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The newly relaunched Kombo Breaker is really great to listen to. The panel meshes well and the topics are interesting. I can't wait to download it each week.
From 1 Ayers to another... Great Job... Seriously though.... all the shows are great, and are worth downloading.... Kombo Podcasts = FTW (pun intended)
Great show, they have a good set up, and talk about stuff that I wanna talk aboot (and do)
Plain and simple Kombo Breaker ROCKS.... these guys know games and have fun with it. They dont take it too serious like other casts yet have a vast lexicon to work off of. MaxKom and PIL are solid too... Talk about a great lineup... makes my work travel go by faster now. 5 stars!


By Vahn16
Fun insider's look into the gaming industry. Between PIL, Kombo Breaker, and Maximum Kombo, there's plenty of variety.

By tsar
brilliantly insightful! between the inside track and play it loud, AMN has some of the best gaming podcasts around. highly recommended.
The AMN podcast series is starting to get better and better with each release. While some of the episodes are a bit rough in regards to the production value, the content is some of the most interesting to be found out there. If you are goign to follow one regularly, I recommend The Inside Track or the Game of the Week. Thumbs up!
Well AMN has done a great job with their work. This is just a step ahead for them. I've always enjoy their unique gaming content. Now that I have an video iPod, I can take AMN with me anywhere! Down with G4, hello AMN!!! ^__^