When I started playing golf in early 2017, I found this podcast and downloaded all 500-600+ episodes to binge listen straight through. In fact, I did it twice!! I found almost all of the episodes very timeless and I still learned a ton each time I listened to them. Fred has done a great job finding the best people in the field to come in and share their knowledge and experiences with. As a newbie, I found most of the questions he posted to his interviewees relevant to my situation and it made me feel like he could read my mind! There are other golf-related podcasts I listened to regularly but I feel this one to be above and beyond all others in terms on the educational and entertainment values. The theme of the podcasts really focuses on being “smart” w/o relying on equipments or products. This is one of the podcasts I always look forward to the new episodes to drop in. Highly recommended!
Fred does a great job bringing a variety of guests and topics to this podcast. I have learned something new with every podcast. Whether it be something technical, fitness or equipment related, or something which applies to the mental aspect of the game, you’re guaranteed to learn something you can apply immediately to your game. I shot under par for the 1st time ever a few months after I started listening to this podcast. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!


I have been listening to this podcast for four or five years now. Fred gets better and better, with different subjects, topics and guests. This podcasts tap into the mental game is amazing! It has truly helped me to drop my handicap, which has me even more excited about the future of my game.
Fred is great. I started listening a month ago and can’t stop. Great guests and learning everyday about the mental part of the game. Fred being a struggling golfer asks the questions we once a week golfers all think about. Great work and very entertaining
There are small percentage of good episodes if you dig thru the piles of poop. Lots of bizarre instructors with a few good ones sprinkled in. The author episodes are fun and the commentary episodes are interesting. Most of the rest are bizarre instruction. If you can struggle through the horrible interviewer and his selfish grandstanding, you’ll hear some decent information. He constantly interrupts the guests and talks more about himself. Very annoying.
Love this show. Just getting back into the game as an adult after obsessing over it as a kid. Wanted a podcast that talks golf for the average golfer trying to improve his game, and the tips, drills, and mental game topics have proven invaluable already. Also rather enjoyed the interview with Malcolm McDowell, I’m an actor by trade myself so it was cool as hell to hear a legend talk golf with Fred. Keep up the great work and see you on the links!
Fred is a great interviewer and always presses for tips for the average golfer. I usually come away with something I can put to use for my game
Fred does a great job with this podcast by bringing on interesting and knowledgeable guests. It’s the best podcast that I’ve found on golf.
I'm new to the game and I really appreciate the emphasis on improving golf IQ. Great way to learn more about all aspects of golf from technique to the history of the game.
I have been a long time listener of GolfSmarter and it never gets old. I have listened to almost every episode. The last one with Josh Zander is one of my favorite ones. A live short game clinic was awesome. I have been having trouble with my chipping and can’t wait to get a chance to try out a tip I heard.
The recent podcast”Welcome to the Zone” helped me focus. I’ve scored better since incorporating his ideas. This podcast continues to give me great tips.
Fred does a good job of engaging with the audience. His everyman approach works. The show had good topics and they are covered in-depth.
Great podcast. I just started playing golf this month. I only have a couple rounds under my belt. I find the beginner topics to be awesome. Loving the podcast! It's a joy to explore. I listen to a couple episodes in my ride home from work. Thanks Fred !!!!
Fred covers a variety of different topics. I sit at a desk all day and can't wait to listen when I see there is a new podcast up. Covers lots of material that isn't just instruction in his own unique way. A nice break from other podcasts I listen to. A must subscribe.
Really enjoy every episode of Golf Smarter! Very entertaining and educational! I find myself using the tips daily. Always the first podcast I listen to and always look forward to the release of the next episode. Thanks for producing it!
I've been listening to this podcast for a few weeks to get ready for the upcoming golf season. There are a lot of guests on that are just regular, everyday local pros that give their insight in to how a regular Joe/high handicapper can improve their game. I especially loved the podcast with John Ambrose from L2 putters. I went and bought one of his putters a few weeks later and had 4 birdies the first time out. There are a lot of tidbits of information that I find very useful from every podcast. And it helps that Fred is a double digit handicap like the rest of us and the guests on the podcast cater to helping the higher handicappers.
