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Great Podcast, enjoy the format, looking forward to future episodes.
The perfect balance of comic book related news and pop culture talk
Great Podcast! These really enjoy geeky culture and you can tell they are good friends. I am a truck driver and enjoy listening to them while going down the road. Wish they would go back to doing skits before the opener, but hey it is still a great show. give them a listen!
I'm currently back in England for a short time, but discovered you guys on my U.S. Itunes and since I've been back in England yours is the only podcast I've listened to. You're better than anything us Brits have come up with. Your topics always have me hooked, I'm somewhat of a hidden geek, but love comics and scifi and every single show you guys talk about, I watch, except chuck... haven't got around to chuck yet. So i know that if you like it I'm sure to love it. Your dissection of trailers and reviews of films are all awesome too. Also, just wanna point out that when you yawn, I yawn too, transatlantic yawning :-) keep up the awesome work guys... do more and keep em coming, how about 3 a week... forget the other podcasts. haha Dawson, 24, Durham England
I love the laid back, casual style of this show. As a podcaster myself (Geek Actually), I strive for that wonderful chat style. Good work guys, love it.
Love the podcast!!!!! Very informative and entertaining!!!! A must listen!!!!!!!
Great podcast. These two guys are truly geeks and that is an awesome thing. I have been listening to one after another and cannot stop. I love the topics and the humor they interject into the subject. Give me more!!
This is a good podcast but I hads been weekly lately but it becouse scott been busy with geek by night and other things , Besides that this is freaken cool , They guys are always fun to listin to.
I am probably about 10 years older than these guys, yet I feel like I relate to them more than folks my own page. I learn just about all my geek info from them and really enjoy how the show is put together. It's very laid back and a lot of fun.


By dcekool
this is the best podcast out there
I've been listening to Scott and Ben since their first show, and I they continue to entertain and inform. Scott has an amazing knowledge of all things comics related. He and Ben got me reading comics again by demystifying the various universes and making comics accessible. Moreover, these guys feel like my good friends although I have never met them. They are part of the Geekshow set of podcasts - check out


By markgb
Fun podcast.
These guys are funniest when you know all about what they're discussing. I'm a Smallville fan, so I Love their Meteorgeek show the most; but if you're looking for something to listen to for the long haul of an afternoon or morning work session and you want to catch up on all the latest news on movies/comics/superheroes and science fiction stuff, this should work well for you.
Ok that title was an attempt at making an old joke from the early Two Geeks podcast days so forgive me if I didn’t pull it off very well, but I have to give these guys some very overdue praise. I have been listening to Ben and Scott since show one and they’ve never ever disappointed me. Their comments are always insightful and the passion they have for movies, comics, and TV is absolutely contagious. Ben, Scott, Scott, Ben thanks for all the hard work and hours and hours and hours of top notch entertainment. Oh, I also love your film commentaries and can't wait to hear your commentary for Superman Returns! Here’s to “Two Geeks a Mic and a Podcast”, proof that there is life after amateur wrestling! wink…wink…
I've been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now (Since the X-Men 3 episode). I love the discussions and the special episodes. This podcast was the one that got me into podcasting and if your into the comic movie scene this is the podcast for you!!!! I can't wait for the Star Wars episode!
Ben & Scott are 2 friends that have brought their unique banter to the masses. They cover all that is geeky. I didn't even realize how much of a geek I was till this show. I first listened to the BuffCast, and Angel Investigations (by their collegues) and then I tried Two Geeks. I look forward to hearing what they have to say about Geek news, comics, trailer (*love* trailers), and TV & Movies. Upon first listen, you may think that Scott is the host and Ben is the co-host, but try listening to a show w/o Ben. Half the fun is hearing Ben crack Scott up (and myself in the process.) Give this show a listen and you'll never look back. Also, if they mention "Porkins" or "What would Porkins do?" Go back and listen to the early episodes...Classic.
Been listening to for a long time now. They're actually the big reason I got into Veronica Mars. Very entertaining podcast, well worth the time, and usually leaves you wanting more. They know what they're talking about when it comes to movies, tv shows, and comics.
Great podcast always funny and informative the only podcast I listen to that comes out on time
Two Geeks A Mic And A Podcast is just two regular guys talking about what they love...geek stuff. That's why I've been listening to these guys for almost 3 years. They're informative, funny, and really knowledgeable about what's happening in entertainment. Thanks Scott and Ben, and please keep up the great work!!!
This is one of the best news shows around that focus on the geeky side of things (movies, comics, TV, etc). All the shows on are great. Keep up the great work and can't wait for more.
Ben and Scott (haha) do a great of talking bout geeky stuff. They've introduced me to comics, at age 33, and that's saying something. Check this podcast out.
Where is a geek to turn? To two geeks! That's where! These guys are awesome! We should pay them money... so that they in turn might pay other people who could also use said money... ahem... any ways props!
out off all the podcasts i've tried this is by far my fav and is perfect for anyone into geeky topics.
After over 75 episodes, this is still a great podcast! Keep up the good work, and thanks for the weekly dose of geekiness!
Scott and Ben are fun hosts. I really enjoy hearing their takes on movies, TV, trailers, comics, and any other random topic they decide to talk about. I especially like the "If We Ran Hollywood" segment they do every so often where Scoot and Ben discuss their story ideas and how they would cast a particular film. If you love things of a "geeky" nature, you should find plenty to enjoy about this show.
