Reviews For Locked On Eagles - Daily Podcast On The Philadelphia Eagles

It bothers me how much you love miles sanders and don’t think anything of Jordan Howard, Jordan should of got the most touches Sunday and he should the rest of the year, dude looked like a beast
This is the best eagles podcast out there. I listen to them all. I bleed midnight green. Locked on and DiBiase has the smartest, best content and they don’t waste time. 6 starts if I could.
Louie and Gino are rocking it. I love the frequent updates and fanboy-meets-football knowledgeable style. Having grown up with the Eagles since 1968, I love hearing the newer generation of fans continuing on the love of the city and the team. Keep up the great work guys, we hear and appreciate you!
Great podcast, I listen daily but the hosts and co hosts age shows. They are die hard fans but a little bit too biased on some takes. Almost makes me feel uncomfortable on the cross over episodes when they say how much better we are than the other them, but I also listen to the birds eye view which has eagles beat writers on it. It’s a good mix this one has the emotion you want and love. Go birds!!
I don’t even like the eagles and I enjoy listening to this duo! New co host Gino does an excellent job
The best podcast and information around for True Philadelphia Eagles Fans!
Awesome content but the biggest issue is the audio. It’s really turned down upon recording and any commercials or guests that come on blast out my ears because I have to turn up my volume all the way just to hear Dibiase talk.
Really liked the new guy giving us his backstory and having an interesting first show. I think QB and defensive line are the most talented. Good luck Louie
Really like the new guys perspective. I look forward to listening to you and your takes throughout the season. Go Birds!!
As a long time and long suffering Igles fan who has lived in Texas for 30 years, I enjoy hearing your thoughts on the team and the players. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the team from out of town. Looking forward to hearing about our Super Bowl win. Go Igles.
Very entertaining and has a good amount of shows. Highly recommended!
I'm from Memphis and have been an eagles fan my whole life and nothing comes close to this podcast in terms of in depth eagles news and analysis from coaching to players to pick ups! Love the hosts and Fly Eagles Fly! Super Bowl LII bound!
Great Duo, Great podcast, I listen to all the Eagles podcasts and this one deserves to be near the top spot. Just started last month, keep up the great work guys!
Quick and to the point. Emotionally involved with the team yet still realistic analysis. A great listen!
Living over in Ireland, I have to put a bit more effort in just to get the main storylines from the NFL, let alone in-depth discussion of my birds. Mike and Ben do an amazing job of providing great perspectives of the team and matchups while bringing in opposing viewpoints to add as much objectivity as possible. Phenomenal coverage, and always a pleasure to listen to. Twitter @frankjayhall
Michael and Ben provide the best technical analysis and insight. Easy to follow and understand. One of my favorite Eagles Podcasts and a must-have for any true Eagles Fan! Fly Eagles Fly
Great analysis & you guys always bring a voice of reason🦅 & Cian Fahey got fired🔥🔥
Love this show. Both incredibly knowledgeable on football. Without a doubt best football podcast out there!!
Guys are just simply awesome
This podcast is routinely moved to the top of my playlist whenever a new episode comes out. Michael and Ben are responsive to their listeners and really seem to know their stuff. @PhilaBurger
Found this Podcast after week 2 loss to Chiefs been addicted ever since. Ben and "Kisty" been keeping me interested and informed with all their great game breakdowns. In addition love the throwback game replays, wonderful trips down memory lane. Thank guys keep it rolling!! #kistylove


