Reviews For NTT IndyCar Series Teleconferences and Press Conferences

Being a former CART Media Manager, I love remembering the phone-based teleconferences we used to do for announcements. I love seeing IndyCar our in FRONT and live streaming content (I now run a livestream operation for a small college) allowing fans to get a look at stuff they wouldn’t usually see. But, the branding side of my world is screaming - you gotta fix the title (remove Verizon) and, um, how long ago was Izod involved? My bosses would klobber me :)
I love this podcast although I think there could be the occasional "behind the scenes" podcasts of each track before, during, and/or after each race.


By GregJM
How about posting more driver interviews. I know the ICS has media workers. All it would take is some digital recorders and a few people going and interviewing 5-10 "other" drivers after each race/qualifying segment.
I had given up getting Indy news over the winter. Great format! Since Speed Channel became Nascar nation, there is no good place to get news. Thanks