These guys are a lot of fun and always produce a quality show. Great discussions, and intriguing POV's. Wholly reccomended.
Scott and Ben have a great back and forth rapport, and the topics they discuss are the things I talk about with my best friends. Seeing as my best friends are hours away, Scott and Ben fill that gap very nicely!
One of the best podcasts out there! I listen to all the shows and they are all amazing!
Every week...or so, I can't wait to dig my teeth into this Podcast-sandwich that is "Two Geeks!" These two guys fill me up with all things geeky. I feel like these guys deliver a 5 star podcast each episode. Ben is a fresh voice in the world of podcasting. His lyrically tones rock through your computer and into your mind! Scott Carelli play this podcast as his magically fiddle and he is Charlie Daniels! All around great stuff as a Podcast. Two Geeks all the way! By the way, all these are quotes from a man I heard downtown talking to his shoelace....
Seriously this is the only podcast I can give the time of day to.
Great show by some funny guys boyfriend made me write this. Apparently this podcast asked their listeners to write as many 5 star reviews as possible. He's always talking about them. He says they're very funny. Apparently, they talk about comic books, movies and video games. Which is cool....I guess...if your a geek. But I'm serious. He listens to them all the time. God forbid we go on a road trip, then I have to hear it for 3 hours at a clip. Now he's reminding me that this is suppossed to be a positive review. But it is very cool in a geeky way. The Ben guy makes me laugh.
I am totally addicted to your show. I don't go anywhere without Ben and Scott in my pocketsies. You have saved my viewing on many occasions and helped me out alot with comic movies, since my city has none. This is true quality podcasting and one of the only things that I will listen to besides music. Ya'll rock (but Ben is totally wicked!!)
They are very smart and funny if you give them a couple tries, you will get over the rants and grow to love them both.
You made a great hit with this show, kinda like Porkens! Love it keep it going
This is a great podcast to listen too. It's funny and entertaining. I love the witty banter that goes on between these two guys. I love the length of the podcast as well. It's nice to listen to while doing housework. I enjoy getting their opinions on new movies and TV shows. I usually agree with their critiques on my favorite show, Smallville. I love MeteorGeek too. So you guys definitely need to check these two podcasts out. You won't be disappointed.
Love the Podcast! All the Geekshow podcasts are great.
Scott and Ben do an awesome job with lots of TV and movie talk. They've convinced me to watch many movies that wouldn't have otherwise. They're funny, but usually stay on topic as well. Also, their special episode movie reviews are great.
Settle down for a long, pleasent audio experience. Hosted by two loveable, energetic geeks that genuinely care about movies, comics and TV, "Two Geeks a Mic and a Podcast" is one of the most consistently enjoyable podcasts around. While eps can sometimes stretch towards 2 hours, it's charming and funny enough to where you never get bored.
I first listened to Scott And Ben on their birthday, episode 23. I could not stop laughing so I added the podcast in addition to geekintertainment. Now I can never wait for the next episode. Well... only when the episodes go on long... (Always)
This is my favorite Geek-related podcast. I love listening to these guys talk about all the topics that I care the most about. I may not agree with everything they say, but I can really respect their opinions. Love this show
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Scott and Ben keep me informed about upcoming movies and geeky fandom. I enjoy their discussions about comics vs. movies, their banter and even when I don't agree, I find they make me really think! A lot more than just your average review show these guys are up on what's what. Plus, Ben is hilarious and Scott is cute (wait did I just go fan girl?) R U Listening?
I like the things they discuss, althought Ben and Scott can be a little too much sometimes. I don't always agree with their taste and they tend to be a little uninformed about the things they talk about. For example, when they brought up the movie, I Am Legend, neither of them seemed to know that it was based on a very classic horror novel. Major deduction in geek points! Scott also tends to state movie rumors as definite fact, and his constant use of the word "supposebly" or "supposevly" (can't tell which he's saying) drives me INSANE! Scott, neither of those are actually words! Please don't start saying, "irregardless," either. Still, they've definitely improved over the last year, and they seem like nice enough guys.
It can be very hard to listen to an entire broadcast that is upward of 1 HOUR! It really is two Geeks on a Mic! If you have ever been to a comicbook store and heard a clerk and customer postulate why the "Thing" can easily beat the "Hulk" and cite comic after comic to back why his or her point of view is correct...then imagine taking those two home with you and listen to them for an hour. Sometimes its funny, sometimes there is no real purpose...for 1 HOUR! If both would just put a little more energy into the podcast (i.e. Superman episode) it would make the listening experience a little better. You decide.
Finally! It's okay to be a Geek! I also love their Smallville podcast. These guys are great! I listen to this show every night. It's great!
Ben and Scott I think you guys have a good thing going...I especially like the METEORGEEK podcast. You guys keep doing what your doing.
If I were to compare these guys to fictional characters, I'd have to pick some incidentals from the Jersey Trilogy. Kevin Smith would very much identify with Ben and Scott, as they are the Fanboys. Which one is Steve-Dave? It think it's Ben. If you don't mind their semi-informed ranting and bizarre tangents (expect sung renditions of 80's cartoon theme songs), check them out. You just might learn about the political affiliation of the independant contractors working on the second Death Star. Beware, they last an hour or more on average.