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Black baby
I can’t live without this app. I look forward to it every day.


There is nothing like this. Listening to Brian faithfully read the Bible daily and becoming a part of the Daily Audio Bible Family/community will change your heart and your life. Join us! You will be glad you did!!! 💜💜💜
The best podcast I know.
I enjoy that you create community by taking and airing prayer requests. This allows listeners the chance (if they would like it) to pray for others who are part of the DAB family. Praying for my brothers and sisters has helped me to grow in my faith and to be selfless toward my brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless you and your family Brian!
I listened for the first time March 16th, 2020. I was captivated. It all felt very much “a GOD thing.” I’d heard these truths multiple times. A fresh wind blew over the scripture stories. I felt as if I was in a childlike space :) my spirit wept in repentance as the prayers & prayer requests were spoken. It felt so uncomfortable & I desired to control it. I heard a still small voice that said my spirit HAD to cry out to GOD like that. I saw my spirit held in a cage of flesh. A “double minded” flesh cage my spirit has to contend in. I want to help my spirit, to free my spirit. I believe this place is a good start. Thank you ALL!
I am a busy mother and by the time the day if over my eyes are too droopy to read. I literally prayed to find an audible reading of the Bible that wasn’t just a robot reading... I prayed for a lot of things and found this. That’s how I know he hears me. This has been such a life changer for me. Some days it’s too heavy for me to listen to the scriptures because in my heart I feel the words so deeply I need time to process them and look at myself and pray. But I’m so thankful I found this podcast and am grateful to begin this journey. ❤️
I’ve been praying for God to show me something to help keep me consistent with not only reading his word, but helping to live and walk the way Jesus did. Daily Audio Bible is exactly what I need on my late nights at work! DAB gives me that assurance that I always need on my good days and especially my bad days! I encourage you to make this a daily habit and I promise you’ll see a change in your life. Thank you and God bless!
Faithful reading of the Bible served fresh daily despite car accidents, illness, and annual trips to Israel by founder Brian Hardin. Each week a different version of the Bible is read. This is a journey in community with people from Australia, England, Germany, USA, and many other locations whose prayers end each episode. Versions available in other languages as well in a separate app. DAB rescued me, when in my own grief I could not read Bible for myself. I took comfort in the daily rhythm of listening. If time is limited, listen to first 20 minutes and catch prayers as schedule allows. Faith comes by hearing God’s Word.
Start everyday with DAB. It’s been amazing for helping deepen my faith & better understand the Bible scripture.
Brian has made it soo easy to get our daily dose of the Word. Very good way to hear the Bible in a year and great commentary Very down to earth eplanation at the end of each reading.
I love the contemplative nature of this podcast You don’t have an Evangelical yelling at you telling you what you should believe. He reads different versions of the Bible, which suggests they are all equal value.
I am just so so happy to have found this. A chance to hear God's Word in a fresh, insightful way! This impacts and enriches each day and in turn my life so deeply. Thank you Brian and ultimately thank you Lord for Your perfect Word.
Some people dislike Brian’s voice, the background music, and even the community portion of this podcast. Everyone will have different opinions on this, that’s ok, but I encourage you to look past the superficial things and allow yourself to just listen to the Word. I love this podcast, I think it’s a great way to read the Bible every day, I can do it while I get ready in the mornings and driving to work. The background music/sounds were strange at first for me, but when I focused on the reading, these things faded away and I was left with a thankful heart that someone like Brian is committed to reading the Bible every year and creating such a wonderful community for believers to come together. Most of the time I haven’t had the chance to get involved in the community portion and do skip it, that’s ok too, but it’s still a great part of the podcast, maybe some day I will get more involved. Being in community with fellow believers and helping pray for each other is what it means to be a Christian; it’s more than just reading the Bible every day. I pray that you will open your heart to Jesus and be a part of something greater than yourself! Thank you Brian for your wonderful podcast that reaches people all over the world.
Great Podcast! I love to listen to God’s word. Thank you for this Podcast. Also listening to the needs of others is great, because I know how to pray. Ok
Thank you, Brian and the DAB team.
Wonderful and passionate reading of the word of God. Brian does a good job of bringing a global community together. Love his commentary and the prayer requests/prayer portion at the end of the show as well.
This is the best app, he reads the Bible to us so well, I love starting my day listening to the word. This is exactly what I needed and the lord helped me find this. Thank you very very much. God bless you all.
I enjoy the bible portion of the podcast. Your reading makes even genealogical lists interesting somehow. I could never stay focused on those types of books before but I can with you. I don’t like the part after the bible ends though. I always skip that. If you could have another forum for people to speak to each other, maybe it would be better than talking through the podcast.
Appreciate your passion!


