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I stumbled across this podcast about six months ago and it is become one of my favorites. It has very clear Catholic teaching and is done in a way that is respectful to other faith traditions. I look forward to each time a new podcast is come out. Thanks for all the work you do bringing this out to us.
I love this podcast because it is so rich in the Catholic Faith. You can learn a lot from this podcast with a little of everything like the social teaching of the Church, testimonies of the converts, and much more...
Phill and his guest hosts have a real pulse on current culture and issues. They know the Catholic Faith deeply and have a particular skill in presenting it clearly and powerfully. Who says Catholics can't “preach”? They slash through sometimes complex doctrines, applying them to contemporary concerns and contrasting them to the spirits of the age: Secularism, Feminism, Humanism, Relativism, Protestantism and their contribution to the Culture of Death. You may or may not agree with Phill and his guests, but one thing is for sure… YOU CAN'T IGNORE THEM! They bring faith and reason along with their arguments.
There is so much content to listen to. The conversion stories are truly inspiring. The people are so excited about their faith and share it in a way that warms my heart. The informational pieces go very deep into the subjects and bring out many things to help me increase my understanding of the Catholic Church.