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Golf Smarter is the best way to spend your time when you’re not on the golf course. I discovered Golf Smarter about two years ago. It quickly became my favorite podcast for three reasons. Number 1: The podcast introduced me to many new aspects of golf. I’ve read several books written by podcast guests, including Extraordinary Golf, Zen Golf, and Understanding the Golf Swing. In short, Golf Smarter has turned me into a student of the game. Number 2: The podcast helped me become a better golfer, particularly on the mental side of the game. Golf Smarter taught me about course management and how to master the myriad of swing thoughts impeding my game. I’ll even give the podcast credit for helping me break 80 for the first time ever. Number 3: Golf Smarter is hands down the best podcast for the average golfer because of its host, Fred Greene. Fred has a talent for asking questions from the perspective of his audience, the recreational golfer. His style and inquisitive nature breaks down barriers that often come with technical explanations and golf jargon. Fred is what I imagine I’d be like if I were a podcast host. Jonas from San Diego
I began playing golf five years ago and at the same time began listening to Fred’s podcast. From the very beginning listening to Fred was like having a coach and a friend alongside me as I took on what we all know to be a very challenging game. I like many, struggled with both the mechanical and the mental aspects of the game. Over the last five years, I have consistently returned to the podcast to enhance and support my progress. I began as a 33 handicap. Today I am 16. I owe much of this to what I learned from Fred and his guests. Fred‘s approach to helping the casual golfer improve is awesome. He puts himself out there and makes himself vulnerable. This allows his guests to reveal so much in his presence. I strongly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants to find greater pleasure on the course.


Sad this podcast has become an advertisement for political affiliations and definitely favors one side. Very disappointed that one of your guests is so far to one side that he calls people names and acts like a five year old, telling people to leave the country.
Age 30 and JUST got into Golf after a decent set of clubs were gifted to me. I figured, why not... I’ve never been so challenged mentally, physically and emotionally in my entire life! I needed someone in my ear reminding me that everything’s going to be okay... Fred is that guy for me! I stumbled across Golf Smarter after searching “Golf for Dummies” 😂. I was instantly hooked! Haven’t had any actual music playing in the car for 2 solid months now! Fred Greene of Golf Smarter covers almost everything with his guests along with all the random little questions/things that pop up! This is a definite MUST LISTEN for all golfers no matter your experience!
Great information provided. I could do without the political ads here and there are they are already everywhere. There are great guest and then there are bad guest. Try to find what you need and you’ll be please more times than not.
I started listening to Golf Smarter about six months ago , and find it very entertaining as well as educational. I enjoy the variety of guess that Fred has on.
Great content every week on both the GolfSmarter and the Mulligans podcasts. I enjoy hearing the multiple points of view and the different tips and nuggets of wisdom that I can apply to my game. The Tony Manzoni interviews are the best. I’ve listened to them multiple times and I’m adapting his philosophy. Better contact immediately! Thanks, Fred. Keep up the good work.
You know a podcast is great when you find yourself listening to all the episodes from 3-4 years ago as well as the new ones. 5 stars!
These podcasts are good to listen to before you play. They get you in a good state of mind. I listen throughout the work week and by the time I get to the course, I have a few nuggets of information in my head to help my game.
As a loyal fan from the beginning, I enjoyed Fred conquering the technology, and possibly his golf game. The podcast is great company, and he never seems to run out of material. At first I thought he was a super star golfer. Then I came to realize he was just one of us. But now, his game has improved, so he is out of my league again. Must be from listening to his own podcasts. In fact, he used to introduce the show by claiming that the ideas actually worked for him. So, listen carefully, but remember, when you get to the course, too many swing thoughts will strangle you.
Fred does a great job of bringing high quality and current content to the podcast. There is good stuff about new equipment, swing concepts, mental game issues and also just some very good stories. This is an excellent podcast with constantly new and varying content.
I listen to a lot of podcasts. But Golf Smarter continues to be one of my favorites. Fred has a genuine interest in the game, and brings out the enthusiasm in all his interviewees.
The podcast name (golf SMARTER) says it all. Subject covered is quite diverse which encompasses golfers of all skill levels. Personally the Tony Manzoni podcasts had the most positive impact on my golf game. My ball striking is straight and my back feels better. Fred’s interviewing professionalism with Tony brought out his best verbal descriptions of the single pivot swing. I look forward to listening to golf SMARTER each week to see what subject matter is next and to learn something new.
Consistently great show for those who love or want to learn about golf. Another appeal is it doesn’t bury you in ads like other podcasts. Keep it up Fred!
