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By Gnade82
Man I miss this show!!!!!! I wish the whole crew got back together and started again!! Best podcast I've heard since it started!!!


I miss you AGR. Will you ever come back? No other podcast made me feel the way you made me feel. I long for the way you caressed my ear buds so I will wait for you even if it takes forever. I will wait because I know one day you will come back to me.
its the best video game show period. I need a new episode
Being a long time listener, i cant tell you how much AGI has done for me. their episodes are hilarious and always make me laugh. i have been going through the back log and can always find something new to listen to. subscribe, but start at the beginning. this show is an adventure, and it never ceases to amaze me about how long these guys can go (8 hour shows man). i really wish they scots would do some new stuff. its time for a comeback, and i would love for a comeback for my first year at college. a must subscribe
This podcast is the hot ish you guys should put more up for real
Best video game podcast on the planet and it's not even close.


By enzo51
The king of podcast has returned Scot is back and new agi is better then ever. Download it now however WARNING THE SHOW IS VERY ADDICTING!
now ... this is why ... if you want to make a podcast and promise that Mayor Young will continue .. this is what happen bad feedback ... i will still keep what i say .. about a promise that was broken .. but since you guys came back .. it bring me joy again ... therefore ... a good feedback ... but dont go dark .. again
Pay no attention to all the trolls trying to much up the Iturnes reviews, they're just upset the show doesn't kiss their behind and talk about the things they want. This show is built for a live audience and is the only show on the planet with a toll free number, real time chat, audio and video stream LIVE 5 Days A Week. The people who are writing negative reviews are just bitter that they were acknowledged for being the whiny babies that they are. None of them will ever produce anything to entertain anyone except their psychiatrist
Audience members are being put down for his/her sexual orientation. Excessive harrassing to co-host "Jessica" and women in general. The show is packed full with profanity including with teenage callers. Please stop listening to this Podcast.... Scotch Ruvin should go play maden with a good team like the GIANTS or he should find a real job.
This is a fantastic podcast that combines gaming news, entertaining hosts, and a great interactive community to produce a daily podcast about games and what gamers talk about. Once you subscribe, its only a matter of time before you rearrange your schedule so you can listen to the show live.
All Games Interactive is the reason I started listening to podcasts. I was a fan of the G4 TV show and wondered whatever happened to Scott. A quick Wiki serch lead me to All Games Interactive. The show is a joy to listen to, not just for Scott or Larence or the sometimes barely audible Jess but the callers themself. And that's what makes this show different from any other show. It's audience participation. Scott has an ear for who's entertaining and would encourage callers to voice there opion pro or con to his which often produce some of the best unscripted comedy I've ever heard. Scott is a true tallent with a genuine love for his job/hobby. Thank you Scott and family for the daily smiles.
I love AGI and All games radio. Scot Rubin is and always will be amazing. His sense of humor and the way he talks about games makes every episode seem like a new experience. Jess is amazingly hot and Mayor is always great to have on the show... If you are into video game culture, then this podcast is a must watch... I heart AGI and AGI hearts Me
Where do I start. If you are interested in losing hours of your time on a daily basis, being entertained by some of the funniest people you will ever hear, this show is for you. This show is ahead of its time, so far ahead in fact, that the host, Scot Rubin of G4 fame (when it was good), occassionally calls in from the future to give himself advice. The other host, Mayor Young, is the Ed McMahon to Scot's Carson. The show is at its best when both are present, as Mayor Young's recent single "I'm All Alone on the Feed" can attest. In addition, the lovely Jessica is always a welcome addition when present. With a lively chatroom who contributes to every show and occassional calls from gaming celeberities including Tomonobu Itagaki and Satoru Iwata, the only thing this show lacks is a man in a black suit welcoming you to the Twilight Zone at the beginning of every show.
this show has the same morons calling in all the time and the host stinks, he cares more about his regular callers and less about video games, I can see why he failed at G4, scott reuben is a poor host and his cohost mayor young knows diddly squat about games he has a WII for gods sake and thinks it god, if you like a host that makes fun of his callers all the time then feel free to listen to them because they care more about there chat room and less about games than any other pod cast on the web.
Simply the best daily gaming-centered podcast out there. Scot, Lawrence, and Jess make each episode a can't miss experience filled with awesome and win. Want to derail the direction of the show with your own gaming topic? Simply call in and weigh in. It is the "Interactive" in All Games Interactive that puts it a head and shoulders above the average gaming podcast.
I have listend to many many gaming podcasts out there and none compare to All Games. No where else can you get a new show everyday with all the latest gaming news. They are the next - gen in podcasts.
I don't understand how they do a 2 hour show every day but it's great! Keep it up!
When I’m hungry for some funny, I like it well done, like Scot’s penetrating interviews with industry movers. I like it sizzling hot like Jessica’s breathy daily news and location reports. And I like it with a generous side of the sensible Mayor Young. For dessert, DerrickH and the regular crew of contributing callers and chatters bring the whole crew a backdrop of quality points and counterpoints.
With the likes of a black Mayor, a mexiasain news girl, and a jew, this is the best podcast of our lifetime. Lots of off-topic discussion makes this show a worthwhile listen to, whether to get you throught the day or put you to sleep. Also a vidcast on god knows what, but great show! Keep up the good work.
Call it entertainment, comedy, sadness, joy, and pure indulgence. AGI has it all in one beautiful package. Each show is filled with wonder, amazement; and just maybe something unforgettable.
forget what you know about podcasts, radio, and video games. All Games Interactive has to be hands down the best Video gaming podcast out there. Yeah I've heard podtacular, 1up's many shows, and even the X-play video podcast and i'd have to say that i have now dropped all other podcasts to listen to this one. sure, it may not be just all about video game storys, or what they've been playing, but it has to be the most well rounded, non-edited show out there. Once you listen to at least one episode you'll be hooked, I was.
This is a very funny show. They go off topic a lot, but it's ok. It's not your average gaming podcast, and it's one of my favorite things to listen to at work.
Fans of games, movies and off the cuff humor will love this podcast. It is well worth the 2 to 4 hours of brand-new content you will hear every weekday. The hosts are very entertaining and they are helped through each show by regular contributors. The best part of the show is the interactive nature of it. I highly recommend this show, it will soon become a big part of your life.
I look forward to each and every new episode of this podcast. Keep it up guys!
All Games Interactive is the best Podcast i've ever listened to. If your having a bad day, and need something to put a kool-aid smile on your face, this is the medicine your funny bone will enjoy. From spilling coffee on mac books to having fun with live callers, this show has it all. You won't be disappointed.
All Games Interactive is one of the best podcasts that I listen to. It is absolutely hilarious. I often get strange looks from people when I'm listening to it at work. It is a great source of video game news, culture, informed discussion, and random stuff. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who's into games in the slightest.
There are many podcasts out there but AGI is simply the greatest podcast of our lifetime. Recently Scot and crew have made it safe for females to listen to videogame podcasts once again by becoming 100% Curtis free. Thank you for the great Curtis free programming.
All Games Interactive appeals to everything that gamers enjoy. You get commentary on the happenings in the gaming community, news, and previews of all the great things going on ing gaming. The combination of The Cynical but energetic and hilerious Scot Rubin. The laughter of Mayor Young, and the great contributions of Jess,Redmond, DerrickH along with a stable of regular callers makes for a fantastic variety show full of in jokes and personality that rewards regular listening. It Truly is one of the best podcasts for gamers on the net.
Scott, Mayor Young and Jessica provide the best show on the net! Part "Game Theory, Part Howard Stern" =IGN. From Derrick H to Curtis To Redman you won't be able to keep a straight face when you listen. You also get HONEST reviews from the crew. I guarentee you will not be disapointed! Go NY Giants!!!
What can i say hands down the most enjoyable podcast out there.
Greatest podcast of our time....Seriously though the host work well together and have some great callers. I have to stop myself from laughing at work. Keep it up!
A once funny show that jumped the shark when they threw out and verbally abused a frequent listener that they know has autism. The kid was actually the most funny part of the show before he was abused and kicked out of something he probably felt he was a part of.
As Geoff Keighley would say. This is the most powerful podcast of my entire life.
1/3/08 is the greatest show of all time
AGI is a fly by the seat of your pants podcast that truly delivers spontaneous situations that cannot really be described and can only be appreciated by listening. I have laughed so loud as to annoy co-workers on many occasions, mostly when Scot is trying to negotiate the Train Wreck that is Curtis* (* a frequent needy caller) . The hosts Scott, Mayor and Jessica are a funny bunch that are larger than life and they know videogames and they are honest in their reviews and they know how to entertain. My favorite gaming podcast, definitely.
Very Funny!
This podcast made me believe in GOD! IT. IS. AWESOME!


