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Easy way to increase your faith engagement Entertaining and Educational
Dr. Ziegler has elevated the Lutheran Hour to an even higher place. I enjoy his delivering a series of sermons that weave together around a place in the Bible or a fabric of the Lutheran Church.
Very much appreciate the opportunity to hear God’s word while traveling. Suggest LHM review the audio quality of opening organ music as it was very painful to listen to from mobile phone while on the road. Acoustical guitar music on back end of recording was much more pleasant. Thank you for the ministry!
I look forward to this every weekend. This service helps keep me grounded. Thank you!
This hidden gem is worth your time!


By brbsola
The Word of the Lord endures forever
Helps me Keep in touch with Gods word daily!!
The Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler as Speaker of The Lutheran Hour is a truly gifted preacher and has an excellent way of bringing the Scriptures to reality! He is easy to listen to and makes his points with clarity. Truly good for all listeners, thereby a gift from God bringing God’s Word to the world! God is great, all the time!
Such a great blessing. Thank you!
I really enjoyed your message Dr. Ziegler.
I’m not Lutheran but I listen on the radio every Sunday and the broadcasts that I miss, I make up with the podcast. I really look forward to each one. I pray that God continues to bless your ministry.
Fantastic podcast! The messages are Christ centered and encouraging. It's part of my weekly routine and I look forward to future podcasts.
Pastor Seitz continues the Lutheran Hour tradition in good form, mixing devotions and choral music with current events and stories of Lutheran missions world-wide. I look forward to it every week.
What a simple, powerful and clear presentation of the gospel! The real life stories, illustrations and insights keep me coming back, thirsting for more but most of all, inspired and hopeful about today and the future. God Bless Pastor Seltz and the Lutheran Hour…more relevant today than ever before.
After so many wonderful years with Pastor Ken Klaus at the LHM helm I was fearful that the new speaker would not have the power of proclaiming the gospel as Rev. Klaus has displayed for so many years. I need not have been concerned. Rev. Seltz brings his own God given gift as the new LHM speaker. God bless Greg Seltz and may his service to LHM and the risen Christ be a long and successful relationship. Amen.
I really enjoy Rev. Klaus' teachings. I am not Lutheran but his messages apply to all of us. Wonderful voice and demeanor.
I have listened to The Lutheran Hour for a few months now and cannot give thanks and praise enough. So many times, the messages have hit directly home to me and what has been going on in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this program! Lord's blessings to all!
I'm not Lutheran but I still love listening to this podcast. Pastor Klaus has a wonderful way presenting messages that are timely and applicable to daily life.
I don't find too many christian podcasts like this one. Most of them tell me "just trying harder" or "be better", then God will help you. The Lutheran hour says it like the Bible does, "Troubles will come but God is with you and through his son he saved you." It doesn't get any more uplifting than that.
Pastor Ken Klaus' teachings are timely and entertaining!
This is such a wonderful and inspirational podcast. Great for Christians of all ages. It is good to see Lutherans represented!
The Lutheran Hour has been around since the Great Depression in the 1930's. At one time, it was one of the most important and most widely distributed religious programs in the world via radio and shortwave. What you will get is solid Lutheran teaching, interesting anecdotes, a good speaker, and, sometimes, good traditional music. It's no longer an hour but The Lutheran Hour is as American as apple pie. If you are looking for good biblical teaching without right wing politics, you can't go wrong with this show.