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I am so grateful I found the NIP Advanced Podcast. I lived in Spain for 2 years, and love hearing Castilian Spanish (Marina’s accent is clear and beautiful). I am a Spanish teacher, and I truly appreciate that Ben occasionally makes mistakes, and how Marina gently corrects him. The mistakes he makes make perfect sense in the target language, and are so very useful as I guide and teach my own students Spanish. Mil gracias, Marina y Ben. ¡Adelante!
I am a teacher and regularly listen to these podcasts to continue getting language input. I also recommend them/assign them to students to do the same. I really enjoy the topics and I continually learn new words or phrases to increase my proficiency in Spanish used in Spain. Ben and Marina are very enjoyable to listen to and I appreciate Ben’s transparency in having questions or making occasional mistakes. I know Spanish speakers who have lived in the US for over 20 years and still make mistakes or can’t think of an English word. It is encouraging to me as a non native Spanish speaker that perfection is not the norm!
I have listened to dozens of their podcasts and my Spanish has improved as a result. This husband and wife duo (he’s from the UK; she’s from Spain) explore a myriad of subjects of Spanish life and culture and they have active conversation on contemporary issues. It is a great way to improve your Spanish (this is for intermediate and advanced students) and learn a lot about Spain.
Love Notes in Spanish so much!! Great vocabulary and love the various topics that are discussed. Unlike some other podcasts out there, Ben and Marina choose engaging topics with diverse vocabulary that are not only interesting, but very authentic and context based. The transcripts / activties are great and so worth the money. Don't stop! Muchisima gracias por ayudarme en mejorar mi español!
I’ve listened to Ben and Marina for over three years now. I have listened to their Intermediate, Advanced, and Gold episodes. They’ve been really helpful. The length is good for me; I listen while I get ready in the morning. I often listen to them more than once, sometimes trying to catch each word. The topics they discuss are interesting and pretty diverse. I highly recommend their podcasts. I haven’t tried their Beginners podcasts because I already had been learning Spanish for a while when I first started listening—but I bet they are great too! Thank you for your help with my Spanish, Ben and Marina.
This podcast is great. Ben and Marina have a unique teaching style that gives learners a peek into Spanish life. After not too long, I realized I wasn't translating in my head, but instead understanding Spanish! I just wish they had more episodes out there!!
These podcasts have been absolutely phenomenal, especially for those of us who just want to hear authentic Spanish in everyday conversations. I listen to them on the way to work which helps me to always be up-to-date on all the newest slag and idioms of the Spanish language.
This program is not too bad, but it could be a lot better. There are two speakers; a young lady and a man. The woman is excellent and a real pleasure to listen to, however, the man speaks Spanish at an intermediate level, speaks very slowly, he sometimes makes grammatical mistakes, and is constantly asking her how to say something e.g "eres?... estaba?..." It's very distracting and incredibly annoying!
My Spanish teacher recommended these podcasts to me, and I'm addicted. I walk around listening and laughing with Marina and Ben. Besides learning Spanish, I make lots of friends, because people always want to know what I'm smiling about!! Muchas gracias, Ben y Marina!
This is the best! It's the perfect way to just absorb the language -- I find I'm learning things just by listening! Es lo mejor ... No me dudes ;) Me estoy enamorada de este idioma bellísimo, y siempre busco series, podcasts, y esas cosas para practicar. Te vas a gustar, lo juro :)
My favorite way to practice my Spanish is to listen to Ben and Marina's discussions. They are perfect for those who have a good grasp of the language, but they don't move too fast because Ben is an English-speaker and even after years is still learning things himself. I really have enjoyed them for years, it's just too bad they've slowed down and haven't produced an Advanced podcast in a while.
This podcast is in spainish, not Spanish Latin America, but Spanish Spain. I like it, but in the end deleted it from my iPod sence Lantin American Spanish, and Spanish from Spain are slightly different.
i've only started listening to this and already feel like it's going to be very helpful. just one question though. the episodes start at number 32...have the previous ones been deleted?
Excellent diversity of topics. Ben and Marina are a very engaging couple and their interchanges seem very normal and real. A very good way to improve your ear and understanding.
