The Virtual Bible Study

Reviews For The Virtual Bible Study

I love this podcast. It included discussion in all bible and questions that we need today. Using the Bible as its guide. Queries wanted
What a wonderful podcast. Each week a different topic from topics that are applicable for us today. If you are looking for in depth studies on what God's word says, here is the place to come. Very interactive!
Well, I'm an Atheist looking for the arguments of "the other side". This is a good podcast for that; arguments are given in a clear, mostly non-hateful manner. In this day in age, thats all you can ask for
If you are serious about your Bible study you will at least listen to this podcast.
This podcast is very helpful and informative! Good, Biblical teaching is always a blessing from God and nourishment to my soul! Thank you for this podcast, Gwin's!
Excellent Biblical teaching every week! The Gwins and their guests analyze each week's topic based not on what some man or group of men says, but based on God's Word. This podcast is an excellent backup plan for when you can't listen to the show live!