Reviews For Gardening Conversations: Four seasons of gardening with Cooperative Extension horticulturist Amy Ivy. Matha Foley hosts

Most of the short conversations are quite interesting and informative. The July episode on Tomatoes just had some wrong information. However, the last episode on Japanese Beetles was entertaining and spot on.
I love listening to Amy's expertise. She's knowledgable and helpful. This is a quick weekly listen that I look forward to every week.
I love this podcast. It's so easy to listen to and keeps you on track during the gardening season. I just wish they were longer episodes!! :)
I love this podcast. Martha and Amy have this easy relationship, and their gentle banter is full of good gardening tips. Sometimes, the information is stuff I know, but have been uninspired to do until I hear Martha explain how she, too, doesn't want to do some dreaded chore, but then does and is glad for it. I don't know why, but it makes it easier to get that chore done. I love how every subject matches the season. When it's cold outside, it's about planning and learning, when the weather is warmer, it's about what the weather is doing, and how it's affecting the garden. Or what to watch for in the garden at any given spot. It's never preachy or strident, it's just lovely, as close to being out in the garden as can be replicated in a podcast. I am especially grateful for this in the winter, when I can't actually be in my garden and can only wish for the days to warm enough to start the soil prep and weeding and planting. This podcast makes it easy to dream.
Love listening and always learn something about a plant I have or want -or- hear a tip that I can I use in my own garden. Thanks for a great podcast!
I love this podcast. Amy Ivy knows her stuff, and I always pick up a hint or two that I can use in my garden.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Though I don't live in upstate New York, and I don't even have a gardening area in my condo, I find this podcast enjoyable, entertaining, and educational.