Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul

Reviews For Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul

In these teaching of God’s Word is life transforming Hope through Word and Spirit. AMEN
I’ve learned much from R.C. Sproul and his colleagues. I don’t miss a discussion (episode) and usually connect to the podcast right after alone time with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
Renewing your mind has been an influence for good in my continuing effort to better understand the God of the Bible.
I have grown up in a Lutheran Church, and never felt that the messages I was hearing were accurate and consistent with scripture. This series has done an incredible job clarifying the “big questions” in regards to theology and has enriched my understanding of scripture. I find that these small excerpts are informative, clarifying, and perfect in length that I can fit theology into my everyday routine. Thank you Ligonier Ministries!
Simply the best of the best.
Ligonier Ministries has advanced Bible passages and Christian topics explained in detail from a Biblical, Theological, Historical, Traditional and Practical aspect. We learn what it meant, what it means and what to do about it so that our Christian lifestyle is enhanced and we can contribute to God’s Kingdom every day. Humble people with over qualified backgrounds and experiences share the Gospel and Christian topics in a thorough manner.
Top-notch speakers deliver well thought-out remarks.
Absolutely necessary program especially in our day… it helps us get back to God-centeredness and the freedom that God’s Sovereign Grace brings. Thank God for programs like this that proclaim biblical Truth and stay true to the Word and the historical Christian faith! 🙏🏼
So glad there is still solid biblical teaching in this world today. Thankful for R.C Sproul and his willingness to serve God
Heavyweight champion of this era for Christ! I love Sproul! Enjoy those rewards in Heaven dear brother !
Spiritual soul food
Really good lessons for church
The solid and scripturally sound teaching of R. C. Sproul and the other ministers of Ligonier Ministries are a great blessing and provide the Christian believer with illumination and guidance on the path of life.
I’ve learned so much from RC’s teachings and sermons. He’s been a blessing in many ways to myself and others and a huge help in my walk.
Ligonier publishes tons of helpful resources for the Christain faith, and they excel at making theology accessible and helpful regardless of where you are coming from.
You gotta love to find someone who God uses to speak to you the exact words you need at just the right moment you need or call out to him…RC has been that voice for me and God bless his soul and you folks for sending them into the airwaves… Thank you
R. C. Sproul expresses/interprets the Word of God so eloquently, it penetrates a desire for more of his teachings. He explains the Word in such detail/depth, and clarity for everyone to understand. His teachings have hit to the core of my heart in such a way, it has even brought me to tears from time to time.


I have been inspired by his message.
I’ve followed R.C.‘s books since I was young, but only recently really started getting into his teaching more. Sproul truly is one of the most gifted theologians, as he has a deep understanding of God’s word and is able to explain large concepts to the average listener. I continue to be blessed by his teaching to this day, and I would like to thank Ligonier Ministries for continuing to post his messages.


Sorry I didn’t come visit you before you passed on. I was in the area and wish I could have seen a minor glimpse of the Lord at work.
I’ve been listening to R.C. for a super long time and I’m still listening to R.C. and I can say is to GOD ALMIGHTY be ALL the glory for using R.C. 💞✝️💕I don’t regret being a partner with Ligioner I’m truly enriched 💖
Ligonier Was Is And Always Shall Be A Top 3 Best Anywhere Anytime Christian Teaching Ministry !!! My all time #1. R. C. Sproul is my favorite.
Dr. Sproul has been such an inspiration to my life, both spiritually and intellectually. I have learned more from his teaching in the last 5 years than I have from the all the previous years of my life listening to other sermons combined. Dr Sproul eloquently explains how the Christian faith is the only logical, reasonable, rational, and coherent way to live your life, and all other avenues are illogical and self-defeating.
I’ve listened to Dr. Sproul since 1997. I love his teachings. Thank you for playing his teachings for a new generation. Wisdom never goes out of style! Keep playing Dr. RC’s sermons! PLEASE STOP USING SPEAKERS OF POOR VOICE QUALITY AND LIGHTWEIGHT TEACHERS. Ligonier was known for classic orthodox teaching.
Actually stof is not stuff it is dust - this is not correct in the analogy he gives as the pronunciation in his sermon. The stofzuiger is a vacuum cleaner
Having been weaned as a young Christian at the knee of Dr. Sproul and the Ligonier Valley Study Center, it is ALWAYS a joy to hear RC’s voice as he teaches another succinct and thoughtful lesson on the Word of God. Please continue to play his series. All of them are wonderful, a great resource for individual Books of the Bible and of Concepts of the Faith. Thank you for the program. God bless you for presenting them to us.
I have listened to all of the podcast going back as far as they are available. Truely renewing and great teaching. We all need to study and be drawn closer to God daily.
Grounding biblical truth, the only truth, is so needed in times like these and Sproul delivers.
What a wonderful testimony to the power of God in filling this initiative of Ligonier’s ministry with the Truth of the Glorious Gospel!
Words cannot express my gratitude for the Renewing Your Mind podcast.May God continue to bless this ministry.Thank you
I love this podcast, it’s content is spot on. My only suggestion is I would love to hear some more from some of the other teachers because I think I’ve heard all of RCs :-)
I listen and I am strengthen.. Thank you May Jesus bless your work for His Kingdom.
Great biblical messages.
I love listening to Dr. Sproul and the other teaching fellows of Ligonier. I have learned so much that has helped me to better understand Scripture and what my faith is all about. Thank you!!
What a great teacher and truly a lovely man. I grow in my faith with every sermon. He is constantly assisting me in understanding Gods word. Love this ministry group and am grateful that we can still hear the teachings of RC Sproul.
The podcast from R.C. and other Ligonier speakers have great Biblical messages for us. Helps greatly to strengthen my faith and understanding of scripture. Thank you to the Renewing Your Mind Team.
Love listening to R.C. Sproul
Listen to it every day, awesome podcast
Teaches the sound, reformed doctrine, staying centered on Christ and his holy scriptures ☺️
There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for Dr. Sproul's life and ministry.
In 2003 I “accidentally” found Renewing Your Mind on the radio. I was steeped in Word of Faith Arminian Theology but at the same time I had serious issues with A LOT of the name it and claim it ideas. This program was a God send to me. It opened my mind and heart to the truths of Sovereignty and the Doctrines Of Grace. In 2005 my husband got diagnosed with a devastating brain tumor and by 2006 he died. Were it not for God’s Providence in pointing me to this program and to Table Talk, I would have despaired and not just grieved his loss. I praise God for Renewing Your Mind and Ligonier. What a blessing!
Thank you for this daily, I am so blessed to be able to start my morning with this wisdom and quality teaching. I appreciate it being placed so early as I am up before the sun at 4am each day. This has done so much for my life and made it the proper beginning to my day.
Renews my mind and reinforces why I love Jesus Christ! Listen every morning with coffee
So appreciate this ministry!
I am so thankful for the ministry of R.C. Sproul. These faithful messages are timeless.
Love these
I love this massage
Thank you so much for making me aware of this series by email. Excellent with teacher Dr Thomas
As a young Christian, I have sometimes wondered about my faith. Dr. Sproul has renewed my mind through his podcasts. Thank you, R. C.