This Week in Nuclear

Reviews For This Week in Nuclear

Excellent podcast, great insight into the business of commercial nuclear energy. As I write this review we are in day five of the Fukushima tragedy, and our hearts and prayers are with those brave, dedicated people working to protect the public and mitigate further damage. No doubt we will learn from this event and make changes to prevent this from happening again. Our industry does that well. But we will face opposition from a concerned public that is well-meaning but often ill-informed. We need the voices of people like John Wheeler to help the public understand the real lessons from this event, and how those lessons apply to our industry. We miss you, John.
I really with episodes would come out more often, though. I've been waiting for weeks. I hope this isn't one of those podcasts where the originator loses interest and it dies on the vine.
Excellent podcast on the U.S. and global nuclear power industries, the latest news, etc. As a U.S. naval officer who has worked in and around nuclear power / nuclear weapons for years, I look forward to John’s podcast for accurate news and insightful commentary.
This is a great podcast for anyone who is interested learning about the only real technology that has a chance of generating large amounts of energy with out chocking are planet in green house gasses.
Mr. Wheeler's professional knowledge of what's happening in the nuclear industry worldwide, but especially in the US, makes an interesting perspective on how nuclear energy fits into the world energy crises. He addresses industry and political hurdles with facts and figures to back up his views. I always look forward to a new broadcast.