Reviews For Brianisinyou

That's what it's like listening to Brian and Sean discuss their lives in LA. It's loud and rip roaring funny. If you must listen to a podcast this year, this is the one for you!


By MacGr
I have to say that the show is quite funny and very interesting. It's a look at life in a land that's foreign to everywhere, LA. It's topical. It's just plain fun to listen to. But the title concerns me a bit-- I don't know how the name came to be, but as a straight guy I sure don't want Brian in me.
I got turned on to Brian Is In You from NLO, but I think I like it more. Than that show, that's not Brian Is In You. I laugh at the jokes and stuff, and a lot of the bits are pretty good. Sean is the man. Jake brings some good energy and attitude to the show. Brian runs the sound board (I think).
Best new podcast of the year! Do yourself a favor and download a few of the archived episodes. You will become a fan after listening. I guarantee it!
How is such genius still undiscovered? This podcast is probably one of the single greatest things to have ever gone in my ears. And trust me, there have been many things in there over the years.
Never have I laughed so hard for so long. You make the mundane tolerable. Keep up the good work fellas!


By ajsaiz
These guys are fun to be with. I would take them all out drinking in a minute.
I'm not supposed to be overly sexual or hateful, but I will do my best. This is a great podcast (especially if listened to live) and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys solid gold comedy. Rock rock on.
Go BK! This podcast is addictive! Aggie helps keep the guys in line. I just came across this podcast recently, so I've been catching up. Kudos!
Not worth 40 dollars. Everything is unoriginal, including the name, which is copied from Red Bar Radio.
this is one of the greatest podcasts on iTunes and should most def. be number one. seriously, if you arent subscribed.. click the button.. right now. no.. seriously .. do it.
and no this isn't just coming from a's a great show and brian really knows his stuff!!
And that's not just coming from someone who worked with ya. I'm wanna make you a theme song!
I know BKing from EF, and I have to say that he is one of the coolest people that I have met on the internet and I hardly even know him. That's about it. Oh, Brian, post the "EF for the Blind" podcasts.
Yea holy crap, me and my friends (Me, Nick, Brian, and Evan) call this show so many times. Brian has been on it 3 times, Evan 2, and Me, Nick, and Brian called like 3845748 times before episode 13. GO BRIANISINYOU! YOU GIVE OUR LIVES A MEANING!