I stumbled upon Golf Smarter when I was looking for podcasts to listen to on my morning walks, and I am glad that I did. Funny, sometimes irreverent, always entertaining and useful, Fred interviews a variety of guests. Some are coaches, some have a product, most I would never have heard of and always learn something. This is not an informercial disguised as a podcast but 15 or 20 minutes of back and forth that leaves me smiling and sometimes saves me money. Also, something that is rare, Fred listens. I've written to him several times and always had a response that tells me that he has actually listened to what I said. Give this podcast a try and you'll keep listening.
I've been listening to this podcast for server years and it's GREAT! If you love exploring the mental side of the game as well as swing mechanics, this is the podcast for you. Great guests every week - Fred Shoemaker, Geoff Mangum, Joe Parent and more. A must listen if you love playing the game.
If you golf you know that golf's most difficult challenge is managing that part of your game which resides between your ears. I have looked for years to find a good way to tune my mental game. By far the best way I have found is listening to Golf Smarter and applying what I've learned to my game.
I have really enjoyed this podcast and it has been well worth the time. The host, Fred Greene, does a great job in selecting professionals from all aspects of the game. My game has improved in both shot quality and overall enjoyment. I highly recommend it.
The golf smarter pod cast has helped me tremendously to not only improve my score but also to enjoy the game so much more. The host has a great way of picking professionals from many different aspects of the game. I learn something new every time and never boring. Great podcast, great work! Thank you so much.
Golf Smarter is a keeping me in the game this winter! Each episode takes a different approach to the many obstacles that a golfer has to overcome. From your mental state to your club speed, Mr. Greene lays everything out. Thank you for keeping me thinking about the game when it's too cold to get to the links!
Had been listening to this podcast for a few years, and finally bit the bullet and became a premium subscriber and it was so worth it! Fred covers all aspects of golf from playing the game, to equipment to instruction and golf in the arts such The Match along with courses and different instrutors and their different teaching styles. Please give it a listen you will not be disappointed!
The Golf Smarter podcast is an excellent resource for myself, being a teaching professional, to continue to broaden my knowledge and challenge my abilities which I use daily to make a living. I refer many of my students to listen to the Golf Smarter podcasts in order to broaden their understanding of the mental game, along with our knowledge of the golf swing. Fantastic job Fred!
Fred has deep golf knowledge and I always learn something when I listen. This podcast is always entertaining!
Fred brings a great blend of fun and inforamtive commentary with a great rosters of knowledgeable guests who provide top-level golf knowledge. A great way to improve your game off the course!
I'm an avid listener of podcasts because it allows me to if anything be productive or learn something on my commute to and from work. Each episode is a snippet of a full-episode you can only get by subscribing and paying a subscription fee. However, I'm stuck in a catch-22 here. As a beginner and a golf enthusiast, it strikes me that this is more for people that looking to looking at all aspects of golf and beyond golf itself. Which I think this podcast does decently well, but as of late, I've only seen a few episodes based on game improvement or things I can use to get better. While I am learning from the podcast, I simply don't feel like I can become a better golfer by listening every week. But I can't bring myself to subscribe simply because the content is on ancillary topics to golf, and while they are interesting, don't lend to much golfing knowledge I care about. But that's just me. Fred is affable, clever, and seems like he cares a lot about golf and the game itself. The content is the problem for me - while it is new to me, it doesn't feel interesting. There is a whole side world to golf like Fred mentions, but you can't forget the news developments, the big companies that dominate golf and their developments, the players, the tournaments. Most episodes seem to be an interview with just one person, which is great, but I think it'd benefit from more people as well.
Golf smarter one of the more complete golf podcasts out there. Fred explores more than just the typical new gear or new swing fads, he explores all aspects of golf and has some really great guests along the way. I have personally learned a lot from this podcast and it truly has helped me to “golf smarter."
I look forward to Fred's podcast every week. He has the most interesting guests and I have learned to play the mental side of golf much better.
Fred is wonderful to listen to and has great guests. It's about YOUR game, they seldom talk about what is going on in the PGA. I feel it probably has helped my game.
I’d been looking for a great podcast about golf, and boy did I find it. Not only does Fred cut through the fog with his guests and ask them the tough questions every golfer has, he also gets the deeper side of this beautiful game and brings on guests who get that too. Absolutely love it!
