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I’ve been through so many other podcasts about anime that feature nothing but snide “nerds” who haven’t seen anything made before 2010 and are more annoying than enjoyable. I love this show and it’s nice to hear three different opinions plus a huge knowledge of all types of anime. Do I disagree with their opinions? (Especially Gerald?) Sometimes, sure. But most of the time they are right on and when they don’t like something, at least they explain why. Please keep going forever.
I have been in what has become a loveless one-sided marriage with this podcast for years. These days I find myself drinking in the garage as it plays in empty rooms in the upper levels of the house. When did it all go so wrong? Was it the fact that prefacing each episode with an admission of know-it-all smarminess does nothing to actually excuse the excessive and grating know-it-all smarminess? Perhaps it was the regularly contradictory statements, the lack of self awareness and hypocrisy when laying down blanket statements of criticism directed at other fans, or could it be that the people who gave themselves a voice with this show would be more enjoyable with fewer opportunities for public expression? I don’t know for sure. I just sit here drinking heavily in this petrol-reeking garage, and when it’s time to interact directly with the podcast I’ll have to wear a mask of a smile and refrain from flipping a table or calling its mother one of several appropriately foul names. Listen to it if you will. There will be times when you will genuinely enjoy yourself, sure. Just remember to walk away if you have to, though. Otherwise you might become like me. You’ll be miserable and incapable of severing yourself. Oh, god. What’s that? I think I hear Clarissa, Daryl, and Gerald calling me back upstairs. They want me to listen to them tell me that I don’t like things the way they do or haven’t ever appreciated Japanese media correctly. See yourself out, won’t you? Also, pray for me and this doomed, endless audio track of a marriage! Additional: I have this uncomfortable feeling that I’m listening to Homestuck fans when I listen to the more recent episodes. How horrible. Additional, additional: As you near the more recently released episodes you can have the privilege of listening to sanctimonious cretins lecture one-sidedly to you about social issues and politics with a venomous bias and an astounding lack of actual understanding. This fact demoted my original rating from a 3 out of 5 to a 1 out of 5. The last thing we need are podcasts preaching divisive, biased crap instead of sticking to their original subject matter, regardless of how meager their understanding and, "Expertise" on that material might be.
This is not a show to listen to if you’re skimming the top titles in the world but for people who are going deeper in the subculture. It’s not easy to find people who have been in the subculture as long as I have on any media so this is a nice podcast to relate with.
Gilles Poitras or anyone, maybe you would have an idea as to what the name of, I’m not sure if it’s a manga or anime, but it was about a pack of dogs or wolves that were ninja. Anyone who knows please tell me! I want to check it out again. I love anime!! I was first introduced to the Yu Yu Hakusho manga. Then from their it was whatever Toonami was showing!
Love the show but leave politics out of this. I listen to shows like this to get away from politics not to be reminded of everyone’s opinions.
I have been interested in anime since 1977 when I stumbled across a store running Space Battleship Yamato on one of its TV sets. I spend what most would reasonably consider too much money on anime and manga. The Anime World Order podcast is one of the most intelligent and entertaining programs out there.
I watch incredibly little anime and yet I've been listening religiously to this podcast almost since its inception. It has always been funny, insightful, and obsessively knowledgeable. Best of all it is never dull! Daryl, Clarissa, and Gerald remain the go-to trio of insanely dedicated, yet clever and entertaining anime podcasters. If they have a weakness it is only their inability to read and respond to a single email in under 30-minutes. But it's a small price to pay for such a great podcast.
I am always astounded by the level of knowledge of the hosts and the hilarious takes in which the deliver them. I’ve only been listening for the past couple of years, but in that time they’ve become my number one go-to for anime podcasts. Not to be missed!
The anime world order podcast is top tier. The banter is great. There is a near perfect balance of tastes and perspectives. punches are not pulled and it is refreshing. Insights on directors, key animators and general production staff. Also a real time record of anime’s availability and popularity over the 12+ years that the podcast has been around. I have grown to truly love this show.
While there is usually only one episode a month of this podcast, it is jam packed with excellent material. Listening is a joy from front to back. The hosts have been watching anime a long time, care about the anime that they watch, and take the time to dive deep in to their subjects. Reviews are thoughtful, interesting and fascinating. You may even learn a thing or two about anime history you didn't know - especially for younger audiences. My only criticism is that sometimes the two male hosts will go on for a long time and Clarissa will not get a word in edgewise. Could just be my imagination, but it seems she gets interrupted a lot and the lion's share of the broadcast time goes to Gerald and Daryl. In any case, I still love the podcast a lot and I am always looking forward to the next episode.
Wow this is a good 2hr podcast if u lisin to all episodes of this goodness
Just started listening in the last week. I'm a little behind but I decided to start from episode One. I'm learning about some shows and films I would never have heard of otherwise. I'm a relatively newer fan of anime, I've been watching it for about 2 or 3 years, but right now I'm up to my ears in shows that I'm watching and enjoying it. And glad I found a podcast that keeps me engaged while I'm at work and can't catch up on my shows. Keep up the great work guys. I'm looking forward to catching up.