How could you have so much hate in your heart that you could give such quality content a zero star review? I’m sure you are a spiteful Cowboys fan. I too am a fan of the star, and I implore you to take a pill of the chill variety. If not, well, I wish you the best in your miserable existence.
As a lifelong Eagles fan (and "gentle listener"), I have found an outstanding duo and very knowledgeable pair of guys. Michael and Ben use data, opinion, and enthusiasm to give a most realistic (and still optimistic) assessment of the performance and potential of the Eagles team. I enjoy listening to thorough analysis and the occasional historical (as in the Roman Empire) analogies of personalities and strategies. Very well spoken and intelligent gentlemen both.
I follow these guys on Twitter. @acevill1492 Great analysis and these guys admit the big misses which are few and far between. Keep on keeping on guys and I’ll Be sure to chime in on twitter during games as always.
Without question the most knowledgeable duo I've ever llistened to. The perfect pod for the rational Eagles fan. Ben and Mike are unmatched in their knowledge of schemes, routes, coverages, and draft prospects. This is now the only pod I listen to for the Eagles and NFL football. Short, Sweet, and full of great insight. Keep doing what you're doing fellas. CAW CAW (Everything I wrote is my honest opion and I reviewed because I want to help you guys keep doing this. But I'm also not going to pass on a chance to throw my name out there when there's a PFF giveaway involved) @TheJakeEvansX
I subscribe to over 10 football podcasts with little time to get to them all but this one is always first on my list. There is so much surface analysis out there but these guys dig deep. Also appreciated the "Lost" parody intros!
I listen to several Philadelphia Eagles podcasts. This is now my number one source for Eagles news and notes. While there is bias and emotion from both, it’s not hyperbole. The breakdown of the play on the field, and the decisions off of it, make me feel grounded as I listen to Michael and Ben.
Really nice podcast. Fantastic, even-keeled takes and insightful analysis. Gets lost in the shuffle with all the Eagles podcasts out there. I only know about it because of a random post I saw linking to a Locked On Eagles article. I’m pretty tuned into Eagles podcasts and I’ve never heard of the Locked On network until recently. They need to get their name out there. They’re not even in Bleeding Green Nation’s Twitter list of Eagles news and reporters.
I was just checking in on podcasts for upcoming opponents and found the hosts of Locked On Eagles to be very well versed, fair and balanced. @jett78
But I think I’d go balls deep in Mr. Solak
Michael and Ben know their stuff and it shows. All Eagles fans should be listening
LoE is a legit podcast with content you don't hear from many bloggers/writers following a team. Xs and Os, in depth player analysis and awesome history tidbits. Segments aren't boring. Everything flows, and just a fun listen. Check them out if you're an Eagles fan. [email protected]
These guys really get into the details. Very enjoyable - especially this year when we cannot get enough Eagles talk!
This podcast is the perfect podcast for Eagles fans! You get a daily pod, that is a good size for your morning commute or lunch or whatever. I listen every morning and sometimes I get pumped from Michael Kist’s flaming, historical monologues or sometimes I get enthusiastic from Ben’s strong, film-based takes about this elite team. Fly Eagles Fly KaKaw! Twitter: Kjspringer23
Not even an eagles fan, but two great hosts and a ton of analysis make listening to a podcast for a team i don’t like a habit for me. Must listen for any NFL fan. (@ALicc_Scout)
If you're looking for productive analysis on one of the best teams in the NFL currently, look no further than Locked On Eagles with Benjamin Solak and Michael Kist. Locked On Eagles is catered to the fans and offers up insightful analysis from both themselves and guests who cover the team or the team's opponents. In a sports sphere right now that consists of a lot of bland, blatant analysis, Solak and Kist aren't scared to push boundaries and go against the narratives of media. I look forward and will continue to listen as the Eagles push further towards the Super Bowl. -Riley Auman (@junioraumanac on Twitter)
Mike and Ben are two of the most knowledgeable guys in football. Love their takes and expert analysis. I'm oh so ready to jump back on their podcast when the Skins are ready to take another L
Michael and Ben both do an outstanding job of pumping out great material and insight for the Eagles. It is not an easy task to maintain a great product on a daily basis, but these guys always manage to do it. Whether you're a causal and dedicated fan of the Eagles or even Philly sports, this is the podcast to follow. @CeeingTheDraft
If you enjoy listening to podcasts where the two co-hosts trot out as many excuses as possible for Dak Prescott’s abysmal play, this is the podcast for you! Dak throws an interception? Dez Bryant’s fault! Dak fumbles the ball? Sean Lee’s fault! Dak holds onto the ball too long and gets sacked 8 times? Jason Garrett’s fault! A truly mind-numbing exercise in mental gymnastics....that’s #LockedOnEagles!
Mike and Ben are a must listen! They are well prepared and bring a lot to the table. I look forward to it each day. Enjoy all the topics and guests as well. Keep up the great work guys ! Go Birds!
I love the analysis brought up, and the fun nature of the pod. Ben really is the best co host Fly Eagles Fly!
I migrated to this after Birds 24/7 stopped publishing. Keeps me going on my daily runs. Nice amount of opinion, comedy, and game breakdown. Love it.


By Sshain
Love the whole Locked on Family and all of the crossover episodes! @ShainSpencer
Ben and Mike dominate this, absolute must listen
Kist and Solak are great. Verdun was hell.
Nothing better for inside Eagles news. Way better than the crap "the no huddle show" puts out..
Without a doubt one of the top eagles podcasts out there. They avoid a lot of the hot takery and non sense that BGN Radio specifically John Barchard gets caught up in.