Becoming a Nurse

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Hey! I am a nursing student as well, and I am always checking to see if there's anything interesting - nursing related here on itunes..... I never seem to find much! I keep telling myself I should do something, but as a nursing student - there's no time!! I enjoyed listening to your clinical experience! Kudos to you & good luck!
The other review regarding "freedom of speech" is inaccurate, if you're going to provide criticism it should be done constructively (help out instead of just insult). Video podcasting the daily life of a "nurse to be" is a great idea! It's made in a creative, delicate, and well organized manner, making it easy to watch. However, it would be even better if it could concentrate more on nursing (the interview with the senior lady was interesting) and a little less on non-nursing related subjects so as to reflect to the title of this podcast. Keep up the good work, make it interesting! ;-)


By kliss
Talk about freedom of speech. Some people need some psychological help.