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DNB Arena With The Risky!!! Big ups to the whole crew who put this excellent show together. I’ve been a fan for over 10 years!
Too much talk on a lot of the episodes. Can't even enjoy the music.
Great tunes but way too much talking on the mic,this is a podcast not a talk show. Very annoying--unsubscribed
Risky likes to talk about the tracks a lot which is wonderful because I feel more involved, plus it prevents ripping. Best DnB show, big ups from Texas.
Great music, but the incessant talking makes it unlistenable. Talk for a few seconds once every three songs, and I'll come back.
It won't download for me 😢
Could go either way. The track selection is ALWAYS top notch and the guest mixes are by the best in the business. Risky does like to talk to the listeners. Personally, I like it - makes me feel like I'm chilling in Risky's mom's basment getting lit while we spin records. BUT, I can understand why som would rather he just play the tracks and would shut up.


Awesome podcast. To those complaining about Risky talking, go pay for his mixes. Otherwise shut up!!! Just like the radio has dj's that guide you through, so does this podcast... So turn your volume to the max and let's do this.
I love the podcasts. The music is top-notch and the mixes are great. I love how they mix some old-skool from the 90s into the new stuff. I look forward to every episode. This is the only podcast that I've kept for a long time; other podcasts are way too chatty (DJs never shut-up) and have extreme variation in good/aweful music tastes. This podcast is consistently high-quality. Excellent job DnBArena!


D n B luv
This is my favorite podcast, hand down. An hour of quality D&B with Risky keeps my workouts going full blast. Thanks for the tunes
Whoo! YAY! Thank You! Good Decision!
Drum and bass the electronic music that started it all love the tunes big ups from Dallas tx to risky
Excelent music! But out of a 90 minute podcast the DJ talks and does drops of what show your listening too about every 2 minutes. Please shut up and let the music do the talking. Put your tracklist in the details of the podcast and STOP TALKING!!
The only reason DJs talk is to prevent e vultures and fake djs to record it and edit it with sound forge . I hear it all the time. They record and loop the drop and the break and increase the Kbps to 320 and sequence it be a tune. It is pathetic and it hurts the sales when the tune is finally released. If your wondering why dubstep mixes do not have the same thing it is because 60 percent of the tracks will Not be released due to the amount of samples that they will Not be able to get cleared by the label. Nate
Awesome guest mixes and banging tracks allll thru the podcast!! Saved my DnB soul!!!
The music featured in this podcast is amazing, that is, for the brief gaps in between the DJs (Risky being the worst offender hands-down) shouting into the microphone about nothing. The tracklist is in the description....if risky didn't feel the need to shout a little anecdote about EVERY SINGLE TRACK that plays this would easily be one of, if not the best DnB podcast out there.
I found this podcast last year and it's been an awesome ride since then. Not much love for DnB in the US, thank god for this podcast. Great format for listening to individual tracks. Plus they keep you up to date with latest label releases and tracks from artist new and old. Thank you DnB arena LET'S DO THIS!
Amazing podcast, but what's wrong with loading #83? I really want to hear it, or im stealing bro's ipod who has it!
DNB music has enriched my life in ways that I can't verbalize..I am constantly searching for the most up to date, darkest, sexiest DNB out there and I'm thankful to come across this wonderful selection of tracks n sets....incredible!
Best dnb podcast that i hve seen.big ups from akron,oh.keep them bangers coming
You'll get so many good songs from this, the risky makes it his own type of show with his commentary
True. Jungle/dnb is still pushin stoped listening for a few years and this podcast has put me right back thankyou
Every time I hear a new tune it's like say what! Mostly! The risky provides great info keep talking and bring that str8 fire to my ears!
I luv these podcasts by far but Risky needs to stop talking so much. I'm so thankful 4 these podcasts being that I live in Hawaii I don't get to hear much dnb or even the latest stuff. Thank u thank u thank u for these podcasts. Because of these podcasts I found AUDIO n a bunch of other great dnb artists. Podcast#180!!! One more star if risky would keep his lines shorter
Jesus, there is more talking by the annoying DJs on this podcast than there is music. These guys cant play music for 10 seconds without talking. It's driving my crazy, because this is the best DNB sound I've heard except for the annoying DJs.