Get in on Notes In Spanish as quickly as you can... What makes their program so successful is they are relevant. Relevant to current events, relevant to many students' interests, and what I also find helpful is that when Ben makes a mistake, Marina corrects him- that experience is very relevant for me! The optional downloads are also immensely helpful and eduacational. The pair are an outstanding resource for any person wishing to learn, or use as supplement or refresh their Spanish learning experience. This podcast is definitely one of the BEST!
Ben and Marina are amazing! These podcasts-- all levels, are a great way to learn, practice and improve your Spanish. The transcripts are available at a reasonable price. I first listen to each podcast "cold", then go back and read the transcripts, and then I go back and listen again and find my comprehension has really increased. Their topics are current and interesting. I can't wait to listen to their next one!! These podcast have been a "treasure find"!
These podcasts are doing so much to help me bring back the Spanish I learned in college. In the space of a week or so of listening, I have learned so much. It's thrilling. Plus, you're listening to real people -- a couple with great rapport, talking about things that actually interest them. The result is a dynamism and spontaneity that is totally lacking from even the best language-learning tapes. Once I run out of free Notes in Spanish podcast episodes, I will gladly pay for more of their content. That day is fast approaching. It will be money well spent.


By RSinton
This is exactly what I was looking for. I consider myself an advanced-nonnative spanish speaker, but I don't have the time to continue practicing spanish with actual people. Playing this in my car or when I have a spare moment is great. There is nearly no english, you need to know most of the vocabulary before you begin so that you can deduce the meaning of various words. It's just a conversation. Awesome.
I love this podcast. The topics are interesting and the dialogue is very entertaining. As a Spanish teacher, I'm always looking for ways to stay tuned in to the language. This is by far one of the best examples of conversational Spanish I have found. It is a great refresher.
Not only is this informative conversational podcast a pleasure to listen to, but it is accompanied by plenty of additional resources on their website. After a few episodes of Ben and Marina talking about Spanish culture and current events and interviewing their friends and family members, they actually feel like your friends. A lot of thought has obviously gone into the chosen themes to each podcast to make them interesting and they've also done a fantastic job at incorporating important gramatical lessons and colloquial phrases that you seemingly learn without effort. Kudos to Notes in Spanish! I haven't listened to the Beginner or Intermediate versions of their products but I would be surprised to find anything but the same high quality of production that I know from Notes in Spanish Advanced.
I'm a junior in high school who is hoping to improve her listening comprehension, and I've found this podcast to be just excellent. I hope to study in Spain next year, and this podcast has turned out to be perfect for me. Unlike many other pedagogical Spanish podcasts on iTunes, this one really helps develop one's language skills in a natural way. For me (a student who has studied Spanish for about three years) it is not too difficult to follow, but provides a challenge and helps me improve my listening skills. The hosts are great - it's comforting when Marina has to correct Ben! - and the audio is clear. Recomendaria este podcast para alguien que quiere mejorar su espanol!
This Podcast is faster paced then the intermediate one. So it is more of a challenge to keep up. But as always the topics are timely and fun and Marina and Ben have such a great attitude. A wonderful way to improve comprehension.
This podcast is head and shoulders above any other Spanish learning podcast I've tried, and believe me, I've tried quite a few. It's entertaining, informative, and the fact that there are three levels allows you to work your way up to this one if you aren't here yet. I started with the intermediate because the advanced were way too difficult, and by the time I made it through all the intermediates, I was surprised to discover that the transition to the advanced was easy. My Spanish has improved greatly from this podcast alone, and it motivated me to get going on my Spanish again.
I've been listening to Ben and Marina practically since they started. Not only is it a great way to keep up with comprehension of the spoken language, they speak on some pretty interesting topics that would be of interest to anyone learing the language.
I have listened to both this and the intermediate podcasts. I have found both to be a great help to my spanish listening comprehension. As well the subjects covered are all modern themes and will us expressions beyound text book spanish. Note, this is all spoken in Castellano (Spanish from Spain as opposed to South America). Thanks Ben & Marina
I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and have been listening almost daily to the archive of conversations. I love hearing conversational Spanish that's natural and on interesting topics. You get a lovely feeling of eavesdropping on real Spanish as spoken in Spain. Marina and Ben are great hosts.