do not listen to this agisux agi is really hard to do. here is your toast... sco sco sco sco sco... SCOT RUBEN. dumdumdum dadumdumdum dadum... uahuah-beoing
I listen to this show while working nights and honestly it makes me break out into loud laughing which makes my co-workers think I am insane. There are sooo many inside jokes to this show that you will have to get in the live chat and ask some questions about the jokes brought up. But after listening to this show for a year now I can say it has been the best friend to my MP3 player in keeping it company with almost a new 2 hour show every day (Monday - Friday) with a extra long episode on Fridays that it just makes for the perfect daily routine in a gamers busy life. The cast and live chat make the show what it is and you cannot find anything with soo much so often. Plus Jessica is just hot in a Mexican/Asian kind of way.
And really aren't we all. This is the podcast that proves that staying on topic is highly overrated. This is the podcast for YOU, you can join the show through chat, skype or calling(although please be listening to the show). Scot hosts and wins every argument, Mayor Young, rocks your socks off, and Jessica sits there quietly and occasionally confessing something she shouldn't have. A couple of notes, there's close to 15 hours weekly, so it's alot of listening. And there are a fair number of inside jokes. Now that that's over, go listen, and don't wear any socks, unless you want to lose them.
its a trap. halp me escape'd teh clutchez of all gamez interactivity. i canknot stop wachin dis show its more addiced'd den neck rayp wit jezzica. id sell mai 4strength 4stam leather belt to keep dis show runnin. P.S. im watchin ur every move mayor yong u cant ezcape ceiling cat!
AWW DUDE, 4str, 4stam Leather Belt. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG
I listened for a few episodes and felt myself wandering off to sleep trying to keep up with the sidetopics and droning on about who knows what. It's just not structured enough for my taste I guess. I like shorter, to the point, podcasts.
Yo yo yo it's ya boy M Dizzle and if ya got the reference, cheers to you. This show here is amazing. The one dude is godlike...and Rubin's cool too I guess. Ya got Jessica with the gaming news and they even get through the day's headlines every once in a while. they got them a cast of all star callers that keep you laughin' for days and the chat room's even better than the ones on AOL. ha P.S. If you're of age or can get your hands on some adult beverages the show is even better. Find out for yourself though. Ok I probably offended someone so I'm out to go jump off of something. Peace, love, and Mad Buggy.
This is a great daily show, does a very good job I reccomend this to anyone.