Great music keep up the good work
Simply the best DnB podcast in the iTunes store.
I enjoy every podcast you make! It's informative and entertaining, thank you!
Great podcast but theres an error trying to download your most recent podcast. Fix plz.
San Diego ca we don't have this Gangster of Dnb big ups to DrumnBass Arena only the best for the West..
This is the Best Podcast on Itunes! No Joke this cast kicks a*** !!!!!! Thanks


Hate clownstep..(
I love it
Phone won't let me download. Says this iPhone cannot play it. What the eff? Fix yo podcast please! We love this podcast.
I was given a message "[Title of podcast] cannot be played on this iPod" I don't know if it is a problem with the podcast or the iPod itself, so I'll still give it 3 stars.
I love this podcast. Is The Risky on holiday? I haven't gotten a new show un three weeks!!!


By jets90
Great music, and great information, loving the "name that tune" game Risky has in it, very entertaining. If you're looking for a straight forward d&b mix then this pod' is not for you, as there is talking, but personally for me, its good talk, 5 stars what it is.
quite frankly, today is the day that i have to unsubscribed the drum n bass arena podcast. nothing wrong with drum n bass or anything, i just cant stand someone talking about what new tracks are out after every song, im mostly interested in downloading mixes that a person MCs along with the music not talk in between it. nothing against "the risky" honestly, i as well as many others who stray away from listening to mainstream radio for our own reasons, wouldnt like to archive some old radio recordings where their favorite set of music is played yet have commercials and talking thrown in every so often. overall, the drum n bass arena podcast is great. ive had and went through every single episode till i recently started cleaning out my hard drive and started to notice "the risky" appearing in january of 09 [you should try listening to his very first one he started talking on compared to how he is now]. in his opinion, a lot of tracks were big tunes, i cant say they all were toe tappers. in my opinion, a handful of the podcasts dated back in 06, 07 and 08 were awesome to download, burn, stick in the cd player of your car/truck, and just bounce to while driving. in fact, those i will still keep [the ones with TKO parameter&miss wendy, dj basher, the quemists, silver&mc dino, shoulpride&mc rhymes, t-phonic, just pretty much any mixes with MCs in'em] in rememberance of our departure. all i can say is good luck, youve lost 1 listener, and maybe in the near future ill be lured back with some more tech'ier and darker track mixes ...with less talk also if you know drum n bass, and if you didnt have a system but just a good set of computer speakers with 2 knobs; 1 for volume, 1 for the subwoofer, you know to turn your volume up and the sub up 2thirds the way up cause youd want to conserve that sub for future enjoyment. -youd want your speakers to hit, not your neighbors


By L.e.it
I believe d&b arena is a very well established group and has very great quality podcasts.
Mad love for the dnb arena! Props to risky
I'm a US guy have have been listening to D&B since the early 90s. It's a great podcast mixing the new with the old. Really pushes you in the gym!
With so many great reviews, I thought I'd give this podcast a try. Seems like it's got some great stuff in it. Unfortunately, the episode I listened to had excessive talking and taglines. In the first 20 minutes, I heard over 15 shout-outs, taglines, announcements, etc. I remember 3 of them being in the same 30 seconds. One nice thing about the 'cast is they break it up into chapters. If you hear a track you like it is easy to single it out so you can find an unadulterated version later on. I was hoping to get something that was pure music for my ride home from work. I killed it after about 30 minutes into it. The offending episode was "Risky presents Rockwell in the Mix". Perhaps the other episodes are more music centric? I'm sorry to say that I probably won't find out. I'm moving on to some other 'casts I found that are pure music. After looking at some of the other episode descriptions, it makes me think that this show covers various topics that are DnB based. From starting your own label, to getting into the genre, etc. Not exactly what I was expecting.
Mad props to D&B arena on bringing a quality show dedicated to this genre of music they do what they do and they do it well. a must for any fan.
Absolutely loved it, one of my favorites.
Listening to this podcast reminds me of listening to the radio back in the ol' land of Manchester! Those who don't understand the words, you're missing out. Drum&Bassarena is BIG, BAD AND 'EAVY!
i dont understand all the talking. between tracks is fine, but why in the middle of each track??? i dont get it. play the music and let us enjoy it. i wind up tuning out whatever the dj is saying and trying to focus on the music. giving three stars for the muic alone, all the talking is horrible.