This is the podcast that got me into podcasts. I really enjoy uncovering new (and old) gems with the distinctive cast. I'm appreciative that your show caters to us older fogies who just want to hear about UC Gundam and Go Nagai. If I could compose a love letter then I would, all of you are excellent. Your podcast is informative and you are very polite to listener emails and tweets. The only complaint that I have is that you don't update as frequently as I would like, but I know you all have busy lives outside of this audio series. I would write a billion words more, but I'm sure that that would be reitterating what I've been saying a thousand fold. Please do more reviews on older shows soon, I miss them! ‧˚₊*̥(* ⁰̷̴͈꒨⁰̷̴͈)‧˚₊*̥
The cast has a very interesting take on anime. They interact well together which makes for an interesting back and forth that will keep you invested for the whole episode whether the topic is your favorite or not. The missing star is due to their review of Tanya the evil. It sounded like a couple of important parts that make the "internal logic" of the story were missed. I liked this show specifically because it keeps sound logic. It definitely wasn't a "because anime" thing.
I think this Podcast is OK.
Anime World Order is one of the longest-running anime podcasts, and although they do not update as often as when they started 10+ years ago, they continue to be one of my favorite podcasts, anime or otherwise. Even with a once-a-month release schedule, they still put out more content than many weekly podcasts, as each episode contains in-depth discussion and reviews from each of the three hosts. I appreciate that each host has their own perspective, and they are not afraid of disagreeing with one another. This podcast is always an immediate listen for me when it shows up in my podcast feed.
And you used the lets news from Macross Plus ok you got a new subscriber as that's one of the best anime movies ever made.
Okay, so Maybe this isn't the only anime podcast, but it is the only one that has the potential to save the planet through the unprecidented power of anime nerd knowledge that the hosts posess. No other show is as deserving of your respect and patronage. I've been listening since year one and I have learned so much about anime and manga that I should probably drown myself for my own good. I fully support the new format of releasing shows unedited and more frequently. Never enough AWO.
Thank you for the amazing show. 7 years listening to every episode. Love you guys!!
Great podcast for anime watchers. They talk about a lot of hidden gems that you may not know about. Not just the mainstream stuff. They also talk about anime conventions and panels. Cool stuff. Give it a listen.
Probably the best anime podcast in existence.
Really good stuff, style takes some getting used to.
One my favorite anime podcast. Intelligent and friendly. It walks away from the arrogant, pretentious and bitter attitude of other podcast.
Doctor who changed from just being for kids when Patrick Troughton changed into the Jon Pertwee doctor. It's talked about on the audio commentaries that dealing with Pertwee.
What can I say, I like to listen to total strangers talk about anime. It helps when they are as knowledgeable, likable, and entertaining as this guy, Daryssa Rathkolb or whatever his/her name is. Definitely the smartest anime podcast out there.
informative and funny,. I came in late to anime ( mid 90's Gundam Wing type) and to have a show like this that fills in the gaps for me on the older and rarer types of anime really helps. I just wouldn't have ever heard of 90% of the things they talk about that are huge to anime and putting it in context, but not things a "lite" fan like me would seek out. the things I have heard of they talk about they do an amazing job of giving context and a backstory to that really makes the animes more enjoyable
While this podcast may take more time between episodes than weekly podcasts, the quality of the ones they do release trumps the time in-between. I look forward to each release and quickly put it ahead of anything else in my cheque. Keep up the great work!
Just want to say I love the show I've started from episode 1 and I'm now on episode 53 I plan to listen to them all an I hope you guys continue make more shows and thank u for your wisdom
As a connoisseur of anime I was looking forward to this podcast, however after listening to an hour of awkward laughter and annoying moments I found it lacking in substance and not worth the time. It was nails across a chalk board.
Anime World Order is one of the reasons I got into podcasts and it is still one of my favorite to listen to. The hosts always bring to the tables interesting shows and views. Can't wait for the next episode.
I love this podcast! Keep up the work guys.
The best I can say for AWO is that if more review/topic focused podcasts followed their lead podcasting would be a better place. The basic reviews (when they get to them...) are great but the biggest draw for me is when the crew delves into the people behind the works. I've watched anime in some form or another for the better part of 25 years now and AWO has honestly gotten me interested in the individuals behind the shows I've loved so much over the years. Beyond that, the hosts are genuinely funny and it's great to hear about older/niche stuff. I highly recommend this show to anime fans both new and old.
Guys keep doing what your doing P.S Best podcast ever
Short Version: I enjoy the show so much that I gave them money. Long Version:This is a really great show. The hosts are all very knowledgable about anime and manga. They are very forceful in their opinions and are not shy about praising what they love or dumping on the things they hate. Between the three, they have a broad taste, but as an earlier review mentioned they are not big fans of moe (and who can blame them). There is a nice mix of reviews, guests, con reports and rants. I wish they posted more regularly, but I understand they got lives to lead (or video games to play).
