Be Remarkable.

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I have never been compelled to write a review and yet here I am. I was looking for podcast and inspirational speeches. Found this one. I started by listening to Charlie Chaplin’s amazing speech. All was great until who ever edited this speech decided to add LOUD music over shadowing Chaplin’s speech. At the key part the climax they bump up the sound so you can barely here Chapin. Why for the love of all things would you do this ? Ruins it
Life changing, thank you so much


Thank you very much for your effort. This should be everyday homework for school kids.
I just found this podcast and I love it!! Keep them going! I listen to them while I get the mail prepared so that I can go out and deliver the mail.. This podcast keeps me going and inspired to do the best job I can and then after work to keep going and stay motivated for the rest of the day..And believe anything is possible.....
Please come back and upload more... I will continually check!
What I have been looking for for a long time.
Please share more!
I absolutely love these. Thank you :) Please upload more!!!