Dr. Carlson's Science Theater

Reviews For Dr. Carlson's Science Theater

doc carlson is a good nd funny teacher. i have him for honors physics and he rules! best teacher ever!!! a must have podcast
This podcast is good for adults as well as children. Imformative and funny. Dr. Carlson will make any kid interested in science.
Dr. Carlson is the best. I learned a ton and these demonstarions are awesome
these are great videos. I am in middle school science and these will definatly help me undersand physics better
I teach Physical Science and Chemistry and this show is wonderful! There are never enough good videos for science and Dr. Carlson adequately explains what he is doing and the science behind it. His show is full of enthusiasm and wonderful skits. Definitely worth the download!
I am so glad I found this. It's great. Don't need to say much else.