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funny sketches and brilliant as always, but I was surprised at how poor the producing quality that too expensive to get a decent studio to make these videos to get some good quality post production?
Great podcast from a guy who doesnt do drugs.
John Cleese is bloody BRILLIANT!!
The podcast is brilliant and he has his own Nigerian Lottery!
Not all are roll on the floor greatness but just listening to Mr. Cleese talk, ramble, or shout is great. He is pure genius and does a great job here. Pick this up if you have a good sense of humor. If you don't you probably will die tomorrow of depression.
John Cleese rants, raves, shamelessly self promotes and tells stories to which there is sometimes a point. Much like many other individual podcasters. Though not always a laugh fest, it's still droll and/or funny - except for the odd bits that are hilarious. Yes, his techies do need to figure out how to get his material on the ipod more dependably.
I love John Cleese... But he needs to get a new producer that knows how to make a video podcast that will load onto an iPod! Episode after episode comes out and is not able to be loaded on my iPod. Isn't the idea of a podcast to communicate with your fans? Why make it difficult?
I love John, He is so sweet LoL *Huggles him*
This is by far the most excellently produced podcast on the planet Erf. More Pythonesque than anything the Pythons have ever done ever. Greendayrocker2843902 is more wrong than a wrongy wrong wrong. He is sooooooo wrong about this. I could not be happier.
I had higher hopes from my favorite Python. Off to a rocky start, the John Cleese podcast seems to finally be picking up steam. Let's hope the podcast gets that little exra bit of attention it deserves and becomes more of an outlet for JC.