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Heard about this podcast reviewing the series in chronological order and since I've longed for LOST from the last episode, this seemed a great way to drag the show out even more. But the only available podcast sessions start with LOST episode 90. Who wants to start listening to your discussion at the end? Not a very good way to draw new listeners in. Make all the episodes available and I'll be happy to listen. And change my rating.
And don't we ALL just want to go back?


By Sm81206
This makes my day... :) LOST podcasts after the series. Thank you! :o)P
Ryan has created a masterpiece of a network here that still offers excellent content for the tv series LOST, even long after it has concluded. Matt
Ms.Wright, Michelle and friends really make it fun to listen to every week. The MiMos are great. A Highly recommended podcast for all. I also listen to a few others on the LPN Net. Keep it up everyone. Thumbs up!! 5 Stars~
Thanks to all of you for continuing to podcast. I love all the podcasts and cannot get enough. Just know you are appreciated!
I never, ever review things but I felt inclined to mention my shock at how high of a rating this podcast has. The sound quality is worse than AM radio, there's static, there are LOOOONG bits of awkward silence, they are completely unprepared with no improv skills, and so on. Possibly the worst podcast on Lost Podcasting Network.
I don't know who organized all of these podcasts into one feed but thank you so much. I realize it takes a lot of work, to set this up and maintain it. I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I have greatly enjoyed hearing so many interesting voices discuss one great mystery.
Love them ALL!
I love 90% of what is in the LPN! Jacobs Cabin, Donald is Lost, Keys to Lost, the Transmission, Lost Mythos, Jay & Jack, Lost Revisited, & After Lost all ROCK!!! Thanks y'all for sharing your love of Lost with us! :-)
Excellent feed with alot of great podcasting talent. Something here for all types of Lost fans from the casual watcher to the Lost geek. Big thanks to the podcasters.
Thank you LPN for "Galactica Dradis is Lost". By far one of the very best, funninest informative, creative Lost podcast ever!!! Thank you for leading me to them. Segments includingTelamundo ,Col Titus ,Extras Award, A B C choice thingy and their rating system very entertaining!!!!!!! In a word HAhahahahaha.
The only impovement would be to drop the infomercial king levinson news clips. I don't suscribe because of his podcast. I just pick and choose. Lot's of great content and theories from the rest .
The LOST podcasting network is a great find. Having all of my favorite LOST podcasts in one feed is very convenient. The Black Rock with Curt and Dan and the LOST Revisited Now with Heath Solo and Ms. Wendy are particular stand outs to me. However, the one glaring eyesore in this network is Levinson News Clips. When 8 minutes of your 11 minute monotone podcast is advertisements, there's something incredibly wrong there. It's pretty clear this guy does not care about delivering a quality program. He is out there solely to promote his name. Like a parasite who leeches off of the popularity of the show to get his name out there. This is made even clearer when he enters other LOST podcasts (recorded live on Talkshoe) and adds nothing to the chat except to (constantly and shamelessly until he is removed) promote his own website. There is no way to get in contact with the show. No listener feedback segment of any kind. There's only a 3-5 minute recap of the previously aired episode... That's it. This guy deserves to be removed from the LPN immediately because he adds nothing to it-but only clogs up an already crowded network of podcasts. I know I'm not the first one to say this so please, remove this spammer from the LPN.
I like The Lost Mythos and Donald is Lost, also Rethinking Lost is excellent.
(agree with the last post regarding that Levinson crap. Fræking aweful) The Nancy Drew Lostaholics Rewatch has been fantastic. This might not sound like a complement, but it helps me get to sleep at night. Sometimes that Lost Linsay chicks voice will sort or jar me awake, but it's generally a great way to unwind from my hectic days. Great theories and discussions on Lostaholics Rewatch. It's crap like that Levinson News Real that keeps from rating with 5 stars.
Where did this pompous blowhard come from and why is he taking up space on my iPod? There are 8 minutes of sponsor promotion and self promotion and 2 minutes of totally uninteresting and unoriginal content in this 10 minute sorry excuse for a podcast. I'm serious. Who greenlighted this guy!? Cut him now from the LPN. Just because someone can make a podcast doesn't mean they should, or that they should be on the LPN.
This is exactly what I need to fill my Lost void during this looong break. I enjoy all of these podcasts, as they are so different... the people have such interesting personalities and bring such a range of ideas to the table. Yea, yea, some things have been hit on more than once, but hey... we are all fans and so, who cares? I download them all... and will continue to. Keep up the great work guys, and gals ;0) Wish I had the time and energy to do what you do! Namaste!
I find it ironic that one reviewer singled out Lost Revisit for poor audio quality but it's content quality is so good that it was the one Carlton choose to go on after the 5th season finale aired to get immediate feedback and to respond to the critism of the sub graphics.
all of them are great, except Donald is lost, Donald is not funny. In fact he is obnoxious, I have to delete that one every time it downloads. Other than that, the rest are great!!!!
