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Great podcast. Keep making more episodes please.
Wonderful idea, but only one episode. Where can I find more? Otherwise, what's the point?
I really like this approach.
True he is a non native speaker, but I am a beginner and could follow him even when he spoke quickly. Good for grammar, vocabulary and confidence. Loved it.
I dont like the accent that he speaks with. Couldn't they have gotten someone else that has an accent so people can hear what Spanish is suppose to sound like? The story is alright though.
could be a good review but the instructor's accent is terrible and hard to listen to. too bad because most of what is available on podcast is for advanced students, but i couldn't listen. is there a native spanish speaker around who could give the lessons?
Fantastic way to work on listening comprehension. Love this. Please produce more. Please!!!
This is an AMAZING way for me to work on my spanish listening skills. MORE PLEASE. This truely is a great podcast!


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i learned spanish by this thanks
This is a very enjoyable podcast. I wish they had more episodes. Right now I'm finding it very useful, and I'm complementing it with this other one I found ("Voces Hispanas"), which is great also and helps you learn about Spanish in different countries.
This is a gret exercise for improving your spanish. As a beginner, I find it useful in that it helps me with the conversational flow of the language. Unfortunately, it appears this is another good podcast that has been abandoned.


Excellent Spanish review. Thank you!
Excellent stuff. Mil gracias! Please keep it coming.
Are other episodes available at fee?
Gracias! this podcast is great for reveiwing and perfecting your Spanish skills
Please keep them coming. This is a great service!
This is a wonderful podcast. It's been 30 years since my high school Spanish, but the slowly-read stories are understandable, and I like that the explanantions are in Spanish, not English. Only request: Make previous lessons downloadable. I subscribed starting with episode 2, but the only way I could listen to episode 1 was to stream it - I couldn't download it to my iPod. !Gracias, Senor McQuillan!
This is a great series for reviewing or improving your Spanish skills. A great plus is that the entire "story" is written out in the description section so that you can read it and follow along. Please continue with these lessons!