Thank you so much for this wonderful program! If you are a spanish student of a fairly advanced level looking to brush up on your comprehention, this is perfect! I also have learned so much about Spanish culture at the same time as I am training my ear and developing speaking skills. I looked at some other Spanish language podcasts, but many of them are spoken mostly in English and are more for beginners. This one is excellent!
Muy interessante.
Basically a native Spanish speaker (Castillano) and a non-native speaker converse. I wish there was a little more instruction, but otherwise I like the sessions. The topics are interesting and the speaking is very clear.
I'm a college freshman majoring in Spanish and I plan on going to Spain next year and this podcast (along with NIS Intermediate and Notes from Spain) is both entertaining and educational. It's easy to follow the conversation and pick up new phrases with each episode.
These are certainly among the most entertaining learning dialogs I've enjoyed. I've learned both Spanish and Portuguese by immersion, and appreciate the chance to keep my listening skills tuned. There is however no opportunity for the listener to practice repeating useful colloquial expressions.
I would like to heartily concur with the above rave reviews. This is an excellent language tool, which I consider to be "just right" for the intermediate/advanced student. Of course most American students will have to adjust, so to speak, for the differences between the Castilian they speak and the Latin American Spanish that we normally come in contact with, but that is a given. Each day I find myself looking forward to my regular "visits" with Ben & Marina.
This is a perfect way to keep up your Spanish comprehension. It's advanced, but not challenging to follow. If you are advanced, you won't have any problems with this podcast. At times the conversations can be dull, but there are definitely enough of them so you can always find an interesting topic to listen to. I don't know of any other podcast like this one, meant just as a listening/comprehension tool, as opposed to a "listen-and-repeat" "course". Marina's accent is beautiful! And I really love the fact that she corrects Ben throughout the makes me feel better about the frequent mistakes I make, and of course, I learn something with each episode. For someone who is at an advanced level of Spanish comprehension, I strongly recommend this series as the best way to keep up on their Castillian without actually moving to Spain, or finding Spanish friends!
Interesting topics and easy flow to the conversation. Marnina has a clear accent and is quite easy to understand. Great place to learn phares that are common in Spain, polish your accent, and learn more about the culture. The podcast is spoken in Castilian Spanish, which can be difficult to find. Enjoy. I wish I could find more podcasts spoken in Spanish like this.
The sound quality is excellent, the vocabulary used is challenging but accessible, and the cultural insights are so much better than the typical "learning Spanish" fare.
Notes in Spanish is absolutely wonderful. I spent a year studying abroad near Madrid (Alcala de Henares) and every time I listen to one of the conversations that Ben and Marina have, I feel as if I'm back in Spain. While they talk a bit slower than you'd hear on the streets of Spain, it's still very natural. They talk about interesting topics that really help us grasp the language and the culture of Spain--food, bars, travel, weather, family, etc. It's also great because so much of the Hispanic media we have here in the States is from Central or South America, so it's nice to have something authentic from Spain. For those who have been in Spain and want to keep up with their Spanish or for those who have never been but want to learn more, I highly recommend this podcast.
I love this show. Not too long, not too brief. The everyday topics chosen are just the sort things one might himself chatting about at a cafe! The banter between Ben & Marina is great. When he stops to clarify some part of speech with Marina, they are sure to give a good explanation. I listen all the time and always anxiously await the next installment!
For somebody like me who is scared of losing their Spanish this is the perfect podcast!! Natural conversations between a madrilana and a British guy that are the perfect speed for the high intermediate (or more) level. You will pick up vocab, learn about current attitudes in Spain and since Marina corrects Ben from time to time, generally feel better about your own Spanish. I could not reccommend this more!
I like listening to these on the way to work or whenever I have a few spare moments. Light conversation at a reasonably slow, yet still natural, speed allow me to pick up new phrases and expressions as well as gain insight into Spanish culture for my own conversations. Listening to a non-native speaker also offers me encouragement that it can be done!
I feel as if I am eavesdropping on an intimate conversation--an ingenuos pedagogical concept.
Fun, interesting conversations between a native Castillian Spanish speaker and a nonnative speaker (with impressive fluency and a spot-on accent) allow me to practice my comprehension and learn new phrases. Both speak very clearly and at a reasonable pace, and many colloquialisms are explained. Moreover, they are doing this for charity - so check it out!