I love Candice nobody say anything about her she is mine I <3 Candice Swanepoel
High-quality videos that are must-see for anyone interested in runway fashion/beauty. With insightful interviews from models, designers, and makeup artists, ModTV truly goes behind the scenes like no other channel.
Completes my day getting to watch a ModTv podcast. I live being able to get the chance to see what goes on backstage. Keep them coming!
Can u update the latest shows from Milan please
I love ModTV!!!
I am so excited to see MODTV finally adding new content on to itunes. It's about time. These news pieces are certainly unique and provide us with some great tunes that we can hopefully find on itunes as well. I've found a lot of great songs over the past couple years thanks to modtv. Thank you
I love ModTV! I, honestly, cannot say enough good things about this channel! The interviews with the models and designers, and the editing has taught me almost everything there is to know about the shows and seasons! I check almost every day for a new video, and want to tell ModTV to keep up the good work! Your one step ahead in this extremely competitive industry. Your doing a FANTASTIC job, and I cant thank you enough.
Is the best podcast. Muy completo pero seria mejor que haya mas shows.
Cool it's nice to watch! And the r we human or dancer song is called human...
I love the episodes
I really wish they wouldn't change the show's music choices. I love MODTV, but it just seems like they're taking a certain piece of the art away of these designers. I think the music is just as befiting of the clothes than anything!


By Lemus 7
A perfect podcast for any Victoria's Secret's Cast and brand too!!! Anyone knows the name of the model appearing on 0:41min. (on the left) in the video "Backstage @ Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007"??? Thanks in advance.
anyone knows the background of the SS 07 D&G podcast
Why I never found this before, I have no idea. These are great videos to watch, especially for me since I actually work in the clothing/fashion industry. This makes it easy for me to keep up on some of the latest trends, learn about current trends I don't know about at the moment...everything!! Keep 'em comin!! :)
whats that song that goes are we human er are we dancers??
I have completely fallen in love with the modtv podcast series. Every episode gives you an insightful view of fashion shows and supermodels. I am very interested in fashion and this is something that feeds my constant hunger for it. Not only do you get to see the best shows for free, but you are also shown every thing that goes into them, and comments from the designers themselves. I would pay for this, so its nice that its free.
This is probably the most fun fashion podcast to watch-- they have upbeat, fun music and directing of the cameras. The only objection I have to this podcast is that they usually air the season when the season actually starts, not directly after fashion week. So, right now being Fall 2008 and the designers have already finished showing Spring/Summer 2009, but ModTV will not air Spring/Summer 2009 until it actually is Summer 2009, which I suppose is alright for most people, but I'd like to know ahead of time.
MODTV is one of the best podcasts out there! Each designer has there own unique style of art that could ever be worn on a human being. The clothes look fantastic with the colors, textures, and shapes that perfectly fit together with the hair and make-up of the models. Fashion is an exquisit work of art that will live forever on this earth and will continue to inspirer many people. Its amazing what you can make out of a piece of thread and create a work of art!
This podcast is really done well and I love the behind-the-scenes parts! Great job MOD-TV!!!!!
I thought the models in shows were serious and mean but being backstage has showed me they have a fun-presence and they are all ways laughing they are just like normal people. I love this podcast I would reccomend to any lover of fashion like myself. The fashion is amazing and it is beautifully edited.
OMG! this podcast is AMAZING!!!! I stongly recomend this to anyone who is in love with fashion and lives and breathes it (a.k.a. me) The podcast gives upclose and personal of the lives and what goes into the process of making the photoshoots and runway shows amazing!!!! I watch these podcasts ALL THE TIME and everytime i get so excited cause its so cool!!!! Fashion freaks and beauty bonanzas... get ready!!! LOVE IT!!!


