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Serious thanks to you and this show which has gotten me through an shown me so many new great bands! Which Circle of Tyrants Cover... Obituary vs Opeth????
I come home from highschool and watch baseball and listen to some metal blade podcasts. It's awesome hearing these guys talk and interview awesome bands. Love metal blade
This is one of the best metal label podcasts out there. They usually focus on one group--and since they don't sign any bad bands, you know it's good--and they interview them, and play a track or two (except on their most recent one for Whitechapel--please bring back the music!). The hosts are top-notch: they sound like genuine people who genuinely love metal. They have a huge lead against competitors in that department. They don't update too regularly, though, so I wish they'd fix that.
Should have 40m of metal no talkin exept tosay nam of band playing
This podcast deserves the five starts, it's really entertaining and just great.
metal blade dishes out insainlly good band after insainlly good band!!!!
METAL BLADE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!