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I am glad to have a local program that covers bicycling in its many forms and functions. The hosts are intelligent and well-versed in their culture, and the guests are often the big names that we are interested in hearing from. This is a community radio project, and so the ethic that guides it shapes the nature of the program and its conversations; there are times when I would love to hear the hosts speak more about their own opinions or moderate a good-natured debate, but generally this program gives one point of view and tends to avoid controversy. I'd love to hear a "fixie" representative and a "racing cyclist" go head to head on methods and assumptions about bicycling...
Great little podcast! It deals mostly with advocacy in the Portland area. It is very inspiring to hear all the great things that the folks in Portland are doing to promote cycling as an alternative mode of transportation. I love it. Keep up the great work!
Wow, great show- lots of good stuff! Even though I live in los Angeles its great to hear about Or cycling.
Love this show! Makes me want to live in Portland instead of Texas. Keep up the great podcasts!