Reviews For Learn Japanese | (Video)

ありがとうございます This has helped me. I’d also recommend watching and subscribing to their other podcast and sub to this one too! 5 stars! This might not be really helpful but I changed my iPhone language to Japanese lol. I really want to visit Japan in about 2 years or less. So like when I 12. Imma sign up for my free lifetime account on my pc so that I can learn more. I’m really interested in the culture and all that. It’s pretty easy to find things even if their in Japanese. I have a notebook written down with some Japanese words and phrases that I would like to remember. I also printed out Hiragana sheets and made it into a lil book. I’m gonna do it with Katakana and Kanji so that I can remember all of it or all that I can. Well have a great day/night/morning/afternoon/evening. (It’s night for me/10 pm) おやすみなさい!💤😴🌙 (I’m using Kana Flick keyboard lel).
ありがとうございます😊、this has helped me learn kanji a lot and Japanese (日本語) in general.
It seems to me like none of these are in order so I don’t know how to just start one and keep listening. Help anybody???
Meh get your game together this is a very good podcast for beginners!
Love the podcast! Very informing fun and helpful
ありがとうございます! I love this podcast. It helps me with Japanese a lot! It is a great podcast to use along with any course you may be taking. They find a way to make learning Japanese (日本語) fun!!


Didn't feel like it stretched you and had an old fashion vibe to it. Didn't really feel engaged. Two stars might be a bit generous but I'm a nice guy.
I started to really learn and love this it's over. :( get back to work!!
I love this podcast. It's one of the best I've ever seen. Keep it up guys.
I love learning new things about Japan because i love Anime so this really helps me understand their language better because it shows you the words as well and they do it in a way that its fun!
The Good: Pretty good to excellent production values especially compared to similar podcasts. Very easy on the eyes, clear and easy to understand what is being taught. The Bad: Need more episodes, learning a new language is fun and you get geared up to learn you'll want more episodes. Long intro in every episode, I watch each segment more than once (especially when working out) and it gets to you. The Ugly: When you sign up at their website they we'll hound you to death to upgrade to their paid service. Five e-mails a day, one stating " i am confused why you're not signing up for our premium service". Kind of scary when you think about it.
A great way to study helpful japanese words, and is easy to recall once you learn it. Thank you for this podcast, keep continuing it, all the reviews from the people who have tried it so far love it. :]
I have been using this for maybe 6 months or so. I have learned so much from this and didn't go to their website until maybe after a few months. They often have good deals to see what their website is like though which I take advantage of from time to time. Definitely you can learn a lot just from listening, I really like this podcast a lot.
I stumbled upon this podcast, just because I thought it would be cool to know some words so I could travel to Japan, drink some sake and visit a maid cafe :). After a week I am hooked, I just listen to it on my Ipod when I am at the gym, cleaning, walking the dog. It is actually pretty fun, the people are very likeable and much effort is put into this podcast. Download the beginner series at the website if you are new and start from there. Great Job Peter!
A part of me wants to rave about this podcast in Romaji, just to show how helpful it is. I'm taking Japanese this year at my high school and was originally planning on using the podcast as "practice". Instead, what I got was an amazingly useful resource that in only three short weeks has helped me understand the language and culture immensely. I can already understand words that my friends, one of which has studied Japanese for few years, simply cannot remember or comprehend! For anyone who prefers learning in short, take-anywhere bursts, this is for you. If not, then this is also for you. It's really that good.
I was introduce to your podcast by a cousin and is been refreshing, I live in Okinawa for 2 years and it was an awesome experience I love Japan their food and like you guys remind me the other day moss burger, MAN that’s stuff was really good also Okinawa hokka hokka bento, wow you guys are bringing a new desire ans the way you are teaching is so easy to understand. Keep doing what you are doing because is awesome!!!!! P.S. I was a missionary in the Okinawa island so I will say kamino megumiga arimasiouni!
This is an excellent effort. Having studied Japanese on and off for a few years now, I have found that I make the most improvement when I'm actually interacting with my Japanese friends in a social setting, where spirits are high and my sincere desire to communicate is much greater than any feeling of shame or inadequacy I might feel as a speaker. Japanesepod101 manages to create this feeling and bottle it. The native Japanese speakers have excellent voices and are all extremely charming. The native English speaker clearly loves both the language and culture and his enthusiasm is simply contagious. He clearly remembers what it was like to learn and makes clarifying points just where you want to hear them without being in the least pedantic or condescending. The entire staff is obviously working very hard to constantly improve the production quality and format of each new segment. It's a labor of love and it shows. I can't recommend this podcast highly enough.
Far and away the best Japanese podcast available. For a beginner, the pace is just right on this excellent podcast. And as much as I like learning about the language, I also love the cultural lessons that are always woven into each lesson. My only critique is that sometimes the American spends too much time presenting the lesson and not enough time on the lesson itself, and I wish they had more participation from Japanese male speakers.
Stumbled across this quite on accident and was pleasantly surprised. Definitely more "beginner" level, but as an intermediate speaker I found it an excellent review, and I even picked up a few phrases and words I wasn't using already. The classes are short, but taught with charm and humor, and offer lesson notes which are downloaded onto your iPod with the podcast (and can be downloaded in PDF form from the website. An excellent adjunct to your Japanese learning. Recommended!
Lessons here are basic but essential. The US Department of State rates Japanese as a "Superhard Language", and for good reason. That's why this podcast is a vital partner in the struggle to master this daunting tongue. These lessons are short, to the point, well-explained, with clear-talking native speakers who really understand how to sound things out.