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This series is amazing!!
Hlly *****. I watched the Codex series on machinima previously, and now I find out it's on for the ipod! To good to be true! The Codex rocks, but the Heretic... ehh, not so much as the Codex. This is worthy to get all praise of halo players. OOOH AH!
Wow. Truly expertly produced. Even making your own space battles. Problem is the final episode of The Heretic. Great action scenes,good plot. Needs more episodes.
I loved it it was well made. I'd watch it again and again. It had a little humer and was full of action. As good as a good movie.I was sad that it seemed to be a cliff hanger and didnt end. I cant wait at what Edgework Entertainment has next
I saw all the RVB stuff, but this was better! it had more action, and displayed an excellent storyline for the series to follow. five star, i want to see more of this!
This by far is this best Machinima I have ever seen! I would actually pay money to wach these! You dont need to be a Halo fan to enjoy this but you should have at least some knowledge of the Halo storyline or you might get slightly confused. The music is also incredible! This is definately worth downloading.
these values are from 0 to 5, with 0 being really horrible and 5 being awe-inspiring. script: 5- the dialogue is fantastic, and the story is deep and engaging audio: 5- excellent choices of music, and the voice actors sound better than a lot of professionals camera: 5- considerable care was taken, and it must have been carefully storyboarded footage quality: 5- they got a hold of great tools, which always helps overall: 5- these guys need access to a professional animation studio.
This is an awsome Machinima series and deserves your highest reviews!
I like this better than RvB it was much more action orientated and serious than RvB which I liked about it
omg first of all i love your use of all of the levels like sets this is like a profecional job and also i noteced that you did a great job using software to make things looking real like adding 4 tanks when you can onley have 2 i cant wait for these to be on dvd if that company will ever let you come out with a dvd and come out with a second season for goodness sake these here are the best and i say there ipod must haves if you dont have ipod video get them for your computor there really that good this is the best halo podcast
This podcast is full of adventure, tragedy, and lots of weapons. Although this series is based on the halo game, you definately do not need to be a halo fan to like it. The storyline is great, and the directors did a superb job with the visual effects and camera angles. These episodes are worth watching!!!
The Codex is amoung many of the new machinema series based on Halo and Halo 2. Thousands people have been entertained by Red vs. Blue another series based on comedy in the army, while slightly similar this is much more serious and action oriented. Set as a parrallel to the storyline around Halo the videogame a small group of soldiers fight to maintain control of a planet. While the dialogue can get wordy and may be a bit dull it is well worth it for the action scenes alone. The original music is also pretty good, it sets the tone without you wodering if they are plugging their favorite band. If you have ever enjoyed Halo, Halo 2 or science fiction this is well worth the download. Since the company that made Halo (Bungie) will not let them release a DVD this may be the only major exposure, show your support!