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Want quick tips on how to get the most out of your GMail account? Chuck Tomasi delivers. R U Listening?
I don't use GMail too much myself, but I still listen to this podcast since the information is useful and it's a way to get news about new GMail features. R U Listening?


I like this podcast. it is helping me find other features for gmail that i didnt knbow about that are cool. great podcast! i love it!
Short, sweet, to the point, I listen to a couple of "how to" pocasts, and this one is great because the content is spot on. I always get a tip from Chuck about something new to me. Production quality is great. But what could you expect from the best podcaster (well, except Kreg) around.
...are what each podcast contains. Put your Gmail on steroids!
The Gmail Podcast is a great way to find out about some new or interesting features of Google's web based email service. Now you don't have to search for the hottest tips and tricks because you can have them sent to you in a podcast!
Ever started an account at a place and then go 'duh, now what?' Chuck has made learning the ins and outs of gmail simple- and in quick 2-3 minute clips. Open gmail, download podcast, play and learn.
Thanks Chuck for all the Gmail tips. Wonderful!!!
This little weekly nugget of a podcast, gives you a little tip or trick for helping you get the most out of your Gmail account, without intruding on your valuable time. After listening to a few of these, you will be flying through Gmail with your eyes closed (almost). Great little podcast. I recommend it highly.
Great podcast! Keep it going.
I stumbled across this 'cast in iTunes the other day, and have found it a great audio supplement to the other help tools available from within GMail (written, Flash demos, and forums). The 'casts are short, to the point, useful, and he's independent, i.e., not an employee of Google, just a guy who wants to share useful info. And even if you know alot about GMail, he's likely to toss in a tidbit or two you've missed. about getting around and getting the most out of GMail. My highest reccomendation.