Love this but you had an episode in 2014 that was the best mix I’ve heard. Hate that I can’t jump back into it. If you get a chance to add back 2014/2015 episodes that would be phenomenal! Keep up the great work!
I really wish you would put your old mixes back up. I remember discovering your mixes when I was in middle school on my first iPod touch!! God I miss those mixes!!
Once every other month or so. Hard to download. Decent mixes - a bit off sometimes. Great music. High Quality. Definitely wort a listen.
I just purchased his whole collection because I wanted to give back. It’s that good. His sessions stand out among the rest and stand the test of time. I still listen to his sessions from years ago. His newer ChillStep volumes are a must for any of his followers. His podcasts have fueled many amazing gym workouts, too many to count. They fuel me. Other podcasts on here are good, but DJ EROS is by far more evolved. His sets are emotional and take you on a journey. Do not pass this DJ without experiencing his beats. Thank you DJ EROS for the many many many years of free podcasts!!!
This is one of the best trance/edm podcasts I've listened to. After Tiesto moved on from trance to experiment whatever he is experimenting these days, ABGT was my go-to trance podcast until I listened to this. Outstanding will be an understatement for this podcast. It's sad there aren't more but I'll take what I can get.
I have been looking for this for a long time , it's an outstanding podcast ! To the person who wrote the 1 star review , quick being a hater , any TRUE fan of Trance knows this is a great listen . Keep up the great work !
I liked the June 6th mix. I'll b checking in 4 more.
Episode 238 part 1 is pure awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always loved your work but 238 brought back your old school it...keep it up. The perfect mix is the best electronic podcast HANDS DOWN!!!
Incredible mix, been listening for years and no plans to stop ever Great for studying, great for partying, great for background music Manuel, your work is much appreciated!
Eros is and has always been a staple in the trance/progressive/breaks community. His product is always the highest quality and he is still holding it down like he did back in the day. He was amazing when he came to Cyberzone in Orlando, ALWAYS. PLUR, Eros your passion is apparent live it to the MAX!
I have to agree, this podcast is top notch, it's hard to find goot trance/techno out there
I have been listening to Eros since the begining. He never fails to do deliver an unique and sureal performance; dare I say, better than Tiesto.
i have to say this mix is great because it fits any mood you are in and any trance that can do that is the ultimate trance i could listen to this stuff forever i never get tired of it and it never gets old great stuff ")


By AlFlow
That's my type of podcast! Love this stuff.


By Bigmo72
The best trance mix I have ever heard a must listen
Man this was stuff love it
Epidose 0190 is 3 hours of perfect music. Three Kings (0193) has some good tracks. All perfect mix' are filled with great music
But I don't near to hear you speak; just play the music!!!! That way I'll keep downloading them and passing them on. Otherwise, next!
I heard that this guy retired or something...? If its ture, what a shame! Eros has some of the best mixes and tracks I have heard in a very long time! I have had an episode from 2006 that I still listen to this day and it never gets old! If you are a fan of trance, house and progressive, you will love DjEros! Highly recommended!
One of the BEST!! Electronica podcast out there by far!! Love it
I am a competitve runner and amateur DJ and THE PERFECT MIX is the best podcast out there for uplifting trance fans. Its also great music to work out too if your a runner!!!


All are great mixes with great tracks....Anyone know by any chance how to Download ThePerfectMix 0050???
I have to agree with the latest reviews. These are top-notch sessions. I am happy that I stumbled past the big names - producing less than par sets - and right to the good stuff.
Fantastic, great tracks, great mixing. Very consistent quality podcast. Makes the workday go by fast.


