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The Japanese speaker is too fast and difficult to understand. Why is the English translation louder?
This is a great podcast! However, the episode Survival Phrases #1 - Thank You seems to be from the French series, not the Japanese series.


By Kobe J.
Amazing and fun way to learn formal Japanese. ありがとうございます!
One day I hope to move to japan, but first I have to learn Japanese. This is very helpful I really recommend listening if you want to easily learn Japanese.
Appreciate the content
Lovely Japanese class !!😃
After watching a Japanese romance anime show, which had subtitles, I got really interested in this podcast. I’m a huge Anime fanatic, and I love the beautiful language that is Japanese! You are Amazing! Is there a way to say Camille in Japanese? -Thank you SO MUCH Naomi and Jesse! (Or Jessie)
I’ve listened to some podcast to learn Japanese, but this one is definitely my favorite. It makes Japanese seems so much more approachable and less scary to learn. The youtube channel is also very helpful. Please do check them out.
Good way to learn Japanese. The website is amazing, but expensive. Great podcasts.
My concerns with this podcast have to do with focus. Granted, I understand that this iTunes Store version is simply a "teaser" for their paid services, so I know that not all the content is available here. However, there are some issues that really bug me every time I try t listen. First, in almost every edition of the podcast, there is a cheeseball musical intro that lasts about 35 seconds. If I'm on the train or in the car, I don't have a free hand to skip it. It really is absolutely obnoxious, and it totally turns me off before the lesson even starts. The hosts say the name of the podcast in weird, sarcastic voices that sound like they're not serious. You might say this is an irrelevant issue, but why does the podcast need this musical intro? It does nothing but to take away from my experience, and if they really want to be the "fastest, easiest, most fun way" to learn Japanese, then that's a miss in all three categories. Also, sometimes the hosts will talk about irrelevant stuff, and I lose focus instantly. Please, stay on topic! Please, stay professional! If Peter wants to talk earnestly about his business goals, that's cool, but save it for another podcast. The content itself is very good, though if the transcripts were downloaded with the podcast so I could follow along on the iPhone it would be better. I love studying Japanese, and I would consider signing up for their paid service, but these distractions keep me away.
Great way to improve Japanese. How can I get the whole series ?
it's realy good podcasts but nothing like teacher any way its realy nice



By klbc
Useful for learning Japanese either English !
My iPod can't play all the Introdutions :( Cant even load them :( otherwise than the clips I cant hear, The entire JspanesePod101 collection is great :)
I always used the PDFs to supplement the listening. It is a great way to learn fast. Reading along while listening is also a great way to improve your pronunciation.
Listening to this podcast on the train has really improved my listening skills. I like listening to some of the beginner and newbie lessons to review the basics. There are so many lessons; there's always something new to listen to. It's really helped me now that I live in Japan.


i luv this podcast!
This is a great way to brush up on your existing Japanese language skills. I have studied Japanese for years at the college level and for 1 full year in Osaka, Japan at Kansai Gaidai University. After coming back to the US after 3-years in Osaka, I started losing Japanese language skills quickly. This podcast helps me to retain and re-enforce the skills I already have after years of learning.
this podcast is one of the best on itunes for learning japanese and about japanese culture. for anyone going to japan, an anime lover, or just interested in japanese, this podcast is for you!
This podcast is a great resourece for learning new and practical vocabulary. Furthermore, there is ample written material on their website including Kanji and Kana that prompted me to quickly purchase a membership to get all of their podcasts. As I use the program more, however, I do have a complaint: not enough room for practice. It seems that (at least in the beginning levels) I must listen to a 10 minute lesson to hear 9 minutes of English and 1 minute of new vocabulary in Japanese. I would really like a track that prompts the listener to interact and respond to phrases in mock conversations (the Pimsleur program does this, which I really like). This oral practice would really help me solidify the new Japanese that I learn. For me, I'm mostly using this in the car and on my iPod so without the interactive element in the audio lessons, I'm unsure if I will continue with the program. All other elements and resources of this podcast and their website, however, are exceptional.
Does anyone know if this will be free forever... because this is a lot to just download for free. But honestly, I'm not complaining... :-)
Over 20 years ago, I studied Japanese intensely in grad school for research purposes, but ended up not using it so much. In recent years, I've had the opportunity to travel to Japan for brief visits, and this has rekindled my interest in learning Japanese, and then I found JapanesePod101! It's excellent! It has been far more effective a teacher of Japanese for me, though having had intensive study before has helped. JP101's approach also gives you the kind of Japanese you're more likely to hear in Japan as you travel. The enthusiasm and passion of the staff is wonderful; the lessons are fun and to the point: I love it! I listen to the podcasts everyday on my train commute, and the fun and energy that comes through in each episode is truly effective in helping you remember and retain what you learn, and I love the weird stories. Not only are they fun and funny, they get you involved in the characters and this helps you learn. Truly fabulous stuff! The staff is absolutely terrific! Keep it up, and don't stop!
I'm happy with this podcast for the most part. It's easy and helpful, and one of the best ways to learn a language. I do have one complaint though. In the upper intermediate classes I wish the Japanese speakers would only speak Japanese. So many times when they are talking to Peter they will be speaking in Japanese and then suddenly say the "difficult" words in English. I'm sure they are just trying to be helpful, but it's a little frustrating. If you think we won't understand it, have Peter translate after speaking. Here is an example where I believe Natsuko-san is speaking, "Saikin wa 'traditional' na 'Japanese Inn' demo...". This is just one example, and if it were isolated I could live with it, but this is in almost every lesson. Please don't speak English unless you are translating a whole sentence. It's unhelpful and annoying. Sorry for the rant. I do like this podcast.
I am new to learning japanese, this really is helping me ...i would recommend to anyone