This Podcast is my favorite. It is one I will not miss. The content varies and includes the mental game, swing correction, golf course reviews, and more. If you are serious about golf, you will enjoy this Podcast.
The money I spend to be a premium subscriber to this podcast is much less than taking lessons, but I find it much more valuable than taking lessons. You will not be dissapointed in this podcast.
This is my go to podcast for golf. I've taken away so many things but primarly the importance of keeping your mind in the game. Golf Smarter is my caddie.
I've been listening to golfsmarter for seven years and look forward to each week's episode. I find the conversations and content both exciting and useful. I highly recommend golfsmarter.
As I am on the road much of the week, I have learned a bunch and enjoyed the interviews
Tired of golf talk that makes no sense about things the average "Joe" can't apply? Try Golf Smarter. The host, Fred Greene, is so humble and down to earth and his guests are easy to understand. If they aren't, Fred will ask what others may be afraid to and, voila, you can understand. Last week I listened to Ken Doherty talk about the golf swing for woods vs. irons. INSTANT SUCCESS. I tried it on the practice tee and then in my next round and there was a whopping improvement. The best part is, listening is like being in a conversation with friends. Easy going, not highly technical. Just a lot of fun.
I am going into my fifth year of listening, as a member, to Golf Smarter. I just want to say that Fred Greene does an excellent job with his podcasts. They are very informative and entertaining and I look forward to them each week. Mental game, instruction, books, golf courses, etc. Great variety and again entertaining. Thanks Fred!
Every week I learn something to help me improve. The guests are always great and very informative. The advice I receive here is spoken in laymen terms and easy to digest. After listening to a few episodes, I subscribed to the members only series. I have a feeling you will too.
This is a great place to hear some good golf tips!
While the vast majority of the content is great, i find myself annoyed by the host far to often to be a faithful listener. Shameless plugs, and interrupting comments get old quick. Most episodes have one or two good take aways from the guest, but sometimes the jargon ends for free content and gaps are filled with ads to buy a divot tool....
I have benefitted sooo much from the adivce and insights available on the Golf Smarter Podcast. from people like Terry Koehler, Kirk Jones, Geoff Mangum and many others inlcuding the host, Fred Greene. My enjoyment/love of the game of golf has greatly increased while my handicapped has dropped from 25 in early 2011 to 12 today thanks to Golf Smarter's tips and advice. Thanks Fred Greene and all the Golf Smarter guests!. If you are a golfer you need to be listening to Golf Smarter. That what the podcast will help you smarter!
I've listened to all the Golf Smarter podcasts and really feel it is the best one out there. Don't get me wrong, the others are great, but Fred brings ever green topics that can be listened to over and over.
This is what one of my buddies says about once a round when he hits a great shot. If you listen to this podcast you'll be hitting more than one great shot per round. Invaluable information, strategy, and reviews. Highlights the mental part of the game which is the most overlooked aspect. This podcast is not only making me a better golfer, but a better person. Thanks Fred! Keep up the great work. ~John Laird
I previously wrote a review that stated dont waste your money. I want to change that because now I understand that I tunes doesnt let you automatically download premium content podcasts. You have to download to your pc, then sync your iphone to the pc. You can also get a app that you can setup to get them on your phone but Ive found you need to be on wi-fi to stream.BUT LET ME SAY. The golfsmarter podcast is by far the best podcast about golf I have found to date. Fred has amazing guests and authors on practically every episode. The podcast has my absolute recommendation and I intend to stay a subscriber.
I imagine that I will be a single digit handicap at some point. Starting a 20 handicap I am now a 11. Mostly due to the many guest of Fred's podcast, thank you to Jeff Ritter for the swing description. I love to listen to programs that sometime don't include the ordinary. Fred's podcast cover mental ,physical and everything in between. I believe we take our selves to seriously and lose site of the game being fun and not a chore. This podcast helps me relax and enjoy the game i admire so much. Keep up the good work.
I have been listening to Fred's great show since the beginning. It was great at first and has been getting even better with every show. Nobody helps the everyday golfer more than Fred and his great guests.
This podcast is just trying to get you to their site. The first part is "Free" and the second is only available to subscribers. I would call this an advertisement, not a podcast.