There are a couple of gems here, but mostly just a lot of junk. The Galactica Dradis podcast is a keeper. I don't get Donald Is Lost, but others think he is funny. The gals who do the Lost Innitiative are not terribly entertaining either, they just swear a lot. Jed and Cara's Losties video podcast has less to do with Lost than a video of their lives. I don't care. I guess I could go on. There are a lot. You are better off subscribing to the good podcasts (Lost Unlocked, Jay and Jack, The Transmission) than fill up your i Pod with so much junk.
Yes, I am on it (Lost Mythos) but it is also the way that I find out about new podcasts and the diversity present is astounding. From Lost Unlocked to Donald is Lost to Lost Lowdown, The Dharma Dummies and The Lost Revisited, I discovered them all here and you just can't get any better. There are new podcasts everyday and they all rock! Much thanks to Jay (Jay and Jack) and Ryan (The Transmission) for creating and keeping it going strong!
I used to get download these podcasts from their individual sites. Now that they're all in one place, it makes listening to them easier! Donald is Lost is my favorite for the great entertainment value. And when I need something more serious, Black Rock and Lostcasts are the bomb. Josh and Amanda, Axel and Aaron, David and the Goog, Ryan and Jen, and Jay and Jack are also great podcast teams and I love their chemistry. Keep up the good work, folks!
Consider LPN a directory of a variety of podcasts that cover LOST. You are bound to have a few favorites.
PLEASE FIX AUDIO SKIPS, why to hard to listen to the 2/ll/09 podcast with the multiple skips when multiple people trying to talk.
Donald is Lost, Jay and Jack, and the Transmission make this worthwhile check those out the rest of the shows are just gravy
OMG, i listen to all of these but one that really stands out is Donald is Lost, its funny at times, and serious at times, it balances out the serious lost talk with funny skits and voices. You will not get bored, thats for sure.
Some of the podcasts are not up to par. Jay and Jack are the BEST, and some of the others are growing on me. But how on earth did the numbers podcast get added to this collection? Imagine Anthony Michael Hall and his friends from Sixteen Candles doing a LOST podcast without ever watching the show, and that's pretty much what you've got. Worth a subscription, just delete the ones you don't like.
Lost fans this is the network for you! Agree...some podcast are better than others, but they all give a unique viewpoint about the show.
The LPN seems to be a great resource for both LOST fans and LOST podcasters. I often find the latest episode of a podcast here, even before its added to the podcasters own podcast lineup. The LPN has also helped me find LOST podcasts I might not have otherwise located. Keep up the great work!


By AngieQ
WARNING: Die-hard Lost fans may be enticed to subscribing to this network to further their addiction to a wonderful TV show but most of the podcasts on here are drivel. You could spend hours and hours listening to the same information delivered by different podcasters. I have unsubscribed to the network and only subscribed to my favorites: Jay and Jack, The Transmission, and the Official Lost Podcast. These are insightful and stay on topic the best. When I have time I also find the Dharmalars and the TLI with Aimee and Kim entertaining as well. I HATE all of the talk shoe podcasts because there are either awkward pauses where no one says anything or people talking over each other. The live podcasts also go on way too long. It shouldn't take more than an hour to discuss a 42 minute episode.
The LPN reminds me of a network on TV; it has a variety of shows that entertains, informs and keeps listeners -in this case- coming back for more. You can't go wrong when each podcast discusses the best series on television: LOST. Ignore the bad reviews and find the shows in the LPN that suits your needs. My Rating: 5 Stars! I highly recommend it!
This doesn't even deserve 1 star, but it's he lowest you can give on iTunes. If you need a cure for insomnia, this is it.
While every show is not for everyone you will not find a more comprehensive LOST channel than this. Literaly something for everyone.
i am very impressed with this podcast. many people i talk to about LOST, do not ever pay attention to it, and only watch the episodes variously and scattered. so i enjoy walking home or driving home from work and school listening to you guys. it makes me feel less "nerd"-ish. i really enjoy all your podcasts. Kudos. Jordan MacIntosh
It is really great to have all of the updated Lost podcasts in one service. It's a good way to find which ones you prefer, and keep up to date on all of them. Sometimes it can get a little old hearing the same discoveries repeated in different podcasts, but everyone has different theories and sites to check out, and the humor and different opinions are worth it.
I thought this would give some insight or a forum for the show.....no, it's amatuer radio, reminds of a community TV channel. What a complete waste of time. Go get a real hobby, what a joke!
i love lost and now theirs this for lost fans thanks so much!
This was a really cleaver idea to get a bunch of the LOST podcasts together in one package. This way you get a taste of what other people think and the many different views and theories about ABC's LOST. For all the LOST fans out there, I would definitely suggest this podcast. It's simply perfect.
I hate podcasts, but this one is perfect! Lost talk is great and these two are perfect together! Gotta love 'um!
You can't go wrong when you get all these great podcasts together in one package! All the shows are great and are quality, and they each bring something new to the table.