By jth808
i'll admit, its a great idea. the only thing is, the guy has a slight american accent going on.
I love all sorts of things about japan, and my friends are trying to learn japanese they're gunna be jelous plus its free *yay*
I have struggled to learn Japanese with software. It's kinda hard when it comes to phrases such as please (don't ask me to spell it) which is incredibly long
The audio is great. The lessons seem geared towards elementary school children (the speed and tone). I mean it's very very easy. Too much english in the first episode. Hopefully the others will be better. This seems like a great team but give it to me without all the fluff.
Learn Japanese for FREE, and the shows are very entertaining, as well as educational. Excellent Performers, Beutiful Voices. Thank You JapanesePod101 !
THIS is the best pod cast that i have every seen. i was taking japanese at a college and it was really boring because everything are always a one answer sentence. this gave me multiple options to choose from. Also, peter and his crew have that exciting tone that keeps me listening.
Teacher not telling you everything? Subscribe to Japanesepod101 and get what you really need. They do survival lessons that will help you get around Tokyo, and the rest of Japan. They did a series on what you need to know to buy a ticket for a train, subway, or bus. Another podcast focused on the food ticket machines. That one was quite cool, and will be helpful when I move to Japan! What textbook or instructor will tell you about these things?!? The regulars and guests are also riots with their humor, and interaction. Everyone will also do different voices so you can hear many ways of hearing Japanese with either young or old people. Very, very nice, and without further ado.......


