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By go nats
A must for caps fans
Good caps coverage, also suggest checking out the in and out show ft Mathirsty very entertaining Washington DC sports show with a lot of caps coverage
I usually engjoy this podcast but over the psst two editions the guys have been calling the Hawks a "one and done" Cup Champions. Wouldn't one wait for the next Cup winner to be crowned before this claim?
if you love Caps hockey, you must subscribe to the Capitals Report. Mike and Stretch entertain guests, provide in depth info, behind the scenes details and answer a ton of listener mail. enjoy the podcast and Go Caps!
This is a good podcast. I am not a caps fan but a hockey fan. These guys are good at what they do and have consistent content on hockey EVEN on the offseason. I'd recommend this and the minnesota wild pondcast for the hockey fan missing the regular season. More NHL teams need to keep content current! The original teams should be ashamed, just check Toronto and Montreal and you'll get nothing like this.
Easily the best podcast on my Ipod. These guys bring it every week and they make it fun!
Mike Vogel and Brett Leonhardt are your hosts for a great podcast about the Capitals and sometimes the Hershey Bears. Hear all the latest Caps news, send in/call with your questions and hear about the NHL in general. This is the weekly podcast. Download Precap for a shorter, game specific podcast. Better yet, download both. Worth your time if you're a Caps fan.
This is a top-notch show. It's a great source of NHL action and even if you are not a Capitals fan I can highly recommend this to all NHL fans.
If you're a Caps fan the Capitals Report and PreCap should be on your list of Podcasts.
Vogs, Nate, and Spike do a great job of bring honest opinions, good nterviews, and quality content to fans. They are insiteful and cover a broad range of topics not just the Caps, but the boys on the farm.
i liked it even tho i dont know what hockey is but i love lacoste and coach prep fpr life
entertaining interviews from michael farber, who wrote ovechkin SI article, brooks laich, and bruce boudreau, bears head coach. interesting stuff on caps players not heard anywhere else. worth your time if you're a die hard caps fan like me.