By EkimNod
Simply one of the best Bible readings, commentary & community. DAB has been a part of my day for the last 15 months and will continue to be!
I am a stay at home mom with very young children. It is very hard for me to find time to sit and read anything without toddler and baby climbing all over me, much less focus on studying scripture for 30-40mins every day. It is so nice being able to listen to the scriptures while we go about our morning routine. Brian reads exceptionally well (this comes from someone who has been listening to professionally narrated books for years) and brings the Word of God to life. It is also really interesting listening to a different translation each week! Thank you so much for providing this ministry!
This podcast has helped me dive deep into my Bible truly for the first time. I cherish this daily study and I am understanding the character of God in a deeper level each day. Thank you for what you do!
We are writing this and we are the 8 and 9 year old kids and our parents listen to this with us at night.
This podcast may have saved moe lives than many physicians In an age of alienation and isolation encouragement and community is medicinal When applied in a community of Gods own children it is restorative and life giving This podcast hast been used by God to build a global community for His own good purposes including healing and encouragement
This is a great resource for people who want to listen to the whole bible. Brian speaks with great pace and has excellent pronunciation. He also has a voice made for telling stories and his added analysis is excellent if you don’t understand certain sections!
Here it is, man does not live by bread alone, but by every word by spoken by God. The HARDIN family were called to start, continue and spread this truth to those who would listen. May God bless your ears as you embark on the Daily Audio Bible journey.


By NoraBar
Treat yourself e
This podcast is a great way to get your daily bible reading if you “don’t have time!”
This is my favorite podcast. The pastor reads passages from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. He then follows it up with a short teaching. Then there is a short segment of prayer time. This podcast is so important to my day. It has made a huge difference in my spiritual life.
This is the best thing that always happens in my day. I’m really grateful for this podcast.
Brian makes listening to the Bible easy & fun. For the first time I actually am excited to read the Bible! He reads really well— voice easy to listen to, good pace. This is better than any other audio Bible I’ve ever tried to listen to. His explanations after the scripture are always thoughtful and help me to further my relationship with the Lord through his Word. Thank you Brian and DAB team for this amazing podcast! It has really made a difference for me in getting scripture into my heart.
This is a great way to start the day.
God’s word comes alive as you listen, it is amazing!
DAB is totally life changing!! We are so fortunate to life is such a time that Gods word is so easy for us to access. Thank you Brian!
I am ending my second full year listening to the DAB podcast. I cannot imagine life without it. The calming voice of Brian Hardin is much like what I imagine the voice of God would sound like. I can’t wait to start year three in 2019!
Awesome way to be in God’s word every day. Such a blessing for me over the last 5 years.
Every day Brian shows up and shares the word of God in this podcast. He never fails, and I look forward to listening and reading along with Brian every morning. Thanks for being here.


I love Daily Audio Bible and listen to it 3-4x a week. However, this week the whole year suddenly got downloaded into my phone. What happened? I hope it gets fixed soon. It’s pretty tedious deleting each episode one by one so I can have space on my phone.
I really enjoy listening to Brian read from the Bible every day. I don’t enjoy deleting a year of podcasts that annoyingly appeared in my feed. I already listened to them. Now I can’t find the latest podcast.
I’m so happy I found this! I love to hear God’s word read, a great commentary on it from Brian and then to hear praise, prayer requests, and encouragement from other believers. This is truly what I needed to help me draw nearer to God each day!
Brian and his team are in the blessing business, if you want your cup to overflow with goodness and mercy tune in the daily audio bible and tune out the world. Following along with Brian each day as he reads Gods word is a constant reminder that all good things come from our Father.
I LOVE this podcast. It’s the answer I was looking for after asking my Father in Heaven to speak to me. I treasure my daily reminder to love Him, praise Him, thank Him. Reading the Bible has always been so difficult for me. Having it proclaimed through this podcast is a perfect solution. There’s a bonus but if preaching which I value as well. Well done!
I listen to the DAB every morning. I’ve been so blessed by hearing scripture as I drive or walk. I love that we can all gather as believers in Jesus and be apart of the community. The prayers bless me and I’m reminded of my hope in Christ after I listen. Thank you for this wonderful podcast.
Thank you, Brian
It just so happens that I had ordered my first NLT bible this week, and then found the readings on this podcast done in the NLT translation. Wonderful! I will be back for more.
I love this podcast, but this morning I wanted to ask about a song and I couldn’t easily find a questionable form or email. Brian I’d love to see that contact opinion added. Blessings