By shazi
By far the best Internet based Japanese teaching program out there. Well done. We use it in our University.
I have never before heard such pleasantness and enthusiasm. I am so thrilled to have found this welcoming and very informative series. I have every podcast available. Short bites that go over the same thing in a variety of ways. Nothing formal about this, but very, very well done and very authoratative. Like learning Japanese with your friends in their living room! A Japanese livingroom! Having an American voice as the "guide" is sure brilliance! I fell confortable speaking (learning) Japanese for the very first time! Thank you! Thank you so much.
I really envy this podcast.. I wish korea had this kinda podcast, i know, nobody will study korean.. anyway, I think this is great *(tears)*
The best free educational tool for learning Japanese that I have found so far. Wonderfully insightful, clear speaking, and a website with additional learning material to boot! Keep up the amazing work. This has got to be one of the best and most useful podcasts out there!!!
I recently discovered JapanesePod101 after trying to study Japanese on my own for many months. This was the perfect time for me, since I was ready to go beyond what you find on the usual CD lessons. This is so much better: not just stock phrases, but a variety of ways to say things presented in fun, enthusiastic lessons. I listen to the daily lesson and try to write it down based on what I hear. Then, I double click and check to see if I got it right. I feel like I am finally making progress! Arigato gozaimasu!
I found JapanesePod101 on ITunes and listen to it at work, it is GREAT. I dream of the day I can return to Japan, Tendo-shi, Yamagata-ken, where I spent the summer of 1978 with the Noakahashi family and had one of the best experiences of my life. When (one can always dream) I go back I will know more of the language that 20 years has dimmed from my memory.
I have been listenin to JapanesePod101 for about 2 weeks now and cannot stop listening and practicing! This series of podcasts, not only introduces language and useful phrases, but gives details on culture and tradition as well. Having listened to the first 20 or so podcasts from the beginning, I cannot stress how excellent it is to learn this language from the comfort of the car, train, etc. Peter, Natsuko, Sakura, and the rest of the crew are so enthusiastic and energetic! Give them a listen and you will just beg for more. Arigato Gozaimasu!
This podcast has been so very helpful in preparing for our upcoming trip to Japan. I am taking my two teenage boys to Japan for 3 weeks and although my japanese is pretty rusty, I feel pretty confident about it now. I've downloaded all the episodes into my ipod and have been listening whenever I can! Thanks!
This is the first podcast I stumbled upon when looking for a podcast that would help me with Japanese. I've enjoyed it so much I started looking for other podcasts for Japanese students, but was thoroughly disappointed by what else was out there, because this one set the bar so high! You feel like you're getting your own private lesson with friendly native speakers of Japanese, and your American host, Peter. (I eat lunch with them every day in the cafeteria, via podcast!) The pace is great, and you learn a lot, and the length is just right. It's not loaded down with advertising, music or headers - you jump right in, have an interesting conversation long enough to get a lot out of it, but short enough you can stop when break time's over. Not only do you pick up lots of great vocabulary, expressions and grammar, but culture, as well. Thanks, and keep up the good work! I love this podcast!
Last year, I went to Japan for 8 weeks. I struggled with paid audio courses, and I never got past saying hello and ordering food. Boy, I wish this podcast had been around then!!! The quality of these Japanese lessons are just as good as any paid audio course. In fact, they're often better, because they're not confined by a rigid framework. The irreverent banter sometimes gets on my nerves, but overall, I find each lesson insightful and immediately applicable. I would use these lessons to complement a standard Japanese audio course like Pimsleur. I highly recommend this podcast for any Japan traveler or student of Japanese language and culture!
I can easily say that not only is JapanesePod101 the best podcast I have heard but it is also the best audio tool for learning Japanese surpassing expensive CD box sets. Whereas CDs such as "Pimselur" are expensive, dry, and boring; Peter Galante, Sakura Suzuki, & the rest of the JapanesePod101 crew teach you a difficult language with a logical and natural approach. Before you know it, you are actually learning Japanese. What Peter and the gang do the best is that they are clearly having fun teaching you and the energy carries over to you and makes you really want to learn more and more. The only times I had trouble pronouncing certain words wasn't because of the difficulty, it was because I was smiling to much. ^_^ Arigatou Gozaimasu! Ganbatte Kudasai!
Makes my day every day! Very educational and definitely my favorite podcast on the internet. I am subscribed on about 5 different computers to make sure that I don't miss it. Thanks so much! John Dyer
Honestly, I can't find a better way to describe JapanesePod101. They make everything so simple, I just wish my Spanish teacher could do things so well! JapanesePod101 makes their lessons short but affective with great and helpful points. Their technique is impeccable and their coverage is immense. I manage to fit in a lesson every morning going to school (so fitting it in before work shouldn't be a problem) and even going home from school. Honestly, would you rather listen to some rap song you don't even understand or take a Japanese lesson and further your knowledge of the world around you?
With this podcast you get a tool to increase your japanese ability by being entertained. Because of its enthusiastic and humorous presentation by native japanese and english speakers you might think that you will be able to speak japanese fluently in few weeks. Maybe you won't speak fluently but you surely won't give up to master this difficult language. As an advanced speaker you can listen to intermediate lessons, or if you just want to impress your friends or yourself saying some japanese phrases during your vacation in Japan, the provided survival phrases are certainly helpful. Its entertaining nature doesn't mean at all that it has no professional features. Just to mention the most important ones: The homepage provides you with PDF files of lesson notes, kanji notes, and special notes with an extra audio file of the casual version of the conversation (with this subscription you get the formal audio files). Last but not least, there are the questions and helpful comments of other listeners posted on the page which enable to exchange both basic and up-to-date information very fast. And all the package is for free! So, if you want to increase the value of your iPod and you are interested in Japanese language and culture, subscribe to this podcast and enjoy the lessons.
You guys rock, I listen to your podcast every day and have learned so much from it. I have lived in japan for over a year now and have learned more in the 3 months listening to your podcast than the rest of the year. Great work, keep it up. Seth