By F.U
for the victorias secret show on december 6th 2006 on mod tv they have the preview, anyone know the name of the first song ?
It is beautifully made videos and very insightful into the fashion world. Does anyone know the songs in the victoria's secret fashion show 2007 podcast?
i love this podcast. but does anyone know who sings the theme song??
Its a pretty good podcast but I think they should have the title of the song and artist that is playing in the podcast. It would help me and so many other people out a lot you know? Like... What song is playing during the newest Versace show? and during the Pat McCgrath podcast?
The video is shaky. You don't get any real-world practical advice out of these videos. And the models are too skinny! Eat something, ladies! Please!
First off i love this podcast, it cant get any better! But does anyone know the some of tracks played during the D&G Summer 2007 show, its my fave show so far and i love the songs! Im dying to find them!


By Gem29
I absolutely love this podcast. It so amazing to be able to watch fashion shows on my IPOD !!!
I love love love love LOVE these podcasts. It gives a glimpse into the glamorous world of fashion. Very well made. Btw, does anyone know the song from the chanel show??
I used to watch a fashion show on CNN religiously, it was called "Style with Elsa Kensch". MODTV has a very similar format, albeit a lot more condensed and without a host. I like the "backstage" footages where they interview the models and the designers so they're not just faces you see in magazines or names on labels. It would be great to see more of each collection than just a few peices. I would've given it five stars if it were done in higher res.
It is a lovable podcast. It almost gives you a sense of being in the middle of it all. I also love how they interview the models...its always nice to get a full perspective of fashion week. Does anyone know the song on Burberry and Proenza Schouler?
I love this podcast but they NEVER update. there is nothing from any fashion week on here. seriously this is going to drive me insane.

By PeeJ
I can thank mod tv for my fashion addiction. Love this podcast! Truly romanticizes the clothing, not to mention the stunning models. I want to know the song in the Anna Sui show... the salt-n-pepa track with french(?) lyrics. HELP! and the song at the opening and end is "breathe" by Telepopmusik
these are awesome and i love getting an inside peek of some of my favorite designers' shows.
Gives such a great out look of the industry !


Finally a podcast I look forward to! Calling all true fashion lovers! This is for anyone who actually pays money to download America's Next Top Model or VH1's The Agency. What a great (not to mention FREE!) way to get all the latest info on what's going on in fashion.
This podcast is a wonderful parlay into the great world of fashion. ModTV goes behind the scenes to show what it takes to make a fashion show truly successful. Giving the public a chance to hear the models and designers speak, ModTV brings fashion to everyone, and everyone should embrace it.
I love everything about this podcast, especially the music! I want every song. Does anyone know who the opening song is by? I have to have it!!!
Now what girl in their right mind would not want this? All the latest and hottest fashion trends and make up Tips... all for free?? Thats HOTT!!


wow, i love watching fashion shows and runways. cool I can learn how to wear the makeup right. u should get this if u like models or fashion.
i just want to know what that stupid song is that comes on first on the alessandra ambrosio interview thing ^_^ haha i know >_< XD
This is an absolutley fabulous podcast. Nothing like it anywhere else! One compaint though - I have a pretty high speed computer, and it took absolutley forever to download the videos. I'm not sure if this is my computer or iTunes or whatever else I may try to blame. I've downloaded much longer videos than this, and they took a smaller amount of time! Other than that, I love love love this podcast.
I absolutely love the MOD TV video podcasts... Fashion is one of my favorite parts of life and i dream of one day becoming a fashion designer that iTunes can perhaps have a podcast on... but for now i will deal with watching other fabulous and talented designers! THANK YOU iTUNES!!!!!
For someone who asked about Ana Sui... the song is calle Let Forever Be - The Chemical Brothers. Ok and now for my review. I saw this and perhaps its a little too much background for me. I was expecting a mixture of girls, fashion and electronic music. There is a little bit too much smoozing, but still, its a good ideal for those of you that are interested in fashion. Me, I am only interested in the audio and visual presentation.
It is perfect for anyone who absoulutly loves FASHION!!!!!! You learn a lot of stuff bout the industry!!!!! IT IS THE BEST PODCAST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MODTV: Fashion Television is a very sophisticated and interesting view of the fashion world. This podcast gives you full access to behind the scene fashion shows from burberry prorsum to victoria's secret to proenza schouler. I feel very in style when I pull out my black ipod and tune into the latest trend from karl lagerfeld. Very abfab.