold mentality.
I look forward to the Mad Money machine podcasts. Some might feel that the host's content has come to a saturation point or the interlude of music and content is inappropriate for a business bodcast. But to me, I certainly see value in the content and the format, though not a your typical business podcast, I find it entertaining and even better than the some of the dronning and monotonous busines podcasts. You should try this podcast to come to your own opinion.
There are few podcasts that I look forward to getting new content from. This is one of them. The content focus has changed over the past year of podcasts, but hasn't lost it's initial truth: to make you money. PDB is excellent at what he does, and I hope that he continutes for years to come.
I listened to 3 of his podcasts, each time hoping I'd hear something worthy of a nomination for Best Business Podcast 2006. There seemed to be a format of music, then him speaking a few sentences, then some more music, then a little more content. And I never really felt like his content drove anything home... it just felt like he was reading headlines. If I'm going to listen to a podcast about investing, I'm trying to learn something. I'm not really trying to be entertained. If you can entertain me in the process (like Jim Cramer can), that's great. But I can't listen to this.
This guy is just as good as anything out there which is high praise for an indexer. I find his show very entertaining and informative and hope he will not get corrupted by "fame". The one area which is lacking is the community aspect. The forum is not used very much and he does not take any callers. Maybe he wants to look at Fundalarm for an example of how a forum can work better (scrolling real time pages, just like a video game :) ) and I wish he would take some calls from listeners. These shows work better if the community gets involved otherwise it's just a college lecture and I don't need the credits. In summary, the show is entertaining and down to earth, but I feel it could be improved. But again, to challenge an indexer to "beat the average" might be like asking Jim Cramer to "act normal". For now I will keep listening and so should you!
Hands down the most entertaining, educational investment Podcast every. It's like having a Rockstar with personality producing the show. You want to enjoy learning, then I suggest listening from day 1 and catch up to making Mad Money.