Rick Kleffel:Agony Column

Reviews For Rick Kleffel:Agony Column

Great literary podcast with a bent towards science fiction and other genre fiction. Rick Kleffel does a great job interviewing, creating insightful discussions without getting at all pompous. Great readings too! Highly recommended for anyone who loves to read. Best podcast out there.
Rick Kleiffel is a unique interviewing voice in the current literary landscape. He understands and explores genre and literary fiction in a single sweep, yet disparages neither. He's a great interviewer and manages to be both insightful without resorting to snobbery. I look forward to every episode. As a listener and fiction writer, it makes me glad to see there is good coverage coming from this show!
Rick Kleffel's interview with William Gibson is far and away the best of all the "Spook Country" related podcasts out there right now. Really brilliant stuff.
Very entertaining and insightful, Rick Kleffel's Agony Column podcast, in my opinion, sits alongside Michael Silverblatt's Bookworm podcast for readers of literary fiction looking for more insight into writers' views of their own work; however this podcast has the added bonus of venturing further into the SciFi, Fantasy and Horror genres. In catching up on the back catalog, I've listened to over 100 episodes in the last few weeks.