Hands down my favorite and most listened to podcast is Golf Smarter and Golf Smarter Mulligans with Fred Greene. Being a golfer that has suffered for many years going from instructor to instructor, swing to swing, with poor results - I’ve found his content and guests have helped my game immensely. His broadcasting style, temperament, and sense of humor keeps me tuning in every week. I’ve listened to every show. “Before Fred” I played golf a few times a year and struggled to break 100. “With Fred”, I’ve got renewed interest and excitement with golf; I’m now regularly scoring in the low 90s to upper 80s - with my goal to get down into the 70s, and REALLY enjoying myself. Thank you Fred for all you do! I must also mention, and THANK YOU for bringing Tony Manzoni into my world.... the single pivot swing has changed my life!!!!! Dave from Pittsburgh
I really enjoy this podcast especially on my way to the golf course every Tuesday and Wednesday. I have learned some amazing tricks and have decreased my handicap since listening in two short months by 10.
I love Fred Greene’s Golf Smarter podcast for so many reasons....he's on a perpetual quest to find new approaches to this game that we love and are perplexed by at the same time...his guests are from all corners of the world with unique insights in both the mechanical and the mental approach....with the emphasis on the mental, Fred’s guests give us a new way to look at things...his approach as a mid-handicapper relates to the majority of us non-professional golfers...his guests range from legendary mental coaches like Pia Nilsson to Stat gurus like Steve Fawcett to reassuring swing coaches like the late Tony Manzioni (R.I.P.)...Fred’s true curiousness tries to get to the heart of the mystery of this most wonderful game....keep it up!
I like the variety of your offerings. Just read 7 days in Utopia because I listened to your podcast. Enjoy the multiple teachers and preachers of the game. Thank you for sharing
Fred's the real deal. He has interesting guests. His own insights are great. He admits when he's wrong, and he doesn't try to hide when he doesn't understand or agree with something. He challenges his guests as well, in a non-confrontational way that pulls more out of them. The bonus in all of this is that his show is FUN and HELPFUL to new golfers or those who've been hacking around courses for decades. Keep doing what you're doing, Fred!
MThe Golf Smarter Podcast has been a vital part of my golf lifestyle for over 10 years. Fred knocks it out of the park every week. A must listen for all golfers!
About 2 years ago, I had a serious back injury. At the time, I was an avid player with a single digit handicap. I had a typical modern swing with lots of torque and rotation. After about a year of recovery and PT, I was excited to get back on the course. I played several times but significant pain during and after the round made me put the clubs away in frustration. Fortunately, I continued to listen to the podcast as Fred had several guests discussing the downside of the modern swing (particularly back injury). Fred also has several guests talking about swing alternatives to the modern swing. These podcasts motivated me to try the game again with a more bio-mechanically sound swing. I shortened my swing and adopted a closed stance (to eliminate some turn). I also shallowed my angle of attack. After a few months of adjustments using some of the resources Golfsmarter gave me, I’m back playing pain free and at a high level (shot even par a few weeks back). The quality and varied guests Fred had on his podcast got me back playing the game I love. Fan forever! Thank you.


First one i listened to was a feminist male hating lady as the guest. There are better casts out there
I was an early listener/subscriber. Found it again and have enjoyed listening to recent podcasts. As always goood content and of value to the thinking side of the game.
This is by far the best podcast. Fred and his guests are entertaining. This is the only podcast I listen to every day. Fred makes my morning more enjoyable, and I don’t mind listening to past episodes multiple times. Thank you Fred for all you do! Keep it going.
Yips to yoga, I'm hooked on Golf Smarter since mid-2K. Fred talks golf with his guests like your average golfer would - double-digit handicap, not a scratch golfer. Releasing all his past episodes in Golf Smarter Mulligans has been simply awesome as well. I won't swear by it, but "I swear" when I listen to a Golf Smarter podcast while driving to play a round, I do 5 to 10 strokes better because it gets in the right frame of mind - I swear.
I subscribe to several podcasts and GolfSmarter is one of my favorites. Fred is an excellent interviewer and has been able to have great guest discussing a multitude of topics. Keep up the good work!
Golf Smarter and Golf Smarter Mulligans is my go to podcasts. Fred is a down to earth host that provides the best information for all levels of golfer. I love that the podcast focuses on helping amateurs. As a new golfer, he’s helped keep me focused on the fact that this lovely little game should be enjoyed with the understanding that getting better is a journey that should be enjoyed. Thanks for all of your hard work Fred!
I subscribe to about a dozen golf podcasts and Golf Smarter is by far the best one I have ever heard. With over 700 podcasts between Golf Smarter and Golf Smarter Mulligans, every golf topic you would ever want to learn about has probably been covered multiple times by multiple experts in the field, from PGA and LPGA pros to equipment designers, swing coaches, mental coaches, authors, etc. Fred Greene, besides being an incredibly nice individual, does an excellent job of getting the best in the business to share their knowledge and expertise. He also gives away great prizes to his listeners. I truly feel that my golf game has benefited significantly from listening to this podcast!
I very much enjoy Fred’s approach to improving at and enjoying golf. As someone who can only play 1x per week with limited time to practice this podcast provides great tips and tools to improve attitude and results on the course. Thanks Fred. Keep up the great work and awesome guests.
I’ve really enjoyed this podcast. I seem to start to figure out a part of my game and then all of a sudden I start to lose a different part of my game, so it is awesome that they have such a variety of topics. And also the quality of the guests and their knowledge is great. Thanks for all the help. Keep it up.