awesome music, but does anyone know how to get into the perfectmix web site
All I can say is wow wow wow this is perfect. Keep growing electronis music! All the best, JohnJohnson55 / Sussex Just a pointer with the bass levels.. they are too high I listen to my music with some very high end headphones and I can hear some distortion when the bass hits inyour mixes.
Dj Eros, your one of my most favorite DJs ever. Your techno is exactly what im looking for. I've been downloading your tracks from here over a year ago. Your music is so mysterious,dark and strong (in general) i mean i keep listening to the same track for months, until i finally decide to move on to your next new episode. But, you're just wonderful. My favorite episodes, where when you published "THE DARK TECHNO/TRANCE" it was my favorite, i hope you release new ones again. well, keep up the great work
I really like to listen to DJ-Eros' Mixes, especially because they are so long. But what I really, really hate is his voice and stupid interruptions. Please, Eros, don't talk so much, just mix.
I'm not too sure what everyone is making a big fuss about. This happened to catch my eye and I thought I'd give it a shot. The track selection is weak, and the music is boring. For everyone in here who keeps saying this is the best mix, go download a show of Trance Around the World with Above & Beyond. I've been listening to that show since it's debut and there hasn't been one bad episode. The absolute cream of the crop....much better than this elevator music.
“The Perfect Mix” Perfect title! This has to be BY FAR the best house/trance-music podcast on here! Simply AMAZING! While other podcasts do 60 -120 minutes of music, DJ-EROS shows up with 4 HOURS of nonstop Groove. And out of the last 10 podcasts that I have downloaded … not one repeat of a song. Brilliant! Each one takes you on a journey that seems to go on forever. You can just start it up and let yourself go! THANK YOU! MUCHAS GRACIAS! DJ-EROS. Thank you SO much! Peace.
great tunes,,,A must have podcast better the the rest,,,,,,the best tracks !! funny talking between tracks but thats his trademark i guess!!??
I have been listening to Trance/House for a long time and have heard quite a bit of artists having Tiesto, Armin Van Buren, ATB and others as my usual faves. I had never heard of DJ Eros until this Podcast and I have to say that I'm sorry that I had not. My fave style is the vocal melodic music that can seem to really take you places and Eros seems to do it. I love his style and after listening to him mix I immediately became a huge fan. What a great find, enjoy.
I agree this is the best mixes you will ever hear, you dont need to go to clubs, The best!!!!! Awesome from start to finish, A must have!!!!
One of the better podcasts of this genre. As others have said, it does not get boring.
A great consistant flow, kept me interested the entire time...soooo gald I found you, ur unique sound is on!!!
WHEN DJ EROS SAID *THE PERFECT MIX* he wasnt bulls*itting anyone.. this is the perfect mix.. Ive subscribed to almost every podcast in itunes, and this is the only one that is not only the highest quality of sound, but the mixing is flawwwwless, the lenghth of the podcast is awesome.. the best part its free. About the talking, hey it's his podcast, can the man get a break to say hi to fans.. Jeez.. DJ Keep up the good work!! Puerto Rico really does it better! Saludos y no tienes NADA que envidiarles a Tiesto, Paul ni Roger, tus podcasts definitivamente son los mejores.. saludos desde Miami! =)
The mixing on this podcast is flawless. Honestly DJ Eros is THAT good! Settle in and let the beats take over (4-5 hour mixes are not uncommon). The only downfall is when Eros cracks the mic. The shout outs and reverb can get annoying and distracting. Almost to the point of "cheesy". If you can get past a few dialog breaks by Eros, you will LOVE the mixing he does each week.


By bugman1
I listen to a lot of trance podcasting... this one is consistent and awesome. I love Eros's broken english for some reason. You rock... from USA.


Nice mix...the shout outs do get a bit annoying though. Besides that I love it...
Is there anyway you could leave out the cut in with that ladys voice? I really get into the music I listen to and to have that just come from no where sort of kills it. if not okay .. I just dont think people forget who it is they are listening to so whats the need for it?


By Cem
I love DJ Eros mixes. Great Job!
I'm keeping this one forever, what a great show! Thanks Eros!
not bad. nice that its long
I have been a loyal listener of DJ-Eros for over a year now and the quality of his sound is always nothing short of amazing! I highly recommend Eros to every trance fan. You won't be disappointed!
I've downloaded and previewed every electronic music podcast I could get my hands on, and the Perfect Mix from Dj-Eros is hands down the best podcast I have ever subscribed to. The consistency of the quality both within each podcast and among episodes is amazing. You can always count on The Perfect Mix to deliver just that.
I spend my free time in Southbeach, Ibiza and in the best clubs all over the world looking for and compiling some of the best trance, progressive and house music that can be found. And DJ Eros continues to compile week after week some of the best collections and sets I have ever heard.
The best trance every!!!! The mixes flow so smoothly