What a great podcast! These guys (and girl) have never let me down when it comes to recommending anime and manga. They all are hilarious in their own way and each gives different and intelligent perspective on the topics they discuss. This is the best anime podcast I have found. If only they posted shows more regularly, then I would be completely satisfied. Other than that, if you decide to listen to this podcast you are in for a treat.
Just started listening to this podcast a few days and I was very impressed. It covers a variety of anime I like and provides valuable insight on all of them. Also, the recommendations for specific anime is extremely helpful. I love the little details that AWO provides because I learn something new and I will go back and review the anime. This is a great podcast. BTW, love the rants that go on. Thanks.
I would highly recommend this podcast for any anime fan interested in furthering their education on “What is anime?” This podcast will not only point you in the direction of a plethora of anime titles to watch, but keep you informed and up to date on what is going on in the industry with “EXPERT” opinion. While at the same time keeping the show entertaining and very funny, some might call this “Fresh.” You’ll laugh, possible cry, but most importantly, you will become educated!
You guys know anime and talk about it's various aspects and a multitude of subjects, basically every facet of the anime industry. I love it. You guys have good radio voices too! Very enjoyable to listen to at night before hitt'n the hay and I can REALLY just pay attention to what you guys are saying. It is often hilarious, intelligent, broad in what they discuss, but ALWAYS interesting. You just really get a feel for what's go'n on in regards to the anime industry as a whole from Japan all the way to America. And they just know so much, it is enjoyable to listen to people so well informed. The chemistry of the cast is also second to none, they all get along and offer their two cents in their own way, with their own special place on the podcast. My favorite podcast to listen to. Best of all is how meaty these podcasts are. Very lengthy(in a good way) and permeating information in an interesting way. And though it's selfish I just want more! I wish I could hear one once a week, but since it's free and the quality is so "bar none" it'd be pretentious of me to b*tch. I hope you guys continue this FOREVER! XD
If you're only into the new hit anime out now (or just care about anime that aired on Cartoon Network or Adult Swim), this isn't the podcast for you. However, if you're into classics, obscure old titles, completely bananas anime you'll never see over here, or intellectual discussions about anime: this a podcast you may want to consider. The hosts are very knowledgable and have a very fun chemistry. If you don't mind the salty language, I really recommend giving this one a shot. Especially if you're jaded by the current anime market... 5 stars.


By Tyrheon
Although untimely in their updates and only growing slower with age, they have a huge catalog with hundreds of hours of entertaining AND informative audio. All three hosts know what they are talking about, and all very intelligent and amusing. These episodes have great replay value, I having listened to the whole catalog 4 or 5 times. The best!
I recently got a graveyard shift job, and with no one to talk to I turned to my podcasts. I had listened here and there over the years but thanks to you three I have a ever growing list of amine I need to watch, or manga I need to read, on top is Odin then jojo's bizarre adventures, thank you guys for providing me with hours of blissful listening that make me wish the nights were slightly longer. Keep up the good work.
Okay, so I reviewed once before, I've made it through episodes 1-59 so far(though I have listened to a few of the newer episodes, listening to the Harmaggedon one as I type this). I'm on episode 60 right now. I love the reviews of things I've also found awesome and liked, and have yet to really disagree on anything you guys liked so far/or didn't like. I've found a lot of great titles. I'm enthralled by Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service right now, so thank you so much for reccing that.
This podcast is the BEST ANIME PODCAST. You'll learn a lot while being entertained by people who love Anime and Manga as much if not more than you. Most anime podcast are full of terrible speakers, who waste your time with lame attempts at inside jokes and obscure otaku references. AWO on the other hand does none of this. The don't talk down to you. Yes they my bash a show that you like but they often back it up with personal reflection. They also are great at giving you back stories on important things such as directors, animators production companies of the animes they are reviewing. If you choose one anime podcast I would suggest this one. If you don't believe me just download on of each anime podcast and try to sit through the nerd voices telling lame jokes. the other podcasts are like when you are at a Convention and there is a Q and A. The majority of questions end up being a way for nerds to prove how annoying they are. Rather then getting important information out. Keep up the good work AWO.
Entertaining and breathtaking and simply filled with chaos. I enjoy the first one I heard that I had to download an hear all of them.
What separates AWO from any other anime podcast? Structure. Loose enough to allow for unvarnished personal opinions and unpopular ideas but tight enough to remain substantial and relevant beyond those opinions and ideas, Gerald, Clarissa and Daryl care about their subject matter enough to do their research and possess the authority (if you will) that makes them favorites at US conventions, but never fail to inject the proceedings with irreverence and joy. My only real complaint is with the irregular updates, but ultimately it just makes every episode that does come out even more valuable time to sit and shoot the breeze with the crew.