Hey Mister Jesse

Reviews For Hey Mister Jesse

Mr. Jessie and Spuds have been delivering this great collection of music clips and interviews EVERY month for years. So there’s a ton of past content to mine while you’re commuting, stuck at home, etc.
One of my top two favorite podcasts for lindy hoppers! The boys do a great job
Hey Mr. Jesse Is a GREAT source for new music to play on our show. Thanks for all you do.
The Hey Mr. Jesse podcast always has great new Jazz music that is being released by amazing musicians, and recommendations from DJs around the world. If you love Jazz music, this is definitely the podcast to listen to!
Love the show!!
Great show Mister Jesse!!! The 8 count swing tunes are my favorite part of the show. Really help me build up my library of good solid Lindy music. Thanks Mister Jesse!!!
Finally, a place for swing dancers and music lovers to unite. Thank you Jesse!!