I am in my late 40’s but new to podcasts. I have sampled several and this is the only one I listen to. Fred does a great job of not only speaking and making it easy to listen to, but, more importantly, I truly believe that he wants me and everyone else to get better. When I am caught up on Golf Smarter I am moving on to Golf Smarter Mulligans. Thank you for your dedication to making this game better.
Fred does a great job with this podcast by bringing on interesting and knowledgeable guests. It’s one of my podcast that I’ve found on golf.
Ok I wrote the review below about two years ago. I stand by it and am still listening when each episode comes out. Not every episode is relevant to me but it’s a rare one when I don’t learn something that makes me a better golfer or helps me to enjoy it more. Give Fred and Golf Smarter a try. ********************* I stumbled upon Golf Smarter when I was looking for podcasts to listen to on my morning walks, and I am glad that I did. Funny, sometimes irreverent, always entertaining and useful, Fred interviews a variety of guests. Some are coaches, some have a product, most I would never have heard of and always learn something. This is not an informercial disguised as a podcast but 15 or 20 minutes of back and forth that leaves me smiling and sometimes saves me money. Also, something that is rare, Fred listens. I've written to him several times and always had a response that tells me that he has actually listened to what I said. Give this podcast a try and you'll keep listening.
Like to send positive review to email but don’t have address
Has helped my game. Fun to listen to.
This podcast was disappointing. First, Sam was very hard to understand. He talks a mile a minute and he continually faded in and out. Secondly, the episode was 70% just an advertisement for Sam’s business. It would have been nice if the ball construction was discussed and impacts to the golfer. There are 100s if balls out there and this podcast really didn’t differentiate between them.
Just started listening to this podcast 3 weeks ago and it hooked. I already see my approach to the game has changed mentally and physically. I don’t want to tell my golf buddies quite yet.
03/03/2010: Great mix of information on anything and everything golf. I'm still listening my way through all the archives that come with the membership. Each episode has information that is just a useful today as it was when the podcast was created. Update 06/26/2019: Fred and the Golf Smarter content keep getting better and better. Tons of great information that doesn't get old.


Awesome show with great guests. Tons of knowledge on this show
From my job I have to spend a lot of time in the car. As a buried passionate golfer I enjoy listening to golf podcasts on a regular basis. The golf smarter podcast is one of my go to favorites for interesting topics, personalities, and discussions on technique. With the entire backlog of interviews that you can access, there is no shortage of great information available. Thanks for the show and all that you do.
I have been listening to Fred’s podcast for over a year now and I look forward to each new episode. You can tell that he brings on guests that he truly believes will help his listeners improve their golf game. He listens to each guest with an open mind and tries to help his listeners by asking all the right questions. Great podcast for golfers of all skill level.
I started listening to this podcast about a year ago and my mindset about golf has drastically changed. Fred has excellent guests that talk about the mental and technical game. Once I heard an episode with Dr. Joseph Parent, author of Zen Golf, I was hooked and immediately bought that book on Amazon. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. This podcast has introduced me to so many different techniques for the mental game and fundamental exercises that have improved my game. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who loves the game of golf!
More talk about his stuff rather than golf. Nothing in there that helps
Going through the archives you can find a whole lot of stuff for the past 10 or so years. Now however it seems like we’re on a loop of repeated info or just marketing. Don’t get me wrong you have to promote yourself, others, and get paid but I do miss the old school lessons, tips etc. Maybe the mulligans podcast will be what I need. Till then I’ll listen to On the Mark. It’s straight forward, one add, current tips etc week to week.
Great interviews with really good teachers. It’s basically my personal weekly private golf lesson!! My game has improved so much since I started listening to this show. Tony Manzoni and Jim Venetos helped stop me from swaying off the ball and slicing. So much good advice!! Thanks Fred!!
In a former life (before I dived into the world of Physical Chemistry or became an M.D.) I seriously considered making golf my profession. I loved the game so much it broke my heart to play it casually, so for 15 years I didn't so much as pick up a club. Two months ago I felt a calling to come back to golf and I couldn't believe the amount of resources and podcasts that are available these days. All that said, THIS PODCAST is THE ONLY PODCAST that I have listened to that spoke of any of the hard won knowledge and wisdom that I garnered years ago. I stumbled upon this podcast via the double episode 438-39 and I was FLOORED to hear someone talking about how Hogan carried the majority of his weight on his left side at the top of the swing: until now I thought I was the only one who had realized this! That episode alone should change the swings and lives of every person listening to this podcast who doesn't have complete mastery of their swing. A+, 5 stars, mad respect.
Fred gets great guests and is obviously a good dude. Fred is very folksy, which is part of his charm, but he should learn to not interrupt his guests. Fred is a great dude, but not a great interviewer.
Fred does a great job with this podcast. He asks great questions and he has knowledgeable guest. It’s a good podcast for amateur golfers.